Kirsten’s Acne Angst?

FNC’s happy progressive warrior analyst Kirsten Powers got a bit surly today in her second Fox & Friends Weekend debate segment (on the presidential race) with conservative radio personality Mike Gallagher. In the first one, Kristen seemed to be her usual combative, cheerful self: However, in the second part, she got a bit testy with Gallagher as to who deserved the blame as to the Katrina disaster.

When Gallagher indicted the Dem mayor of New Orleans and the Dem governor of Louisiana for the emergency response, Kirsten acerbically responded, “You know, I don’t want to re-litigate Hurricane Katrina with you.” Seeking to quiet any animus, Alisyn Camerota intervened and said, “You guys are right and none of us do. Then she added, “Let’s just hope that three years later that all of those lessons on both sides have been learned and that Gustav will be handled much better.”

What might explain Kirsten’s anomalous departure from her generally amiable demeanor? One possible reason is that her cosmetic artist’s goof was on prominent display. Instead of hiding an apparent zit below her lower lip, the makeup made it sparkle in the camera’s gaze. Apparently, the makeup artist had used the wrong makeup, i.e., one that appears to hide an imperfection to the naked eye but amplifies it to the television camera with a shiny or glittering display.

Any teenage acne sufferer can commiserate with the attractive blonde pundit. A zit that shouts out its existence to the public is no laughing matter, especially one on the boob tube. Kirsten, it’ll go away soon or you’ll get a more knowledgeable cosmetic expert and all will be well again in the aesthetic world.

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6 Responses to “Kirsten’s Acne Angst?”

  1. Paige Says:

    I saw the interview with Mike and Kirsten. I even commented on Alisyn’s blog, and my comment was taken off. I said that Kirsten comment was awful what she said about President Bush and blaming the Republicans for Katrina, and Mike quickly cut her off and said that warned her not to turn Katrina and Gustov into a mistake by the Republicans and he remark about Ray Nagin and the Governor that they were more to blame than the President. He definately shut her up, then she came off with the comment that she didn’t want to debate the issue with Mike. She is really not a good contributor to Fox at all.

  2. Al Says:

    I seriously doubt that Ms. Power’s makeup had anything at all to do with her demeanor this morning – she’s a toughie from Alaska. I didn’t notice the zit but, as you describe, it sounds like a cold sore (Herpes Simplex) which often presents with an accompanying fever as well as head and body aches. I’m certainly a wee bit testy whenever I ache.

    I also think she’s a very good commentator for FNC… someone I consider to be a “classic liberal” along the lines of the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D, NY) in that she usually injects some form of reasoned logic (arguably faulty, sometimes) into her debating points instead of following the lead of the liberal attack pack. Unlike Alan Colmes or Bob Beckel, Kirsten Powers sometimes offers a logic-based analysis that forces me to rethink or reformulate my own arguments. Check out her New York Post column of yesterday about the Obama/Biden campaign attacks on Gov. Palin’s experience to get the gist of what I mean.

    I seldom agree with her on issues because, as a liberal, she envisions a strong centralised government as the proper model while conservatives see local and state government as the rightful centre of power. And this, of course, is the origin of her and Mr. Gallagher’s Katrina disagreement. With a natural disaster imminent, that brush-off of Mr. Gallagher probably made her look more classy to some and made him look more partisan. I’d score that: Two for Powers, zero for Gallagher, and Ms. Camerota scores a point for how she professionally closed that segment.

  3. Mike2 Says:


  4. boogiewoogee Says:

    Kirsten is a very pretty woman, but she’s the kind of shrill one who makes men instinctively cross their legs and cover their privates.

    We read her slop in the “NY Post” and she comes across very harsh and obnoxiously in her columns, as well.

  5. M. Davey Says:

    I have always thought that Kirsten Powers was a bright light among all the doom and gloom of the Democrat party. However, I have noticed that she has been a little testy lately. Often when Mike Gallagher gets on there, he just steps on so many toes, God bless him! Our city’s favorite liberal, Mike Papantonio, even gets all whiny in the company of Mike Gallagher. It’s not that they don’t somewhere deep down know that Mike is speaking the truth, but they just can’t answer with what they think, they try to draw from their compartmentalized liberal answers and can’t get one for the truth that Mike most often speaks. Mike can ruffle feathers on both sides, but in totality, Mike speaks the truth. Even though I have like Kirsten speaking on issues, I have noticed that she speaks in Democrat phrases, like”strengthen the economy”, “afford everyone with a good education and health care.” God forbid, the whole country gets educated and medicated, what will they do for catch-phrases then.
    We here in Pensacola are in the outer bands of Gustav’s wrath and had a tornado sighted within our area, so I missed the segment while watching our local weather. I wish now that I had taped it. I’ve basically cut off my tv with all the convention coverage. I do try to tape it and find the interesting segments such as: Peter Doocy asking questions of the protestors. I wish he’d asked, “who paid your way here to the convention to protest.” I wish he’d asked it at the Democrat convention also. I bet we’d be surprised.

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