Here’s Clayton!

Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Clayton Morris manifested his comedic bad timing once again today. In the very first segment, F&FW’s jester in residence aped the laugh of Ed McMahon, Johnny Carson’s second banana, during a headlines segment about McMahon’s house going back on the market. Which was fine. However, he callously continued to do so as Aly related McMahon’s foreclosure troubles brought on by his recently broken neck. After Alisyn Camerota said, “We wish the best for him,” Clayton tried to cover himself by saying, “That’s not funny.” Really?

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23 Responses to “Here’s Clayton!”

  1. den1515 Says:

    When are the ” THE BIG WIGS ” going to dump him he is the worst!!! I see him on I change the channel. I try to watch even with Aly on , but even she can’t make the show any better with him on!!!!! Bring back Page and Kelly Wright ,with Aly!!!

  2. Paige Says:

    den1515, you are so right and I am with you on bringing back Page and Kelly. I have written to Fox, but apparently my voice is not big enough. I also might add that Dave has to go with Clayton.

  3. boogiewoogee Says:

    OK, we weren’t imagining that when we turned on the TV upon awakening this morning.

    Perhaps it’s time to bring in Dr. Garner or Dr. Manny and give Clayton some Ritalin. Or Thorazine.

  4. boogiewoogee Says:

    Sparty: Just because Claytoon sucks, that doesn’t mean that Ainsley was any better.

    She wasn’t bumped from the show as a form of punishment, but because she wasn’t any good at thinking on her feet. That’s why she’s not covering the conventions and almost certainly won’t be sent to cover Gustav. Reading headlines and doing taped packages are her thing, not live stuff where she has to be spontaneous.

    Our best guess is that they got rid of Ainsley because she was THE weakest link on the show, and they weren’t going to repeat the mistake of replacing the entire line-up in one fell swoop.

    I know you won’t accept it, Sparty, but the show really is much improved with Aly instead of Ainsley (and Courtney).

  5. Chris G Says:

    Or Hemlock…..

    He is absolutely terrible. The only positive thing I can write about him is that when he is on, he makes Dave look better.

  6. M. Davey Says:

    I have tried to give him a chance. (I wish it were up to me to decide). He just CANNOT stop his boyish, annoying behavior. He could be good at this if he left behind the slapstick stuff that he did on the Buzz. That and SNL are the place for antics, not a news show, even one that is not so newsy on Saturday and Sunday. He makes everyone on edge.

  7. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Ed McMahon suffered a broken neck from a fall … not a broken back …

    I’m glad I didn’t see that part of the show … I saw the segment with the guy from The Home Depot … But, Lawnmower Man seems to think he has to compete with Toonces … And it’s just NOT helping him gain any credibility …

    Clayton needs to be FIRED IMMEDIATELY !!!

  8. CathyG Says:

    Saw the segment and was appalled that Clayton could even consider making fun of an much loved entertainer who is having such a tough time. It was at best insensitive, at worst cruel and demeaning. Would suggest that an on air apology is called for.

    This has to be one of the better examples of why Clayton does not merit being in the position he currently holds. Dave is a mere idiot but Clayton brings a fair amount of spite with his brand of arrogance. I really can’t understand why with all the ‘talent’ at their disposal the head honcho’s at Fox can’t find just two replacements.

  9. jakeho Says:

    Tiamatsrevenge, thanks, for catching my slip. I’ve corrected the entry.

  10. Darea Says:

    His behavior is just inappropriate, pure and simple. I just don’t get how these kind of antics are acceptable to broadcast. Such a deep talent pool, and yet they continue to remain with the status quo.

  11. den1515 Says:

    Darea,I agree 100% with you. All the talent they have at FOX, and they use these two.Who really running that place!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Tom in phonix Says:

    Clayton is the best Fox and Friends host for either the weekend or weekday addition, He does a professional job with the serious news. With the odd or outrageous news he lightens it up with his sense of humor like a David Letterman or Conan. He is intelligent and puts a lot of effort into his stories like the wii series of stories. That made me go out and buy one and my chest is bulging right now. Thanks for the encouragement Clayton it has really helped. I tell all my friends and neighbors to watch the weekend edition because Clayton is the best!!!

  13. Al Says:

    At 11:49 pm EST, Rick Reichmuth was finishing-up his hurricane weather map thing and, as he was tossing it back to Geraldo Rivera, Geraldo could be heard yelling, “You gotta get that back to the tr…”, then the connection became mostly static.

    While Geraldo was knocked off the air for those few minutes, Rick Reichmuth had to wing a phone interview with someone in Dallas about New Orleans area refugees. He just handled it – no big deal – and carried on ’til Geraldo was back then simply handed it back over with a comment that he had to get back to monitoring the hurricane. Rich Reichmuth would make a very good F&FW host.

    I’m sure Clayton Morris is very talented and will go on to do great things. As a host of Fox & Friends, though, he comes across as a jerk.

  14. CathyG Says:

    Have just been watching some of the live overnight Hurricane
    Gustav coverage on Fox with the team of Rick, Todd Connor and Uma Pemmaraju. It was a good job and good teamwork. There were no antics or smart alec comments, just informative news reporting which is what is needed for a serious story. It would be an interesting experiment to try Todd and Uma for the Friends weekend show as a replacement for Dave and Clayton. They couldn’t be any worse than those two and on lighter stories they should certainly be able to show more interesting personalities.

  15. boogiewoogee Says:

    Nice to meet you, Clayton, I mean Tom.

    You are no friend to anyone if you’re telling people to watch Claytoon.

  16. Rose Says:

    Understand contracts are a way to keep hosts that the station doesn’t want to lose! Recently saw Clayton with Roger Ailes at the Yankees game….. don’t think he’ll be going anywhere anytime soon….. maybe you need to switch stations. I agree with Tom and I like the lighter side Clayton brings to the show- which is obviously one of the reasons he is on the show!!!They say humor is the hardest thing to do!!!

  17. boogiewoogee Says:

    But he’s just. Not. Funny.

    Claytoon is immature and offensive, and difficult for us to watch.

    He’s also quite ignorant when it comes to political segments, and clearly let his left-wing views color his (alleged) work.

  18. Al Says:

    To be fair, his handling of political questions were much better this weekend then during his previous attempts. Perhaps Mr. Ailes gave him the “which way is up” talk at the Yankees game. I can live with this group… fast forwarding through his segments is my answer.

  19. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Tom – if you’re going to try to make Clayton look good … You might want to learn how to spell the name of the city where you claim to be …

    Clayton is a complete hack … He’s about as funny as an 80yo who thinks they can be a top notch stripper …

    Segments on a video game system are NOT what real journalists do … That’s something for Comedy Central or CNN …

  20. Chris G Says:

    Al, you are way more accomodating than me.

    I now have to mute everything except the weather segments. If Dave and Clayton are speaking- I cannot listen.

  21. Meghyn C Says:

    I no longer watch the Fox Weekend as I find Dave and Clayton to be immature and lacking any substance during this political season. I go to CNN on Sunday mornings becasue of these guys and I was a weekend regular. may they could intern with the weekday F&F team.

  22. Cookie Says:

    I am sorry, but if it were not for Clayton, I wouldn’t even watch F&F. You all call him immature, I call him refreshing. I am tired of stiff, boring news. Face it, this is an election year and everyone needs to lighten up. The world is far too serious and we need to listen to the whatever format they are offered. Some of us need the humour. Give Clayton a break. Deal with his jokes and be careful what you pray for, you just might get it!

  23. Jim Says:

    Clayton is funny, not overly serious. You coocoo clocks are a bit overly wound and need a pill…Clayton rules the news!!

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