Patti Ann Peeved?

Guest FNC news reader Patti Ann Brown seemed a bit peeved today at the treatment she has received from Fox & Friends co-hosts Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and Gretchen Carlson lately. Yesterday the co-anchors acted as if they had no idea who was reading the headlines from New York, and Patti Ann sarcastically thanked them for their “personal” introduction. Today the brown-eyed beauty fared not too much better as the co-anchors seemed generally distant: perhaps, the F&F co-anchors did not want the audience to get attached anew to a news reader. (F&F has abolished that position as a permanent one but needs it temporarily while the F&F crew are on location at the Dem Convention in Denver.)

Before the last headlines news segment today, the F&F co-hosts gave Griff Jenkins the toss task and he embraced it heartily. Appreciatively, Patti Ann responded, “Hey, Griff! And, thanks, too, for showing them how it’s done. We [sic] really appreciate it. Sorry, guys!”

Give Patti Ann some love, guys!

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8 Responses to “Patti Ann Peeved?”

  1. Tom Says:

    Patty Ann is the best and most professional reader they have. She is way under-utilized. Beautiful too!

  2. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    Haven’t watched much this week–but what I have has really sucked!!! The wall-to-wall coverage is big-time overkill.

  3. Al Says:

    When it comes to watching the two conventions, I prefer C-SPAN, and I’ll be glad when the programming gets back to normal after the election.

    I don’t know if Patti Ann is the best or not, but she is certainly very good at her job. She’s sometimes quite funny, too.

  4. M. Davey Says:

    I am so sick of the campaign coverage. I don’t care who reads the news.
    I wanted to see the staging because my son works for the company that helps build some of the staging and he went to Denver to set it up with others.

    I am just sick of all the fawning over Obama and Biden. I will be equally sick of the Republicans. It’s like the second coming of Christ! Everyone gets this holiday air about them. I like it when they tell everything like it really is and not compliment everyone that is a guest. Sometimes Fox irks me with it’s overindulgence of the opposition of whatever they’re speaking about.

    I have yet to hear anything about what “changes” Obama will make. I did hear his wife say that they would make sure that everyone had an equal opportunity for a decent education and was greeted by loud and thunderous cheering an applause. Excuse me, but didn’t that all happen when John Kennedy was elected? Whose fault is it that people aren’t educated. It seems to me that it is the family of the young people who let their children have anything and do anything they want.

    Oh, Gosh! I really got off subject there. Maybe Steve and Gretchen and Brian really didn’t know who was delivering the news. But I can tell it’s Patti Ann from her beautiful voice. She is a gem!

  5. Chris G Says:

    I smell hypocrites, there, with the whole “education comes first” lib crowd.
    Obamas pay lip service to the whole public school “idea”- but just like the Clintons, where do they send their kids——exclusive private schools. And people like the Kennedys, (and Bushes) and all those other wealthy, wealthy politicians- they are going to talk all day about the wonder of the public school system- and then promptly ship their kids off to private ones, while YOUR KIDS are stuck in crappy public schools.

    Puleeeeese, to the whole lot of them.

    Oh, and Patti Ann has always impressed me with having a working brain in her head, so, that’s nice.

  6. Bernand Says:

    Patty Ann is the best Fox has she is very much under used she’s smart professional and beautiful I think the other female’s on Fox are jealous of her keep on keepin on Patty Ann

  7. Kevin Quail Says:

    See, the way they pick anchors for Fox and Friends is whoever scores lower on an IQ test than Hannity.

  8. lenzie Says:

    love you

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