Princess Dave

Fox & Friends co-host Dave Briggs didn’t find a pea under his mattress but wasn’t sure about the pillowcase. In a segment on a copper oxide (anti-wrinkle) pillow, Dave asked, “How comfortable is this thing? I need a really comfortable pillowcase.” Clayton Morris jibed, “You know what I’ve learned about you? You are very dainty.” Dave readily responded, “I’m a bit of a princess: absolutely.” Alisyn Camerota cheerfully chimed, “Diva!” Then as Dave segued to Rick Reichmuth, he said, “Rick is going to jump all over me right now because he frequently calls me a bit of a princess.” Rick replied, “I’m not going to do it on tv, though: I’m just passing on what your wife says to me to say to you is all.”

King Ailes’ F&FW court: Queen Alisyn, Princess Dave, and Jester Clayton

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8 Responses to “Princess Dave”

  1. Chris G Says:

    Rick proves, once again, he is the only real man on that show……..

  2. Darea Says:

    I had no idea Diva Dave (thanks Alisyn!) was this high maintenance! He still bores me though, as he drones on and on, ack!

  3. CathyG Says:

    I’m still trying to work out how a guy with two young kids has time to spend half an hour getting his hairdo ‘just right’

  4. boogiewoogee Says:

    Aha! We called it not long ago when pointing out that Dull Dave has a very prissy demeanor.

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