“F**k Fox News”

Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins got the brunt of the “Recreate ’68” protesters’ ire on America’s Election Headquarters today. “Recreate ’68′” was made up of leftists, who hoped to recreate the chaos of the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago: they were primarily angry at Dems for not ending the Iraq war and were calling for the end of “occupations” in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and North America. After one of its speakers (radical former University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill) refused to speak to him and getting roughed up by the crowd, Griff removed himself from the group but rejoined it as it marched toward Denver’s Pepsi Center (where the Democratic Convention will be held this week). When Griff began to try to interview the marchers, he was met with disdain, obscenity, and harassment. Then, suddenly, he was surrounded by protesters chanting “F**k Fox News” and flipping the bird to the camera.* A gutsy Griff was forced to toss back to Jamie Colby after about 25 seconds of the “f” word elapsed uncensored.

* 2:07 p.m. ET

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7 Responses to ““F**k Fox News””

  1. Darea Says:

    Klassy bunch! Griff is so harmless, I like this guy! I just will never understand what makes people think they will get their message across by tossing in profanity and intimidation. But then again, I truly don’t understand their message to begin with. Wondering where security was during this mess?

  2. Paige Says:

    I saw really young kids in this crowd and when you think about it, these are the people that might some day be in our government. Much like what we have now in Congress. Not to mention the one running for President that has a wife that thinks America is down right mean. Is this what has become of our nation? The left wing is so anti-America and anti-Military, that I just cannot understand how they think. This crowd was just plain stupid in throwing around the F bomb. I sort of thought this convention would be a circus and I was right. More to come I suppose. The DNC should be so proud of their own.

  3. lala Says:

    What would make Griff want to interview this people? You cou;d just do a story about the protesters and demonstrations. It just seems to me that Fox is hoping that it gets ugly out there. I also saw some protesters chanting and playing music. I have noticed all week how Fox has been focusing on the protesters and on the space where they are going to be detained. They also have made alot of comments saying it is peaceful now but it could get much worse. It almost seems like they are hoping for anarchy. fighting, and blood and violence in the streets. Pay no attention to the protesters and let them go on their merry way.

  4. Al Says:

    What would make Griff want to interview these people? The same reason correspondents cover war zones… to get the story. With lala’s logic, they could just do a story about “the war” and not worry of it gets ugly out there.

    Griff did his job. Nothing more and nothing less.

  5. Commentally Says:

    *snort* This commentary is as hilarious as Griff Jenkins in missing the point.

    Griff went in clearly expecting or hoping for a violent reaction. What he mostly got? Was ignored. The protesters had better things to do than talk to someone from FauxNews, conservative go-to idiots. He did not get ‘roughed up by the crowd’, he was walking the wrong way in a huge crush. ‘No comment’ *is* freedom of speech– the freedom not to be misinterpreted by a media outlet with pre-existing bias. He wasn’t asking follow-up questions from those who *did* answer his questions (“Stop the War and stop the torture”), but went on to ask the next person to crash into him because he didn’t get out of the way. Were we even watching the same video?

    Although obscene, I think the final chant is hilariously on-target in expressing the crowd’s opinion of a very dumb little press-sacrifice. Poor Griffy. I hope someone bought him a beer for his man-pain.

  6. Nate Says:

    Yeah, after seeing this, I’m not sure Griff even understands what “freedom of speech” actually means.

  7. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Oh who cares about the idiots who purposely are causing grief to Denver with malice aforethought … Let them rot in jail …

    I’m purposely avoiding ALL news outlets til sometime next month …

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