Gretch Scrimps: Briggs Primps

In a Fox & Friends segment on how long it takes women and men “to get ready,” Gretchen Carlson said that it took her ten minutes and Dave Briggs demurred in his personal assessment. (According to a new study, over their lifetimes women take 3276 hours and men approximately 1000 hours to get ready.) Gretchen said that she didn’t really wear makeup on the weekend and tried to expend as little time as possible getting ready. Then Steve Doocy wondered aloud how men could spend could spend so much time getting ready. Dave Briggs said that it took him longer to get ready than his wife some days: He elaborated that it wasn’t so much the face creams but alot of hair product but he refused to estimate the actual time.

Fox & Friends: Pretty Boy Briggs, Plain Jane Gretchen, and Whatever Doocy. Who is supposed to be the Fox and who are the Friends? Carpe Diem reports: You decide.

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4 Responses to “Gretch Scrimps: Briggs Primps”

  1. Mike2 Says:

    As always, you take up for Aly and you hate Gretchen.

  2. Al Says:

    I read this three times, very carefully, and even after reading between the lines failed to find anything in what Jake wrote that could be construed as hate for Gretchen. He didn’t even infer an insult. I think you’re reading far too much into his words, Mike2.

    I thought his blog entry today was rather amusing.

  3. boogiewoogee Says:

    Gretchen is plain? Please. You’re as realistic as the RC boys who insist that Britney Friel is a great newswoman.

  4. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Gretch is plain … She’s not a beauty queen anymore … And based on the pix that I’ve found of her fellow contestants for MA1989, it was a pretty thin year …

    Fox should replace Gretch with the lovely & talented Samantha Brown …

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