Aly’s Wards Learning

Alisyn Camerota lead Fox & Friends Weekend to an excellent program today. With the serious news of the American murdered in Bejing during the Olympics, the invasion of former SSR Georgia by Russia, and the affair admission by former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, Aly lead Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs to a worthy news presentation. If F&FW continues to show such marked improvement, there should be little need in the future for the A-Team, F&FW’s weekday counterparts, to replace F&FW co-anchors to cover significant news events, e.g., the pope’s American visit or the unexpected death of a major journalist.

Aly seems to be teaching her wards well.

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29 Responses to “Aly’s Wards Learning”

  1. cathy Says:

    Aly does help, but give credit where credit is due and that is to the two excellent anchors that sit with her, Clayton and David. I like the trio.

  2. Chris G Says:

    Nope. I shall refuse the Kool-Aid.

    Clayton and Dave are still awful. They need to GO.

    Just b/c Aly is there to lead them, doesn’t mean they are getting any better. They aren’t.

  3. boogiewoogee Says:

    Yes, the boyz still stink, but Aly immediately put out the appropriate demeanor for the morning, given all the grave news this morning (the American tourists being attacked, the Georgia-Russia thing, Bernie Mac), without becoming funereal in tone. Aly is a professional, and it shows.

    I can’t imagine how all of that – especially the breaking news of Mac’s death – would have been handled if Britney and Butterface had been there instead of Aly.

    Britney probably would’ve chirped something like “Feel better, Bernie!” then puzzled over why the state of Georgia has a beef with Russia and finished off her spot with a few poses complete with vapid grins in front of the camera, while Butterface would have found a way to mangle Bernie Mac’s name (repeatedly) and then shrugged him off as some old guy.

    I agree with Chris G. that the boyz are still awful, but Aly instead of the Twin Twits is a massive improvement.

  4. Paige Says:

    I just fired off two emails. One to Fox and Friends and the other to Fox News. I am really tired of Dave and Clayton. They need to be replaced. Thank heavens they got rid of Courtney DimWit and Anisley Airhead. Aly is so much more professional than those two. Now if we could just get back Page, Kelly or Greg to sit with Aly, that would be a nice combination to the weekend. I miss Aly through the week, and I wish they could get rid of Gretchen. With her unprofesssional attire and not sitting properly like a lady, I am not liking her. And what was up with Chris Wallace and Gretchen flirting like crazy that early in the morning yesterday? That was un-called for right there and I hope someone told her about it.

  5. U-2 Says:

    Alisyn showed today why TPTB put back in the weekend chair!

    No way would Ainsley or Courtney have been able to handle the breaking news!

    The boyz still suck!

  6. Gayle Says:

    Ally is great but those guys have got to go…why bring down a good weekend news show with two loser’s.

  7. Al Says:

    Alisyn Camerota is perfect for this morning show gig. She’s fun, interesting, and can switch on a dime into serious mode for the important stories. Dave Briggs is OK… not great, but certainly not bad. Clayton Morris, on the other hand, is just plain irritating. Rick Reichmuth is always fun informative and fun… I guess “likable” would be the word.

    Didn’t hear a whole lot about the Russia / Georgia conflict this morning. Maybe with the President in China and Congress on recess, most of the Washington reporters staff are out of town and unavailable for getting the scoop on that.

    Congress is on recess again? When I grow up that’s what I wanna do – be on recess. Guess I should run for Congress.

  8. sandra Says:

    I love clayton and david, they are funny and I do not know what the people are talking about that do not like them, they must watch msnbc during the week with that rhino joe scarborough. GOOD SHOW FOX AND FRIENDS SAT. AND SUNDAY, AND THE REST OF THE WEEK.

  9. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Clayton needs to go away … Send his sorry butt back to Philly where he can stuff himself with cheesesteak sandwiches …

    He must slather up Lawnmower Man’s hair with that Exxon Valdez goop … because I do NOT remember Dave’s hair looking THAT gross when he started …

    Are they grooming Toonces to take over in the looney chair for Colmes??

    TPTB can easily put Rick Reichmuth on the couch … and dump Toonces …

  10. boogiewoogee Says:

    Sorry, “Sandra,” but I have a very difficult time believing that anyone outside of their immediate families “loves” Claytoon and Dave.

    Dave is largely inoffensive, but duller than dull. Claytoon is offensive and tries waaaaay too hard to be funny, but comes off as obnoxious, hyper, condescending and unlikable.

  11. Gina Says:

    Well- not related to either and like them both. Love Ali and can do without Gretchen during the week. Guess that is why we live in the free country. Loved the segment with Dr. Mike- I believe I heard he is also from Philly. I bet we’ll see more segments with him. Clayton’s wife is gorgeous-haven’t seen Dave’s!!

  12. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    As insane as the staffing on F&F seems to be of late … I’m actually surprised that they didn’t stick Toonces in a dress & heels then stick him in the center of the couch when Gretch was on vacation … I wouldn’t put it past them with some of the dumbasp stuff they’ve done the last 6 months …

  13. boogiewoogee Says:

    Yes, Gina, I know that people have different tastes, but many of us find it incomprehensible that anyone not related to Claytoon and Dull Dave actually thinks they’re doing a good job, or even that they’re watchable.

  14. Gina Says:

    Each to their own. I read somewhere that Clayton should be on Comedy Central- I agree. (Probably make a ton more money!) I think he is that funny! Makes me laugh every time I watch. People also keep talking about the Conservative Fox news channel- well- I think to be “fair and balanced” they need some liberals- and also maybe some more diversity? Let’s see- Rick is gay… and I’m not sure about the mix with other populations?

  15. jakeho Says:

    Gina, what makes you think that Rick is gay?

  16. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    Gina, where did you get the idea that Rick is gay? I’ve heard him make some remarks in the past that make me think he is decidedly straight. He’s good at what he does regardless of his bent, but I’ve never heard any comments/gossip that suggest he’s gay.

  17. Chris G Says:


    Rick is NOT gay. That’s hilarious, BTW…..

    Even so, he’s heads above Morris & Briggs…..I’d take a charming, competent, intelligent gay metereologist over the frat boyz any day!

  18. Tina Says:

    I’d bet my life on it. He just is!! I have some very good friends who are also- and they have some inside scoop on him and the old Ron Corning who Greg Kelly replaced on Good Day NY. Don’t get me wrong- usually very cool caring guys- make the best “friends” by far.

  19. Chris G Says:

    Yes, and we read all the comments from “the relatives and bestest friends of Greg Kelly” online, too, who knew *everything* about him. They had the “inside scoop” on him, as well, from friends of friends of friends!

    And Shep is gay, so is Bill Hemmer, and no one can tell me that Doocy guy isn’t as gay as the day is long, and I had always figured that Ellen Ratner was suspicious, and what about Steve Harrigan, whom they always are exiling to do those horrible hurricane reports, my gosh, HE must be gay, else they wouldn’t send him out in that weather…..

    Rick Reichmuth is a fantastic on-air personality. He knows his weather stuff, and is great with people. Rick is respectful, smart and funny, self-depreciating and charming. Gay or not, real or imagined, that one is a keeper. You can spread all the rumors about him you want. That isn’t going to change how I see him- a cut above the rest of the bunch.

    Clayton comes across (to me) as the gayest dude on that show, anyways….

    I’d say girlie, but that would be insulting to us girls………

  20. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Gina = Tina
    cathy = sandra

    But, they’re all the SAME person … Most likely Clayton himself … That is IF he actually knows how to use a computer …

    Rick is far from being gay … Now, Kyle Busch & Jeff Gordon & Jimmie Johnson of NASCAR are setting off the gaydar big time … Same with Rachel Ray … LOL I bet Ainsley & Courtney are lipstick lezzes … LOL

  21. Tinaginacathysandra-HA! Says:

    Why is it so hard for you to believe that there are people out there who actually like someone who yu do not like? So- are your political views as strong as your Fox loves and hates? You must be a difficult person to reason with- how does that work with your family? Guess these blogs were made for you………… FYI- I believe DAve is the “sports guy” on the show- and Clayton the “techy guy-” seems he has taught them all about Twitter- and is teaching Dave to use an I-phone. (I know this cause I actually watch the show- not channel surf to avoid them!)

  22. Chris G Says:

    No one EVER said you cannot “enjoy” watching whomever you like, nor did anyone ever say you cannot post unless you are in lock step with the general opinion (that is saved for things like the Huffington blog and MoveOne whatever and the Daily KOS…..). = )

    *I* think they are unprofessional and immature- JMO. You enjoy them- great. I’m happy for you. Doesn’t mean I have to spout off love sonnets about them- I’d like to see them off the air, and replaced by more competent anchors. But, again, JMO. That counts just as much as YOURS.

    You go right on ahead, singing their praises.
    We shall go ahead, praying to the TV gods that they get sent home.

  23. Tina B. Says:


    It doesn’t matter to us if Rick is gay or not. What matters is that he is funny, intelligent and entertaining to watch. It really bothers me that you feel the need to “out” the man (if that’s even the case) on this website. THat is his personal life and frankly, none of our business. By the way, didn’t Ron Corning use to work on The Daily Buzz with Clayton? Just wondering where you really get your information!

  24. Tinaginacathysandra-HA! Says:

    Sexual preference as well as political party preference is exactly that-totally individual- so we should not judge any of them (hosts) on either!! Conservative network , liberal network- guess if we can’t handle the hosts- we switch the channel??? Works for me. BTW- I used to love watching Ron on GDNY and I personally can’t stand Greg- so I no longer tune it in.

  25. anonymouse Says:

    I can say that Rick and Shep are Gay. But why the hell should it matter? They are both two of the nicest/ funniest people you’ll ever meet.

    Greg Kelly, well I’m not sure, but I never got that vibe.
    As for Bill Hemmer, not a chance in hell. He is a hardcore womanizer, and personally, I think a little bit of a homophobe.

    You also might be interested to know that one of the high-up O’Reilly Factor producers is also gay. … As is one of the Washington Editors. (not sure if he’s still there, but he was in ’07).

  26. beebo Says:

    well said anonymouse!
    yes, rick and shep are gay…i should know about rick, he used to be a very good friend. I think you may be right about Bill? He likes the ladies who work the poles….and one more thing….news tv is full of gay folks…they are all over network and cable tv as personalities and producers ect.

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  29. Wayne Says:

    Aly is good. Dave Briggs is a typical stupid jock sniffer. He should be yammering out worthless sports stats because he apparently has no concept of what he is TRYING to read on the air. He’s worthless.

    Clayton Morris is the epitome of a DOUCHEBAG. He’s the most irritating person on FNC. He’s even more irritating than Peter “my dad got me my job” Doosy. Morris tries to be amusing but he’s just irritating. And his “social” commentary is as vaporous as his comprehension of the subject at hand. What a living breathing douche.

    Please FNC, get some REAL talent on the weekends. I try to watch on the weekends, but usually after about 10 minutes, I flip to something else.

    Watching Dave Briggs & Clayton Morris (or as I call them Dumb and Douchy) is worse than chewing tin foil

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