Back in the Saddle!

Back in the saddle again! Alisyn Camerota has returned to rule the roost on Fox & Friends Weekend. Once a part of the popular earlier F&FW incarnation that included American Morning’s co-host Kiran Chetry and motivational speaker Julian Phillips, Aly has come back to revitalize F&FW’s listing ship. Like her weekday F&F rival Gretchen Carlson, she serves as both co-host and headlines reader. (Ainsley Earhardt will probably continue to be a Fox News news reader in the evening and a correspondent for Hannity’s America while Courtney Friel will probably remain as an FNC entertainment correspondent.)

Not too surprisingly, Aly looks as if she hasn’t been up this early on the weekend for a while: She probably hasn’t. Aly looks somewhat sleepy-eyed albeit with a trouper’s pep and enthusiam. Unfortunately, she grabbed the wrong garb, i.e., a green midi rather than a more flattering mini. Nevertheless, it’s wonderful to see her in the center seat.

Can Aly take Clayton Morris and Dave Morris to a much needed higher level? Time will tell. Let’s hope so.

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37 Responses to “Back in the Saddle!”

  1. Al Says:

    Too early for a final determination, but so far the show is watchable. That may seem a luke-warm critique, but consider just how unwatchable it was a mere week ago.

    While I don’t care all that much what the hosts are wearing, I disagree, jake. She can wear something more sexy some other day but this first day back on F&FW she needed to set the tone that a professional is back in the centre seat and in charge. Appears to me that both the guys are giving her the lead, as they were probably instructed to do.

  2. jakeho Says:

    As to Aly, if she can handle Steve & Brian with no problem, she can certainly lead the castrato choir. Al, as to her dress, she can be both professional and sexy: she has no need to establish her bona fides.

  3. boogiewoogee Says:

    Aly is great – and a much-needed professional touch for the show. But Claytoon seems to be trying to take over, now that The Mouth of the South is gone and took her incessant babbling with her.

    We noticed at the beginning of the show that they made a big deal out of Aly’s first day, in contrast to when Butterface, Claytoon & a miscast Adam Housley were just snuck in there one morning without explanation.

    The problem now is that there is a blatant talent-personality-knowledge gap between Aly vs. the doofuses.

    Time to boot Claytoon and put Rick on the couch.

  4. DEN1515 Says:

    Show is still bad,gotta get rid of Clayton!!!Put Page ,Aly,and Rick on the couch!!!

  5. Paige Says:

    Thank you Fox for bringing in Alisyn for the weekend. I just got through watching 3 hours. She was wonderful, however I agree with Den, get rid of Claytooon and Dave boring. Would love to see Page back with Aly, that would be a great team! I like Rick doing the weather, so for him to be on the couch, I am not sure about that one. I do think that bringing back Kelly Wright would be nice too. Do any of you remember the original 3? Juliet and Mike were just awesome.

  6. Chris G Says:

    Wow- thank GOD Ainsley is gone with the wind. *Celebration*

    Alyson is fiesty, smart, and fun. I LOVED that Clayton seemed like a deer in the headlights this morning. Clearly, he has NO IDEA how to host a morning show. He could get away with being stupid, immature, and mediocre with Ainsley, ’cause she was not strong enough as an anchor to make him better. Now that he has to deal with Alyson, he’d better step up to the plate. He does not have what it takes to sit there, and it showed in spades today. Here’s hoping that TPTB finally come to their senses and dump this summer experiment. Dave was still boring, but he’s better than Clayton.

    Maybe I’ll have to make it a point to start watching this show again……

  7. U-2 Says:

    Alisyn brought a sense of profesionalism back to F&FW which was sorely lacking with the “boobie twins.”

    Will Aly be able to bring Dave and Clayton to a watchable level?

    At least now, there’s room to hope!

  8. Bob Dee Says:

    It’s a start. There is still too much Clayton, and his teenage antics. The old crew didn’t seem to have much knowledge of history prior to the Backstreet Boys. It was like watching a bad episode of “How I Met Your Mother”. If the goal of the show was to exclude all viewers over 35, the show was working. I’m still not over Kerin Chetry and Page Hopkins.

  9. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Who is “Dave Morris” ?? Is that the Briggs guy??

    Re: Aly’s Wardrobe – The fashionista dept at FNC picks out the clothes for the women & deposits it in their respective offices overnight … Sometimes, they can’t get into the offices & have to leave it in someone else’s office … LOL ;-)

    I got part of the last 20 minutes … We might be able to salvage the Lawnmower Man (Briggs) with the proper training by Aly & Rick … But, Toonces (Clayton) MUST GO AWAY …

    Clayton’s liberal bias is not attractive nor is it welcome at FNC … Plus, he’s got that whole “I’m the King of the World” complex thinking that all must bow down to him & kiss his feet … He forgets that he is low man on the totem pole … He was trying to dominate the show and he sucks …

    The whole “rewind” segment with the WNBA brawl & Christian Bale incident was utterately stupid & childish … It seemed like it was his idea for the segment … WHY on Earth do they need to rehash stuff that has already been covered ?? I noticed that he didn’t bother to mention that the Detroit male asst coach had pushed down a female player from LA and manhandled a LA female asst coach that he outweighed by at least 165 lbs …

    Go back to Philly, Clayton !!! WE DON’T want you!!!

  10. Al Says:

    Rick Reichmuth is underutilised. On the positive side of that, even some of the dumber events he’s tasked to cover are interesting to watch and a nice break from the rest of the show.

    Briggs and Morris weren’t too bad this morning. I still don’t like them but I have to be honest about it. For the most part, they were playing off Alisyn’s lead. That simple fact may be the reason behind why so many of us couldn’t stand the trio of of those two with Earhardt – without anyone taking on the lead role (or, perhaps, all three of them vying for the lead), their entire presentation was disjointed and clumsy. Alisyn Camerota is now clearly in charge and she’s pulling the boyz up closer to her level.

  11. Mike2 Says:

    Cannot believe you are so thrilled with bird legs.

  12. kimosabi Says:

    Thank God Aly is back and that babbling bimbo is at least semi-gone from the network. I don’t wish Ainsley any harm, but what an idiot. I’m sure she is a wonderful person, but she does not add anything to the FOX News Channel and needs to be bid a polite adieu.

  13. Gayle Says:

    I still feel they need to get rid of both Dave and Clayton…They are just not ready for a show like this. They remind of two teenagers on their first date. I am so happy not to listen to Courtney and Ainsley any more…now if they would bring back Paige and get rid of those two teenage wanna be stars and put Rick in the middle, we would have a great weekend crew,

  14. Bill Says:

    Aly is the BEST. But, those two boneheads drag her and the show down.
    They need to go. The show is in desperate need to change. I am a long
    time watcher on weekends and this is the worst it’s ever been.

  15. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    I must admit that it was a bit better today. I didn’t watch any on Saturday, but watched some today. Alisyn definitely brings the show up several notches; however, Dave is still dull and Clayton is still obnoxious. They even commented on the show that Ali’s bloggers are calling the guys “the twins”. Maybe TPTB could go and beg Greg Kelly to come back. He may not be willing to give up his local day job, but it would be worth a shot. Then get Rick to fill out the couch. Boy, I’d watch that for sure! If that idea doesn’t work, I’ll vote for Page and Rick to round out the couch. The segments with Rick this morning were terrific.

    Whoever screwed this show up beginning with the February show when the new folks was snuck in with no explanation should be tarred and feathered. I’d even heat up the tar. This has been one of the biggest disasters I’ve ever seen on television.

  16. boogiewoogee Says:

    Interesting how the new crew was snuck in on us (as G.R.I.T.S. said) there was no mention of whether they were just subbing for the holiday weekend or permanent replacements. But there was a bit of a lead-up to Aly’s triumphant return and they even did a “Know Your Anchors” segment on the show this weekend, to give some trivia and tidbits about Aly and the twins.

    Like most here, I still think they need to get rid of the twins and put Rick on the curvy couch (he can do the weather, too, just like Steve does during the week), but this past weekend was a VAST improvement over the last 5 months.

  17. Becky Says:

    My husband and I refused to watch it without Ainsley. I tried to keep it there long enough to get the “headlines” but after the so-called “Meet Your Hosts” segment, was totally turned-off. Those guys are morons.

    Alyson is great…and should be the host full-time during the week. Gretchen is wretched.

    I don’t know why you guys are so hard on Ainsley. We really enjoyed watching her. She seems really bright, sweet and talented, not to mention beautiful.

  18. boogiewoogee Says:

    Well, Becky, I won’t speak for anyone outside the Boogiewoogee home, but over here Ainsley is thought of as insipid, phony, saccharine, shallow, superficial & not particularly attractive (to put it kindly).

    She’s good at reading headlines, but we feel she is totally out of her depth when trying to interview people in a back-and-forth setting such as on F&F(W). She really doesn’t have any knowledge or expertise in any news topic other than what’s in the teleprompter. As I’ve mentioned many times before, she thought that the Pope was going to make a political endorsement during his visit here a few months ago and couldn’t understand why a basic First Amendment issue wasn’t put up for a vote. On a personal level, I find it irritating when she inserts her religious beliefs into her work at times.

  19. Gayle Says:

    Becky, Ainsley comes off as a babbling silly school girl that is miss goody two shoes (we use that saying in the south for some one that thinks they are above everyone else). I love people with high Morales but honey, there is no one as good as she tries to portray herself except Jesus Christ…He is the only perfect man not Ainsley!

  20. Chris Says:

    What’s with everyone being so harsh with Ainsley? Granted I didn’t think she had the credibility thing working for her but the personal attacks are unnecessary. WTF gives you the right to judge her? Fox made the change, take happiness from that if you wanted the switch, and leave it at that. Anyone who says she isn’t attractive is not being objective. If anything that’s the ONLY reason she had the shot she did on the show.

  21. boogiewoogee Says:

    WTF gives any of the right to criticize, Chris? Maybe because we’re viewers, without whom no network can sell advertising.

    I am totally objective when I say that without the flatironed bleached blonde hair and the enormous chest, nobody would think of Ainsley as attractive. Her body poured into tight clothes is what’s gotten her where she is.

    I am also completely objective when I say that I took offense at the way she brought religion into things at times.

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