Cowgal Gretch Lassoes Wallace

Fetchin’ Gretchen Carlson, clearly excited Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday (FNS) today. Alluding in his FNS promo to an earlier segment with Kinky Friedman with Gretch bedecked in a black cowboy hat and clutching a cigar with her lips, Chris panted, “Let me just say…I was thinking how to clean this up. Gretchen when you were wearing that cowboy hat and smoking that cigar you looked very fetching!” After Chris elaborated on his upcoming show in general, Gretchen re-enacted and accentuated her sultry cowboy/cigar look for Chris. He responded, “Oh! Mama! You should take that home for your husband tonight.” Brian Kilmeade interjected, “Hey, Chris! Is there a shower in that studio?”

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4 Responses to “Cowgal Gretch Lassoes Wallace”

  1. Al Says:

    That was a refreshing little bit of fun on F&F and Ms. Carlson did a good job of playing along until her last quip about HR… somehow when she makes a joke like that it just seems too serious.

    I dutifully watched F&F all week long and tried my very best to enjoy it. The more serious segments were all done professionally and so I have no complaints about that, but the playful banter that F&F is so known for just seems stuffy with Ms. Carlson. She is a fine journalist and certainly at-ease before the camera, but just doesn’t have any of that sassy spunk and somehow even brings Doocy and Kilmeade down a couple notches.

    Oh well, I tried.

  2. boogiewoogee Says:

    I thought she looked stunning this morning.

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