Another AM Cover-up [Mea culpa!]

[Mea culpa! See, infra, Tom B’s comment setting me straight and my chastened response.]

For the second time in three days, American Morning producers have done a mid-show cover-up of Kiran. In the second half of the first hour, they did a John Ashcroft-like veiling of her golden globes and today at approximately the same time they cloaked her knees. In an ingenius attempt at subterfuge, they gave Kiran a skirt which was similarly colored khaki but longer in length (from @ 3 in. above the knee to over it) and with a slit in the back.

Does CNN expect a more conservative demographic at 6:30 ET to tune in? Jazz it up, Janelle! Just because you are competing against an Alisyn Camerota-free Fox & Friends doesn’t mean you can let up. Your AM audience is watching!

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5 Responses to “Another AM Cover-up [Mea culpa!]”

  1. Gayle Says:

    I don’t watch because of the short skirts or golden globes as you call them…I watch because of the news and the anchors. Maybe it’s because I am a woman and the “dressing” is not that important to me.

  2. Tom B. Says:

    The shorter skirt was from yesterday. That wasn’t a live interview with Maya Angelou. I don’t think they’re going to make anyone change skirts in the middle of a show unless there is some kind of malfunction.

  3. jakeho Says:

    Thanks, Tom B., for your keen eye! Mea culpa! You are absolutely correct: you apparently did a complete head-to-toe view. Unfortunately, the segment had no mention of having taken place yesterday: Regrettably, I had a bit of a jaundiced eye after Tuesday’s veiling of the golden globes and failed to notice her blouse was different today, too.

    I’m sorry, Janelle, other AM producers, and readers for my mistake: I’ll try to be much more observant next time.

  4. hgb3 Says:

    I know that Ms. Chetry won a Golden Globe award in 2002 for her reporting in Bosnia, and another in 2004 for her embedment with the US troops in Iraq, but I’ve never noticed her carrying her award statues around with her while on the air.

    Maybe I ain’t very ‘obsoivant’ either!

  5. Kep Says:

    hgb3-I think you’ve got Kiran mixed up with someone else. She has never done any reporting from Bosnia or Iraq. She’s never done any reporting from any foreign country. She won some award in PA when she worked in Erie many years ago for a series on teen smoking, but as far as awards go, that’s it.

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