Golden Globes Eclipsed

The gorgeous golden globes of Kiran Chetry shone brightly at dawn until some prudish producer decided to eclipse them. Adorned in a ravishing red dress with a plunging neckline, a radiant Kiran greeted the American Morning viewer. However, an appreciative audience’s day was soon darkened: in the second half of the first hour, an AM prig pinned her neckline to obscure her bountiful bosom. The silver pin stayed fastly fixed throughout the remainder of the then stodgy show.

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5 Responses to “Golden Globes Eclipsed”

  1. Kep Says:

    Do you want Kiran to be recognized for her talent and news reporting ability, or would you rather that she just showed up on set every day looking like a hooker? Kiran Chetry-she went to CNN so that she could report the real news, yet she’s doing the same thing she did at Fox. In reality, she appears to have nothing else in mind but showing up for work every day, determined to fulfill her mission of being just another piece of eye candy for lonely men to ogle at. So what, she’s got big boobs? Who doesn’t nowadays? If their money can buy ’em, they’ve got ’em.

    Kiran has been at CNN for a year and a half now, and how much praise have you heard from critics or even her bosses about her actual job performance? Deafening silence, huh?

  2. jakeho Says:

    Kiran was FNC’s rising star until contract negotiations broke down. As soon as she was released by Fox News, CNN signed her immediately because she was (and is) such a good catch.

    She’s smart, witty, and hard working; she a great interviewer; and she has a real rapport with her colleagues and her audience. As to her style of dress, she’s sexy and stylish. Not to mention–she’s a gorgeous lady. Why hold that against her?

    Kep, you seem to have a person beef with her. Why?

  3. Tom B. Says:

    What’s the deal, Kep?

    Kiran is lovely, smart, competent and engaging. I have yet to see her BIG boobs, but please notify me if you see them again. She has great taste in clothes and I guess you haven’t seen what hookers are wearing nowadays.

    Put a lid on it. And don’t hate her ’cause she’s beautiful.

  4. Kep Says:

    I don’t hate her at all. Just giving some constructive criticism. The truth of the matter is, Kiran and her agent threw a hissy fit, the Fox management got tired of it and didn’t give in, and then CNN grabbed up Kiran like she was the answer to every prayer in regards to bad ratings. I hear that they’re paying her lots of money, and so I’m just wondering when CNN is going to get some good return on their investment. The ratings for AM are good some days, mediocre most days, and really crappy other days. Wasn’t low ratings the reason Soledad O’Brien was booted from AM? Where is the improvement? Are any of you willing to concede that she might not be the best fit for CNN when it comes to her knowledge of politics and hard news type journalism? Liberal feminist? You bet, and in that respect, she’s a cozy fit at CNN, but she just doesn’t have what it takes to work and flourish at a station like CNN. A top notch journalist she will never be, not unless she gets out of the studio and starts doing some real work. Look at Kyra Phillips and Soledad O’Brien-they don’t just sit around and read a prompter.

  5. Tom B. Says:

    Sorry to get on your case, Kep. You have a point, I too think she needs to get out of that studio once in a while and do some field work. When she first went to CNN they did have her doing a few field assignments, and she did a good job. But soon after she was pregnant and now needs to tend to the needs of a newborn. I guess that has something to do with it. They could give her some bigger interviews, however. That’s something I would like to see, and I believe she’s up to the task. She’s no airhead, no matter what she’s wearing.

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