Only One More Week

The times they are a’ changing! One more week until the lovely Alisyn Camerota makes her triumphant return to Fox & Friends Weekend as co-host. According to TV News Review, she will also serve as headlines reader. The talented, witty, and sexy Italian delight will be a breath of fresh air to those who remember headier F&FW times.

Aly cannot be expected to cure the program of all its ills, of course. She will have to contend with a frequently childish Clayton Morris and a too oft dull Dave Briggs as she and Kiran Chetry had to deal with a smug, self-centered Julian Phillips. Even though she won’t have a newsreader to play off of, she will have reliable Rick Reichmuth.

Can Aly tune up the constrato choir? Let’s hope that she can whip them into shape. Hope indeed springs eternal!


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18 Responses to “Only One More Week”

  1. boogiewoogee Says:

    Being realistic (like accepting that Page and Kelly aren’t coming back to the show), I would like the next step to be for Rick to join Aly on the couch, and bump Claytoon out of the show. I’m no fan of Dull Dave, but I find him less annoying and somewhat more likable than the hyper, trying-too-hard Claytoon.

    In that scenario, I believe that Aly’s and Rick’s smart and likable personalities would make up for Dave’s lack thereof.

  2. U-2 Says:

    Plus; they could have Janice Dean or Dominica Davis do the weather!

    A sure ratings boost!

  3. Tina Says:

    I like the condifence of Clayton- he seems quite smart and witty. Knowing that they design the weekend show to be lighter than the weekday show I think the next combination with Ali will be a great combination. I enjoy the antics of the group and I think the production crew finally knows how to “work” with them as well.

  4. Basementjoe Says:

    Briggs and Morris are horrible, where did they find those two in the first place?

  5. Don in Richmond Says:

    Whoever is handleing Alisyn’s blog censored me. I said Alisyn will add class to the weekend show and they will not post it.

  6. M. Davey Says:

    Is there a post on here for Megan Kelly. She is a brilliant interviewer and deserves some input for her talents.

  7. jakeho Says:

    M. Davey, there are indeed. For future reference, merely go to Carpe Diem’s homepage and type in the key words in the search box and hit “enter.” The links are as follow:

  8. M. Davey Says:

    Don’t know where to post this, but that Megan Kelly rocks! She can put together one mean interview. She would NOT let the grandmother of Caylee off the hook this a.m. The grandmother only wants “to put the picture of Caylee up” and not answer anything about her daughter’s involvement.

    Megan actually ended the interview after the grandmother threatened to end it, and lectured her a little as well.

    Now there’s a news conference about to happen about this situation. We’ll see if that was influenced by Megan.

  9. boogiewoogee Says:

    Megyn definitely has “it” – she’s dropdead gorgeous, brilliant, quick, can be a hard or soft interviewer when needed, and seems to know when to be which.

    It’s no surprise that she’s pretty much the most popular Fox newswoman.

  10. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    My vote is to send both Clayton and Dave back to wherever they came from and add Rick to the couch. He can do weather from the couch like Doocy does. If you can’t get Greg Kelly back, then find another competent, good-looking man to fill the couch. An all chicks couch is not going to get me back as a viewer. Neither of the current two males fill the bill as competent or good-looking in my book. Another idea would be a Rick/Alisyn/Page combo. Patti Ann could read the news–or maybe Gregg Jarrett. There are lots of options but I think we all agree that Courtney has to go too.

  11. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Jake – Who is “Rick Reithmuth” ?? It’s Reichmuth (It’s German) …

    Dump Clayton as he’s way too much like Julian Phillips (except for the whole race issue that Julian had) …

    Put Rick on the couch with Aly … Teach Briggs to chill and level out his voice … I think Briggs can be salvaged …

    But, Clayton’s got to go back to Phillie … He can take his homegirl Courtney with him … They can air drop Ainsley back in Columbia, SC so she can sip mint juleps on the veranda whilst getting the vapors …

  12. Al Says:

    Rick, Page, and Alisyn… now that would be a combination that could win awards as well as ratings.

    Don’t hold your breath.

  13. jakeho Says:

    Thanks, Tiamatsrevenge, for the needed name spell check.

  14. boogiewoogee Says:

    I agree with Al – that Rick, Page & Aly would be an amazing combination, but I just don’t see them putting Page back on the show (at least not so soon) after being part of the team that was suddenly tossed over for this recent Hindenburg of a show.

    It would be like admitting a major mistake in judgment, and TV execs just don’t do that. In fact, I’m surprised (pleasantly so) that they dumped the twin twits after only 5 months. Ratings must have been at an all-time low and complaints at an all-time high.

  15. M. Davey Says:

    Naah! The big guys will never admit to a mistake, would they? If they put the oldsters back I would like it, but I’m not holding my breath and I am just looking for someone that will be satisfactory and not so darned silly. It’s like teenagers looking at Playboy. All giggles.

  16. Al Says:

    I don’t think they give a rat’s about admitting mistakes. Excellence is a byproduct of all that muck that covers us after we’ve made our mistakes and if TV execs don’t understand this then they’re in the wrong business.

    Perhaps F&FW is their research facility… or perhaps F&FW in its pre-constrato choir incarnation with Page Hopkins was generating more interest than was its weekday show with Gretchen Carlson.

  17. Kathy@brazoscowgirl Says:

    If only they could get Greg back, then I would at least enjoy my weekend. Clayton and Dave drive me batty! Poor Alisyn

  18. Bill Says:

    I absolutely wholeheartedly endorse Allyson taking the show, and I think both Clayton and Dave need to go, and not even be on this coming weekend. I understand management must make the decisions, but Alllyson should have some input as to whom she will be working with.

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