No F&FF Pre-Show Show

Has Fox & Friends First ended its pre-show show? Lately, in the last two minutes of the O’Reilly Factor rerun which precedes F&FF, a split screen has shown the F&FF co-hosts as they prep and go onto the set. Yesterday there was no usual two-minute countdown and today there was no pre-F&F segment at all. For those Luddites that don’t have DSL or the like, it serves (served?) to provide a similar experience to F&F’s After-the-Show Show. Has F&FF ended this fun feature and will fans have to settle for two less minutes of the alluring Alisyn Camerota?

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One Response to “No F&FF Pre-Show Show”

  1. Bill Says:

    Let’s hope not. It’s a fun two minutes, especially when Aly is
    featured getting ready to go on air.

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