Kiran’s Naked Lobes

Perhaps, the best part of Kiran Chetry’s ensemble today was her naked ear lobes. Apparently, the same fashion guru clothed both her and CNN Newsroom’s Kyra Phillips today: The conservative dark pinstrip suits and light solid simple blouses were very similar albeit with slightly different hues. However, someone decided that Kiran needed to look a little less like Julie Andrews as Victor (Victor/Victoria): Regrettably, however, he/she added yet another fashion faux pas by adorning Kiran with silver-toned loop earrings that clashed with her golden necklace. C’est la vie!

Please get it together, AM! Kiran can not be made ugly. Nevertheless, why not let her be as beautiful as she indeed is!

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3 Responses to “Kiran’s Naked Lobes”

  1. Kep Says:

    I’ll add a comment since nobody else will. I didn’t notice that she wasn’t wearing earrings at first, but I have noticed that Ms. Kiran looks worn out. Watch her during the shots where she is facing the wall of big screens when interviewing someone. The angle that the camera is shooting from shows a very tired looking Kiran. And I know this is a crazy idea, but does anyone agree that maybe Kiran would have done better if she had gone to MSNBC instead? Morning Joe would have been a better format for her and her personality than this dull and repetitive thing they’ve got going on over at CNN.

  2. Tom B. Says:

    You read my mind, Kep. Poor Kiran looks worn out. Perhaps it’s the combination of a new baby and the lackluster format of AM. Her usual spark seems to have dimmed a bit this week. Perhaps something is going on behind the scenes of which we are unaware. Who knows? Maybe she’s just having a bad week. It happens.

    Since I don’t watch a lot of Morning Joe on MSNBC, I can’t say if that would have been a better spot for her. All I know is when I used to watch “Scarborough(sp?)Country”, the guy wouldn’t shut up. Would Kiran be able to get a word in edgewise?

  3. Kep Says:

    I saw Kiran interviewing Bill Richardson on American Morning on Friday, and it was the same setup where she was facing the big wall of screens. If she is facing the cameras while sitting behind the desk, she looks as ravishing and pretty as ever, but the particular angle that captures her somewhat from the side when she interviews people on those big screens shows a very tired Kiran Chetry. Being one of the main co-hosts on a network like CNN is probably a lot more work than she ever experienced at Fox. Plus, as you said, she has the new baby. I would think, though, that she would have help such as a nanny, housekeeper, etc. to take care of a lot of stuff for her. For whatever reason, she looks very tired in those camera shots from the side. I guess it’s all a difference in lighting.

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