Non-PC Roberts: “Like E-mail Tourette’s”

American Morning co-host John Roberts lashed out at ardent environmentalist e-mailers who he deemed to have sent “e-mail Tourette’s.” After a CNN “Energy Hunt” installment on the exploitation of Alberta’s oil sands, Ali Velshi indicated that he had received “nasty” e-mails. (Apparently, some had been a bit venomous and expletive-laden.) After Ali asked viewers to hold off until he could present an environmental impact episode (to be aired tomorrow), the generally genial Roberts ad libbed, “It’s like e-mail Tourettes, isn’t it?” In an effort to cushion his ill-conceived remark, he defensively raised his hand palm up and added, “Not to diminish at all the problems that people with Tourette’s Syndrome have.”

In a prior parade of parallel pique, Roberts had complained about viewers who e-mailed about the over-sized oil barrel in the oil prices segment. To Ali, he griped, “Every time you trot out this barrel, we get like five e-mails from people who say its not a real oil barrel: we know.” Addressing the offending e-mailers, he irritibly instructed, “So get over it!”

John, hopefully, the sun will shine brighter for you tomorrow. However, with the lovely, gorgeous Kiran Chetry by your side, you have no reason to be in a bad mood. No whining about any overly ardent or carping e-mailing viewer needed. So over it?

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One Response to “Non-PC Roberts: “Like E-mail Tourette’s””

  1. Kep Says:

    Oh, and here are the figures for Tuesday, July 8th:

    Morning programs P2+ (25-54)
    FOX & Friends – 947,000 viewers (278,000)
    American Morning- 295,000 viewers (86,000)
    Morning Joe- 322,000 viewers (107,000)
    Morning Express w/ Meade- 206,000 viewers (76,000)

    Ever since Kiran got back from maternity leave the numbers have been going down. Maybe it’s time to bring back Kyra Phillips. I know American Morning has been trying out a slightly looser format, with popular music and all that, but could it be possible that their audience just wants the old cut and dried news format? Maybe trying to loosen things up is driving viewers away. The problem is that, CNN is hard news, and Kiran Chetry is not cut out for that type of format. Instead, she shines in the Fox and Friends format. So, it seems that the hard news type of show is what gets better ratings for CNN, but at the same time Kiran will never flourish and seems a very bad fit. Now, she’s not a bad fit politically at CNN, rather a perfect fit, but I don’t believe that all liberals like her are necessarily into the whole nuts and bolts of politics, and I think that working for CNN really calls for someone who is more into the process than someone like Kiran appears to be. She’s a fun, free spirit-very liberal, but in order for her to be able to show that more, CNN has to move away from the dry format that attracts their particular target audience. Sounds like a no-win situation.

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