Aly: Greg Kelly Here

Greg Kelly admirers, your dreamboat is still with Fox News according to Alisyn Camerota. This author has heard the murmuring about Clayton Morris filling in for Brian Kilmeade vis-a-vis G.I. Ken. Apparently, FNC does not want to roil the waters any more than they are by bringing in one of the former canned co-anchors (i.e., Greg Kelly, Kelly Wright, or Page Hopkins) to guest host. It appears determined to “stay the course” with its new cast of Clayton, Dave Briggs, Ainsley Earhardt, and Courtney Friel: seemingly, it does not want to stir a poignant nostalgia for the past.

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43 Responses to “Aly: Greg Kelly Here”

  1. Brendon Says:

    One of yesterday’s blog entries said that Greg Kelly was on vacation “until further notice”, sounds pretty ominous to me. If I recall correctly, that’s exactly what FNC said about Page Hopkins. I hope our favorite Lt. Col. hasn’t been swept into the same broom closet; leaving us with the currect buffoons.

  2. DoneWithFox Says:

    I’ll watch Fox again when the Lt. Col. has a steady show.

  3. CathyG Says:

    Apparently they feel they can live with on-going errors and lack of basic knowledge. On Monday’s show during a segment on Caroline Kennedy, Clayton called Senator Ted Kennedy her father!! Had to be quickly corrected by Steve and Alisyn.

  4. Chris G Says:


    We miss you!!!!!

    Here’s hoping that he’s on some super secret gov’t mission, doing his part to keep the world free.

  5. Chris G Says:

    Yeah, that Clayton is none too bright.

    Come to think of it, neither are Ainsley, Courtney, Dave…..

  6. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Clayton knows better that Teddy’s Caroline’s uncle … Clayton’s a freakin’ liberal / political activist …

    Though, this IS more interesting … because … Clayton CHANGED his bio on this site … from what it was on Feb 23rd … Little rat boy he is …

    Now he’s trying to appear to NOT be the liberal that he is … What a dirty little rat …

  7. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    Not that Greg’s my dreamboat, since my husband and I both like him. He just comes across as intelligent, knowledgeable about current events, and someone who has a life other than anchorman. We admire and respect his service to our country. We were riveted to his coverage from Bagdhad in the early days of the war and rode with him in the armored vehicle into the city. Greg just knows alot more about the thought process that is going on in our military–both the brass and the individual service members. That’s why we find him so much more interesting than the current fare, which has fluff for brains. We will also be greatly disappointed if Fox manages to lose him!

  8. Tina B . Says:

    I hate to disappoint everyone – but I just saw on the Fox 5 NY website that Greg Kelly will be the new co-host of Good Day NY beginning July 14th. So, he is still with FOX – but that is local NY station. I cannot believe TPTB see more future/potential in some of their current anchors or hosts than in Greg Kelly. What a major disappointment! They aren’t listening to their viewers, are they????

  9. boogiewoogee Says:

    Apparently they’re listening to the freaks at RC. Thanks to having NO FREAKING LIVES, they bombarded FNC until it looked like a massive movement to replace Page with Butterface. And since Greg was never worshipful enough toward Queen Butterface, he brought their psycho attention on him.

    I hope that the female kooks at RC are happy with what their permanently celibate shut-in pals have done.

  10. boogiewoogee Says:

    Thanks for the reminders, tiamatsrevenge. I see that on his ProgressNowAction profile, he’s changed his party affiliation from “Democratic” to “Unaffiliated” and political identification from “Liberal” to “Moderate.” Please. As if we’re too stupid to go to the site’s main page and see that it’s a left-wingnut haven?

  11. Tina B. Says:


    Guess you are right about the folks at RC. I guess next we can expect Rick to be replaced with Domenica on F&FW. Then I would not even have to turn the TV on Saturday and Sunday morns. Rick is the only one left worth watching now.

  12. boogiewoogee Says:

    Yep, here’s an archive snapshot of how Claytoon’s page on that left-wingnut page appeared in 2007:

  13. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    That’s certainly a disappointment about Greg. I can’t see why they want to waste him locally (even though NYC is a huge market) when they could have him on nationally. Really makes you wonder about those running the Fox ship. Like I’ve said before, they are paying no attention to their viewers (the real ones–not the bozos on RC). That’s a shame for Greg and for all Fox viewers.

  14. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Boogie – TPTB should never have hired that nitwit Claytone … Everytime he opens his mouth, we know which side of the aisle he falls on …

    He dumped just about everything off his Progress Now obit but his name & ugly mug …

  15. Al Davis Says:

    The local NY show is probably a good fit for Mr. Kelly, and, with NY being his home turf and his dad as the commissioner, I bet this will earn him more star-power than whatever they offer him on FNC. Maybe F&FW was his trial show for this new assignment.

    Good for Greg Kelly; He’s earned it. Hopefully this current F&FW crew will also get their own shows… is there a FOX station in Barrow, AK by chance?

  16. boogiewoogee Says:

    From the NYC papers this morning –

    They’re furiously trying to put a positive spin on this and while I wish him much luck, I still believe it’s a demotion. And I’m still puzzled as to why he’s off the national network – and on another morning show instead of hard news – while Claytoon and Dull Dave, who have so much less to offer, are still there…nevermind Britney and Butterface.

    Tina: For Rick’s sake, I hope they do switch him out with Domenica, obviously with a good assignment/timeslot for him. That certainly would render the show thoroughly unwatchable.

    Funny how I sort of liked both Ainsley and Domenica – before they got too buddy-buddy (on the air) with Courtney Friel. Maybe her nickname should be Typhoid Courtney.

  17. Chris G Says:

    I’m reading that Greg is saying this is a HUGE promotion for him. I do not see it. You go from being the first reporter into Baghdad, and being on the White House beat to…..doing a local tv show? I know it’s NYC- the greatest city in the world- but, c’mon. I do not know what his motivation was to drop the gig at FNC (or if it was his decision), but I hope he’s happy being back in NYC for good. For as long as THIS gig is- he’ll be 40 this year, right? I know they keep men longer than women (35 is the kiss of death for most female reporters), but he’s not 23. That seems to be an issue for TPTB.

    Bummer for those of us who enjoyed watching him. I still say this is a demotion for him, no matter his spin on things.

    As for Rick, I enjoy him, but that show is unwatchable now. I wish he would be placed in a more appropriate spot for his talent and personality. He’s too “old” for those dopes, now, anyways. Put Domenica (giggle, giggle!) on the weekend AM show, and I can officially get rid of my tv.

  18. Olivia Says:

    NY is market 1 in TV land – but I think they are really just throwing Greg a bone. Most anchor’s/ host’s would prefer a national cable gig to a local news show – even NY. Also- the Fox Cable network is a completely different entity to the local Fox Affiliates. It will be interesting to see how Greg fares on Fox 5.

  19. Olivia Says:

    OH- and I don’t think it matters whether the hosts/ anchors/ reporters are Democrat or Republican, Conservative or Republican as long as it is not being shoved down my throat- we are all entitled- tis the American Way.

  20. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    There are some network people who do go out to the free tv stations owned by the big networks … Spencer Christian went from GMA to the ABC owned station in Frisco …

    I still think this is a big honkin’ doozy of a mistake on News Corp’s part … They’ve screwed over Greg’s fans that DON’T live in the freakin’ NYC tv area …

    If they truly needed new blood on GDNY, why not put in one of the maroons they hired to replace Greg, Page & Kelly on F&FW ??

    Though, I think TPTB should’ve sent Claytonedeaf, Painsley, Tartney & Spriggs to Death Valley … Let them do a show there for the rattlesnakes … LOL

  21. Olivia Says:

    So- check out the NY “Jackson’s Office Seeks to Clarify Nut Cutting Testimony” (by the Associated Press). Clayton’s new name is “stud muffin”. – DAve co-anchoring this Am- I thought he did a decent job. Clayton doing an I phone segment- they are definitely part of Fox and Friends Crew!!

  22. boogiewoogee Says:

    From the little I saw this morning (I lost interest when I saw who was with Steve and Gretchen), Dull Dave was marginalized and not as involved as the Judge had been the last few days.

    It figures that Claytoon went to an AT&T store, instead of the THREE Apple stores in NYC. Even the people on line thought he was a moron.

    I think I’m going to watch as much of tomorrow’s show as I can stomach – to make a list of advertisers, so that I can let them know that as long as they’re subsidizing this slop, I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.

  23. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    When I saw Dull Dave was on this morning, I just turned to another station. Did check out a few minutes of American Morning, but found it still to be not to my taste. Yes-Kiran is beautiful, but not so much as when she was on F&F. At least I wasn’t impressed–just my opinion. Don’t plan to watch F&FW this weekend either–I’ve got better things to do with my time.

    Clayton a “stud muffin”? I may barf over that comment.!

  24. Tina B. Says:

    Who gave Clayton Morris the nickname “stud muffin”??? You have got to be kidding us.

  25. U-2 Says:

    Not the first TPTB at Fox News have pulled this trick.

    Remember that Dari Alexander and Rick Folbaum were pulled off of fnc to anchor Fox 5’s evening newscast.

  26. M. Davey Says:

    Darn! being in the Ozarks has made me miss everything! I just did some searches and found out about Greg Kelly. What a bummer for us! I knew that when they took them off the F&FW that something was up. I guess he finally found a job. I suspect that when you leave a cable network, it doesn’t bring job offers your way. Page will have her something next, then E.D. Kelly went back to his old beat, and is probably looking for something. I guess they’re all old by t.v. standards, and had to go.
    Oh, Lord, I just saw the one about Clayton being a “stud muffin”. That is just sick! and extremely funny.
    Where will it all end. It doesn’t look like Fox is going to replace the three stooges any time at all, so we can either quit watching because we hate it or keep watching just to make comments. I would say that watching for any reason, still gives them ratings and will let them keep their positions.

  27. jakeho Says:

    M., worry not. Rather, enjoy yourself at Osage Beach. If of age, imbibe a few adult potations, soak in the sun, and just be. Like a good soap opera, you can always catch up on the craziness that is FNC whenever you return home. On the other hand, feel free to continue to contribute to the dialogue.

  28. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Olivia must have a financial investment in Claytonedeaf … as that’s the only reason WHY anybody would support him and his Exxon Valdez hairdo …

    Well, if Roger Ailes truly wanted to kill the show … he’d hire that blithering idiot Rachel Ray … Then she could “yum-O!” the place to death …

    I can’t stomach the show to actually watch it … I’ll surf by just to take a peek like a 30 car pileup on the 5 in the fog … It’s interesting for a minute, but then you realize how gross, vile & disgusting it truly is and see it for the carnage that it’s become …

  29. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Let’s see how this crew will manage to mock Tony Snow’s death. :(

  30. remember Says:

    Juliet and Mike went from national Fox to local NY Fox to prepare/test/perfect their new morning show, so it was a promotion. Maybe, just maybe, this is a launching pad for him, too.

  31. Tom O'Donnell Says:

    Anyone who thinks Greg Kelly’s move was a “promotion” is smoking some bad crap.

  32. Al Says:

    I think some are making too much out of the “promotion” issue. I seem to recall reading a year or so ago that Greg Kelly renewed his contract and, shortly thereafter, was relocated to NYC where he has held an anchor post ever since. We don’t know how his contract reads, of course, but it wouldn’t be surprising if FNC’s acclaimed war correspondent wanted to be in NYC where he knows most who are on its “Who’s Who” list and where he is somewhat of a celebrity, himself.

    No longer being in Washington, there really isn’t another job with FNC that could be considered a promotion for him: Shep Smith has the primary hard news anchor position locked up and the rest of its non-commentary anchor positions are fairly interchangeable. Had he been shipped out to somewhere like Tulsa, OK or Fairbanks, AK then that would’ve been a demotion. But NYC? Now that’s a prime post and it comes with perks.

  33. Eileen Truman Says:

    Bring back Greg Kelly!! I find myself more and more not wanting to watch any fox and friends show. First E.D. goes…Whew what a mistake!!
    Then Kiran….Now Greg, Page and Kelley… I was starting to really enjoy watching Fox and Friends weekend again. I was hoping all the changes were just for the summer, but I guess not.

  34. Penny Lovett Says:

    I HATE the Fox and Friends weekend crew. They sound like a bunch of retarded teenagers! Adults can’t take it.

  35. Melissa Says:

    The absence of Greg Kelly from Fox & Friends (and the addition of the newcomers) has caused our viewing to change dramatically. What’s up?

  36. Jeanne Says:

    Bring back Greg Kelly. I miss him. Clayton and Dave make Alisyn look soooo bad!!!! Speak up Alisyn and get co-anchors worthy of sitting on the couch next to you.

  37. bill hurlburt Says:

    Greg Kelley brought a little sense to an otherwise idiotic attempt at bringing the news

  38. mary barth Says:

    I miss Greg…I miss Page….I miss Kelly. Roger Ailes, are you trying to drag us all down to the simpleton level with Ainsley, and Clayton? I don’t care for corn bread and Clayton starts all sentences with “I”. I find him repulsive but then I think that about most Liberals. Your forcing me to read and that is the good that has come from your Saturday and Sunday morning redo.

  39. Ed Says:

    Bring back Greg and Kelly. Clayton is not smart or intertaining. My wife and I are no longer watching weekend fox and friends and have switched to CNN.

  40. Pam Says:


  41. michaela fisher Says:

    Where is Greg Kelly???!!!

    He has the stature, and certainly the potential, to become a major pillar at Fox. With Tony Snow’s death, and with Britt Hume “stepping down” at Special Report, we need Greg!

    Fox and Friends has become a silliness I can’t bear to watch – the nameless lightweights who inhabit the show now are driving us away.
    Roger Ailes, you’ve shown such good judgement in the past,

    Bring back Greg Kelly!!!!!

    And by the way, even if Britt Hume steps down, please, please keep that great panel format. We couldn’t do without Fred Barnes, Mort Kondracke, and Charles Krauthammer!

  42. Gregg Says:

    I used to watch F&F weekend mornings, but since Kelly Wright , Greg Kelley and Page Hopkins left, the show is just not the same. I unfortunately have turned to other stations which I don’t really like either. The group had a lot of chemistry and were entertaining, but still professional while reporting the news. Please bring them back!!!

  43. Sandy Says:

    I watch news programs for content not fluff. Now we have the Ken and Barbie show on F&F. Bring back Kelly Wright, Greg Kelly, and Page Hopkins!

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