Talking Barbie

Maxim model and Fox & Friends Weekend newsreader Courtney Friel coined a neologism, “uncompopously” today. In a segment on Jesse Helms’ death, she read, “Foes remember him as an uncompar [sic], uncompopously [sic] defiant man.” Whatever. Stupid writers. Apparently, F&FW’s Barbie in yet another midi meant “uncompromisingly.” No more hard words for Courtney: the chastened headline news readers changed the text. Now Jesse Helms was not an uncompromisingly defiant man” to his foes but a “tenacious opponent.” What were you thinking, you F&FW pedantic penners?

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15 Responses to “Talking Barbie”

  1. Al Davis Says:

    I don’t blame Courtney Friel for her poor abilities as a news reader; I blame the FNC idget who hired her.

    I am wondering how, exactly, she was able to earn a BA in poly-sci at San Diego State University. I realise that some very smart people can have a difficult time reading multi-syllable words out loud, but these people choose careers other than on-air journalistism.

    I recall a few years ago when Juliet Huddy said to Kiran Chetry after she successfully delivered a challenging series of tongue-twisting words, “Hey, you did it!”, to which Kiran replied something like, “You didn’t hear my fumbles while rehearsing in the Green Room.” Perhaps Ms. Friel could benefit from rehearsing her copy instead of how she crosses her legs in front of a mirror.

  2. boogiewoogee Says:

    Jake, I have to disagree with you characterizing her as Barbie. You see, Barbie is curvaceous and buxom, while Britney is flat-chested and has a rectangular torso, although if she doesn’t stop being the first one to fill a plate every time there’s a cooking segment (or food on the set), she’s going to resemble a square. I’m thinking this is the reason for the ill-fitting pantsuit and today’s nightgown, with the ruching at the tummy.

    Al, you make good points, especially about faulting the thinking-with-their-crotches execs who hired her. However, I blame her for not doing anything to improve her skills, and for acting as if her looks are THE most important thing in her job. That should spell a nice, short career, because once her looks continue to fade, she’s got nothing to offer.

    From what I’ve heard, FNC brought in speech coaches, image consultants & news tutors, and she’s either THE dumbest person on the planet or just bleaches her teeth instead of working on these other things.

    I heard that she was on “Red Eye” last month around the time that Hillary Clinton dropped out (or was about to drop out) of the race and when asked for her take on why Hillary failed, she had a loooooong pause and then said “Hmm. I don’t know.” Give me a freaking break! This woman works in a top news network – with a great, sprawling, active newsroom and access to the most up-to-date breaking news (wire services, field reporters sending in raw reports), as well as top anchors and analysts, and SHE STILL HAS NO FREAKING CLUE AS TO WHY HILLARY CLINTON LOST??? Not even a lame guess or a well-worn cliche.

    So Courtney Friel is either the dumbest creature to walk on 2 legs, or so willfully ignorant that she can’t even feign the slightest interest in one of THE major news stories of the year – WHILE WORKING AT A NEWS NETWORK!

  3. Al Davis Says:

    I am critical of Ms. Friel but don’t know that she hasn’t done anything toward improving her skills. Her Wiki says that she always wanted to be a journalist. If this is true I feel bad for her. For her sake I hope she improves quickly, but for ours I hope she learns the ropes on some other network as she’s not ready for FNC.

  4. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Al – Wiki isn’t the “end all to be all truth” … It’s edited / written by idiots … Remember the F&F where Doocy was reading off all the changes that had been made to his profile & they continued throughout the show??

    SDSU = not high on the academics considering its relation to Tijuana & cheap booze … Hence the big drug bust a month or so ago …

    Courtney = dumber than a stick … She’s a party girl, not a journalist … She should’ve stayed on the poker world tour as their table girl …

  5. boogiewoogee Says:

    She has actually gotten worse since joining FNC and, as I said above, is totally incurious about any news that doesn’t involve show business. As I wrote as well, for some reason, the PTB have gone out their way to try to make her into something resembling a credible journalist (image consultants, speech coaches, tutors & such), but nothing has changed, at least not for the better. Again, to repeat what I wrote above, she’s either THE dumbest creature on the planet or hasn’t bothered to work on improving herself, beyond her her appearance (the tired cliche of the tanned bleached blonde with overly bleached teeth. But considering the way she primps, preens & poses whenever she’s on camera, I think we know where her priorities lay.

    If she was going to improve, there would have been at least SOME signs between February 2007 and July 2008. But, to reiterate, it’s obvious that she spends far more time and effort on her appearance than on acquiring journalism skills.

    So, if she has actually tried to improve, then it’s time for her to hang it up and find a more suitable career, because she clearly has no aptitude for this.

  6. boogiewoogee Says:

    According to the US News & World Report rankings, SDSU is a 4th tier school. In other words, it’s in the bottom 25% of schools ranked.

  7. Kep Says:

    Courtney is a train wreck, I agree. I saw her this morning and I had to laugh at the way she stands during the reading of the news headlines. It’s like she’s in the middle of a modeling session or a photo shoot. But not to pick on Courtney only-on Friday’s American Morning, Kiran Chetry terribly mispronounced the name of the country Belarus. It should be pronounced “Bellaroos”, but instead Chetry called it “Belairus”, like the world Belair with “us” attached to the end of it. A few months ago she didn’t know how to pronounce Kroger, the grocery chain. John Roberts had to help her with the correct pronunciation. Now, I can see one getting away with things like this at Fox, because they’re quickly becoming nothing but a tabloid anyway, but at a serious news network like CNN, I can’t imagine the head honchos being too pleased with Chetry’s apparent lack of knowledge in the pronunciation of basic words. It would be hard to picture Soledad O’Brien or Kyra Phillips having problems with things of this nature.

  8. U-2 Says:

    My most memorable Courtney moment occured on the saturday of Easter weekend 2007.

    At the end of he show; Courtney was trying to read the promo for Easter Sunday’s show; and was having a slow ‘read’ of the teleprompter.

    When she stumbled through the promo; she flashed her bleached smile and exclaimed; “Hey; I did it without making a mistake!”

    Kelly Wright patted Courtney on top of her head while saying; “You win a gold star!”

    Greg Kelly was hiding his mouth behind his hand as he was giggling over Courtney’s latest ‘gafe.”

    You could hear the laughter from the stage crew as well.

    I knew at this point that Courtney was NOT qualified for ANY position Fox News would put her in!!!!

    Whenever I read someone’s comment on how Courtney is getting ‘better’ or ‘deserves’ to be on Fox News; I watch the dvd of this gaffe along with her Red Eye pulling out her bra pads and her sidewalk ‘upskirt’ showing her spandex girdle; and wonder just WTF is Courtney still on?????

  9. Al Davis Says:

    They all make mistakes of mispronunciation now and then, and Ms. Chetry is no exception. I don’t expect perfection while watching the news being presented nor would I ever want that, but Ms. Friel makes so many mistakes every time she’s on that it does not appear she comprehends what she is reading.

    I won’t criticise any of the FNC staff including Ms Friel for their antics on Red Eye as that is the nature of that programme. I am quite accustomed to Brit style humour and find Red Eye to be a welcome departure from the norm.

  10. M. Davey Says:

    Please let’s don’t EVEN try to compare Kiran’s blunders to Courtney’s. Kiran knows the difference. I’m sure she know the pronunciation of Belarus. Kiran was always on the ball and could take on the toughest people while interviewing. She never lost her cool (that I saw) and was able to ask the hard questions instead of just fluff.
    She was witty without being silly and certainly could break into spontaneous, rip-roaring laughter and not appear as if she were on a playground smearing cake in someone’s face.
    Courtney is, I’m sure a likeable young lady, and I’m sure her family adores her and she is cute as she can be, but she needs to re-think her career choice.

  11. MadDe Says:

    Just discovered you– after reading for a time, I’m happy to note that I am not alone in feeling Courtney Friel and the others on F&FW are incredibly hard to take. Since I am on the West Coast, I turn on the TV at 4AM to watch four baffoons attempt to give me the news yet I am more capable of giving them the news. Ainsley and Courtney are seriously lacking in the intelligence and common sense department; Clayton is most annoying and Dave is so naive he could be dangerous. They are all dangerous if the viewer is not informed.

  12. Kep Says:

    M. Davey, I’m not comparing the blunders of Ms. Friel and Ms. Chetry at all. What I’m really saying is that Kiran should know how to correctly pronounce Belarus. She’s a news anchor on CNN, and I would hope that she does have some knowledge of countries and how to pronounce them. Same thing with Kroger. Who hasn’t at least heard of the grocery chain even if they don’t have one in their neighborhood? She’s earning a lot of money and should be more knowledgeable than your average Joe. As far as Courtney goes, I don’t think anyone expects her to know! That whole weekend crew is a disaster. I say take the show off and put something else on in its place. This circus is dragging the whole network down.

  13. boogiewoogee Says:

    I don’t expect perfection from news people, just at least a passing familiarity with the topics and a respect for their viewers and subjects (not mocking the deaths of TV stars from the 60s and 70s). They also shouldn’t be so self-absorbed that they constantly talk over guests who are there to inform.

    That’s why putting people like Butterface in the center seat of F&FWe and Britney on the air at all just confirms the left’s accusations that FNC isn’t a legitimate news organization and isn’t as good as CNN (as if!).

    And let’s not forget Claytoon, who should be permabanned from ever participating in any political segment or interview, where he consistently displays not only his ignorance, but his left-wing bias. That leaves me wondering how on earth a stupid, abrasive, immature left-winger got such a prominent perch at FNC. WTF?

  14. boogiewoogee Says:

    U-2, I avoided F&FWe for a while last year – from Britney’s second weekend until she was finally replaced by Page.

    And now I’m back to ignoring the show. In fact, we barely watch it all on the weekends now, maybe catch the headlines a few times throughout the day, but then it’s CLICK AWAY.

  15. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Since I didn’t see/hear Kiran’s Kroger & Belarus gaffes … I’m willing to write them off as “mommy of two very youngins operating on very little sleep” … I liked Kiran when she was on F&FF / F&FW, even if she was somewhat outspoken (as the majority of the time she could reel it in) …

    Apparently, FNC is on an anti-diversity route … as they’ve dumped a high profile black man (back to the DC office) and Nepalese woman (to the competition) in favor of 4 white morons …

    Keeping the nitwits just gives more fodder to the competition in this big election year … FNC would be wise to dump the nitwits and bring back the big guns of Kelly, Page & Greg …

    I caught a snippet of yesterday’s show … Painsley’s top was about 2 sizes too small … and Beckel was just sitting there in the live shot, looking bewildered & befuddled by the ignorant fools on the show …

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