Morris Mocked

Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Clayton Morris was mocked in a debate segment by guests and co-hosts alike. When Clayton asked GOP strategist Brad Blakeman (debating Dem strategist Michael Brown) about the Libertarian candidate Bob Barr’s role as a spoiler in the presidential race, sports guy Dave Briggs interrupted, “Oh, come on: that’s not legit.” Blakeman shook his head in dismissal and Brown grinned broadly. Clayton, not particularly known for his political acuman protested, “There are people.” Even Ainsley Earhardt explained, “Not enough, not enough though.” Embarrassed that the others sensed his political naivete, Clayton persisted with his line of questioning. At the end of the segment, he continued unsuccessfully to salvage his point to the viewers and his clearly unconvinced co-hosts.

Perhaps, another reason that the F&F A-Team comes in when really important news breaks.

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25 Responses to “Morris Mocked”

  1. boogiewoogee Says:

    And the purpose of Claytoon is what? He is immature, obnoxious, hyper & stupid. And not exactly eye candy for the ladies.

    It’s a mighty sad day when Dull Dave and Butterface (she who asked Father Jonathan if the Pope was going to make his political endorsement during his visit here a couple of months ago, and that since we know his stance on abortion, we can figure out who he’s pulling for anyway) come off as the smart ones.

    A while back, I gave the show another chance when Megan Henderson was subbing for Butterface, and Claytoon tried to sound smart. Bad mistake. Again, he was trying to show up the pundits sitting there by saying something about now that McCain has the right-wing vote sewn up, would he go after the independents? Good grief.

    Brad Blakeman is a very intelligent, nice & accomplished man, and he shouldn’t lower himself by appearing on this show.

    I still want to know which FNC exec watches this show and says “Good job, guys! Great teleprompter reading and ad-libbing, Britney! Fantastic job on the political analysis, Claytoon! Keep that phony overly saccharine persona going on, Butterface!”

  2. Paige Says:

    I say bring back Page Hopkins, Greg Kelly and Kelly Wright!

  3. Gayle Says:

    I don’t think they have anyone watching the show with any authority or they would have gotten rid of these bozo’s a long time ago…

  4. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Clayton’s a liberal activist … Google him & find out where his true colors sit … I didn’t see the segment, but it sounds more like Clayton was trying to slam Republicans with his injection of Bob Barr …

    The longer those four morons are on the show, the more fuel for the FNC haters … This is NOT how the top rated network for news on cable should be staffing their shows …

    I don’t know why Rupert Murdoch has NOT canned the trio of Roger Ailes / John Moody / Bill Shine for letting the idiot brigade continue … and not just the losers on F&FW, but also John Gibson, Heather Neuart (sp?), Jerry Riviera, etc …

    Those of us who’ve watched literally since Day One cannot stomach the network anymore … At least with the internet, you don’t have to sit through blithering idiots & hoochies …

  5. boogiewoogee Says:

    Tiamatsrevenge, I remember you called it (Claytoon being a raging leftist) early on.

    Something is very awry about the insistence on keeping these clowns on this show for so long.

  6. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    boogie – We’re putting you in charge of hunting down Roger and “beating” some sense into him …

    The sad thing is … having the boobs on the weekend show is making me not want to watch the weekday show … esp with Gretch …

    Being on the West Coast, F&FF comes on at 3am … I’m not watching FNC before that and a lot of the times, I just won’t make an effort to change the channel … as it seems like the idiotness of the weekend crew is wearing off on the weekday people …

  7. Donna Says:

    Looks like the weekend crew continues to sub in for the weekday crew- I like it being switched up.

  8. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    Oh, gross! Where’s Greg Kelly when you need him? Or Kelly Wright? Or Judge Napalitano? Or Peter Johnson, Jr.?

    I just switched over to watch Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN this morning.

    They’re going to lose me on the weekdays, too. No–let me rephrase that. They “lost” me this weekday, too.

  9. Brendon Says:


    My thoughts exactly! We emailed the show, the bureau, and left a comment on Alyson’s Greenroom blog (which they didn’t post) and told them that as long as Clayton or Briggs filled in during the week we wouldn’t be watching. I can’t believe that they would choose these juvenile’s over Greg Kelly, Judge Napolitano, Peter Johnson, Jr. or Kelly Wright. We won’t allow them to force these buffoons down our throats. We tuned out here as well, perhaps if their weekday numbers slide downward when the B team fills in, they will rethink their decision.

  10. Sarah Says:

    Didn’t see it but vehemently disagree with boogiewoogee…I think Clayton is hot!

  11. boogiewoogee Says:

    Sarah, you have done what few people have ever accomplished…left me speechless.

  12. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    “Clayton” and “Hot” would be an oxymoron.

  13. Al Davis Says:

    If Sarah thinks he’s hot then he’s hot, and Clayton should be thankful to have a devoted fan. I find him to be irritating to watch, but that might simply be because of who he’s partnered with on F&FW.

    I am, of course, completely ignoring the fact that he was irritating me enough this morning while on the show with the grown-ups that I switched to watching Kiran and What’s-His-Name on CNN.

  14. Chris G Says:

    “I think Clayton is hot!”


  15. Michelle Says:

    I saw a definite difference in CM today- a much more serious side- as I think that is what the viewers expect during the week.  The “weekend show” is planned to be lighter-as the “weekend” is viewed by most people. I believe the TGIF came around just for that reason- whew- the weekend is here- put aside work and the serious side of our lives- and have a little fun. We all are entitled to our opinion but I think he held his own with the “in charge”-Steve and Gretchen.I used to watch him on the Daily Buzz in Ohio and missed the show when it moved to Florida. I’m glad to see him on cable now!!

  16. Olivia Says:

    I decided to look for the information that was mentioned in an earlier blog that Clayton was a “Liberal Activist”.  When I googled him I found alot of his past work on other shows- but  nothing that showed me that information. I’m really curious- so please direct me to the proper link?

  17. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Thanks a lot Sara …

    I had the urge to purge … and the mental image of Claytoon being “hot” pushed me over the edge … sending me to worship the porcelain goddess …

    I saw Flippy the splat cat on the show this morning for Brian … and flipped to another network … I’ll watch infomercials before I watch a show with Flippy the splat cat …

  18. boogiewoogee Says:

    Michelle, there is an immense difference between a show being lighter and less serious, versus immature, insipid and pointless.

    Previous weekend crews, to various degrees, knew how to combine the two, and I usually walked away from the show feeling informed and entertained. But this current crop of twits? I fled this crew, screaming – and certainly never felt informed or entertained, just that I’d wasted my time and my intelligence was insulted.

    Claytoon didn’t “hold his own” with the professionals – from what I did see of the show yesterday, he was marginalized and ignored.

    I just Googled him, and it’s interesting that his rather obnoxious left-wing spewing blog has apparently been buried in the search results. Funny how that (and a couple of other over-the-top liberal spewings) used to come up in the first few search results.

  19. Michelle Says:

    Well it is obviously the Steve and Gretchen show during the week- (I also understand they hate each other!) Too bad it comes to that in that industry. I don’t think you can blame totally the 3 co-hosts on the weekend for you not feeling informed etc. The producers have everything to do with content…..

  20. boogiewoogee Says:

    If it’s the “Steve and Gretchen show during the week,” then why was today’s guest co-host, Judge Napolitano, much more involved than that dud Claytoon was yesterday?

    As for your “information” that Steve and Gretchen hate each other, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Perhaps some wishful thinking?

    As for not feeling as I’ve been informed at all on the weekends since this Zoo Croo took over, it not only has to do with the segments chosen, but also their total lack of insight, analytical capabilities and interviewing skills. When Ainsley asked Father Jonathan about the likelihood of the Pope making a political endorsement during his trip here, when she couldn’t understand why a First Amendment issue couldn’t just be put up for a vote, and when Claytoon says that McCain has the right-wing sewn up, but will he go after the center/independents, that just shows their utter lack of intelligence. THAT is why I mean by coming away from the show (in its current iteration) not only lacking a sense of feeling informed, but also of wasting time while having my intelligence insulted.

    Ainsley, Claytoon & Dave bring absolutely no context, background, or perspective to what they’re reading off the teleprompter. When they try to sound smart, it comes off poorly. If it’s not in the teleprompter, then they have nothing of value to add.

    These four (the three above + Britney) are better suited for a Morning Zoo type of show – one where they are supposed to act goofy and just read a few headlines, without any insight expected.

  21. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Olivia and Boogie – It appears that TPTB made Clayton change his bio on his lil PAC site …

    They did the same thing to Courtney … when she had her pix on her website …

    Instead of hiring people that have NO skeletons in their closets … FNC is hiring people with a whole graveyard in their closet …

  22. Olivia Says:

    OK- well then- maybe they’ll make a movie out of that!! I don’t think there exists a person that doesn’t have at least one skeleton in their closet!! And as for a person’s political personal views and their religion- I agree it doesn’t need to be presented to the world for their comment. The news is after all supposed to be fair and balanced- and hopefully presented that way!

  23. boogiewoogee Says:

    Based on Claytoon’s previous ‘net profile, if they want to make a movie, Michael Moore is the obvious choice to direct.

  24. TheDogman Says:

    can anyone please explain WHY clayton morris is still on the air??

    he’s like watching a car wreck….you don’t want to look, but you have to…

  25. jmark9 Says:

    that idiot clayton morris actually asked dennis michael lynch if he really thought that illegal aliens took jobs from americans. he told dennis that there was no proof that they actually stole american jobs. how can fox let that idiot stay on the air?

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