Moments Ago?

At 6:14 A ET today, American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry announced the “Breaking News” of the bulldozer attack in Israel which had killed two people in the heart of Jerusalem. As she quizzed Ben Wedeman, a CNN correspondent, a video clip ran of the rampaging bulldozer and its aftermath with the emblazoned graphic, “Moments Ago.” (“Moments” was underscored in red.) Was it indeed?

Thirty minutes earlier at 5:33 A ET Alisyn Camerota of Fox News interrupted a rerun of the O’Reilly Factor with her “Fox News Alert” of this same deadly attack. Aly indicated that the horrific incident had occurred around 5:15 A ET (approximately an hour after AM ran its vid clip). Is an hour “Moments Ago”?

You decide.

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One Response to “Moments Ago?”

  1. Fox Fan Says:

    CNN watches Fox News to get its news.

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