Return of Venus

The long wait will soon be over. According to American Morning co-hosts Kyra Phillips and John Roberts,  sexy siren Kiran Chetry will return to the show from maternity leave next Monday. Introducing herself in the first hour today, Kyra stated, “I’m Kyra Phillips in for Kiran Chetry: she’s almost back–next Monday.” Roberts echoed, “She will be back on Monday.”

Kiran must have heard John Robert’s Freudian slip yesterday and the plaintive call of her admirers. (Cf. Carpe Diem’s “Kiran, John’s Missing U.”) Her votaries eagerly await the return of their Venus.

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3 Responses to “Return of Venus”

  1. objectiveanalyst Says:

    Hey less kiran,
    …picking up from our last Kiran post a couple of days ago. I think Kyra Phillips is great. I’ve been a fan for about ten years since she was a local correspondent with the NBC affiliate. However, in my opinion, Kiran is a potential superstar. It is so interesting how the views of Kiran are sharply divided by gender. All of my female friends (and family) seem to despise Kiran. In my opinion, Chetry and Roberts are an excellent team. Their ratings have increased when compared to a year ago, with the O’Briens, who I liked. Nonetheless, Kiran is much more than “eye candy.”
    I was glad to hear that Amy Robach signed a new deal with NBC. Two years ago, I was raving about Amy. It’s also interesting that female viewers seem to have a fairly favorable opinion of Amy. *Ladies: WHAT IS THE BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN KIRAN CHETRY AND AMY ROBACH?

  2. joshng01 Says:

    I, too, think that Kiran will be a superstar. I noticed that on Fox and Friends.
    She could always have fun and laugh and do any segment on Fox. I just wish that manager of his had done better in his negotiations. But, maybe, seeing what’s happened to all the good anchors on Fox, that moving on was Kiran’s best bet!
    I like the format of Fox and Friends, so I don’t watch Kiran all that much, but occasionally get the yen to see her and change over. She is smart and very, very pretty in an unaffected way.
    Don’t let my e-mail name fool you, I am NOT a guy!
    I just wish they would get more serious people on Fox and not so much fluff.

  3. Kep Says:

    What is the big difference between Chetry and Robach when it comes to how other women view them? Well, I think many women see Chetry as a demanding, backstabbing diva who thinks the world revolves around her. Maybe most women don’t think that way about Robach.

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