Kiran, John’s Missing U!

When American Morning’s Kiran Chetry took maternity leave almost two months ago, she promised her CNN co-host John Roberts that she would return before he had a chance to miss her. Well, today CNN’s Canadian American was missing the Nepalese/Ukrainian beauty. As Roberts received a toss from Kyra Phillips after a Deepak Chopra segment, he called her “Kiran.” Roberts cannot be blamed: Even though the conservatively clad Kyra is a very able co-anchor, she is no Kiran.

Kiran, it’s time to come back: John is missing you, and so are your loyal viewers.

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2 Responses to “Kiran, John’s Missing U!”

  1. objectiveanalyst Says:

    I too miss Kiran…big time…she’s the reason I started watching CNN in the morning.

  2. less kiran Says:

    I wish they would switch Kiran and Kyra. Put Kiran in Atlanta for the afternoons and leave Kyra. She is much better than Kiran. I’m not watching for “eye candy” I’m watching for the news.

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