E.D.’s Barack Knock

Erstwhile Fox & Friends co-host and current America’s Pulse anchor E.D. Hill gave FNC cover to ax her. According to the Huffington Post, in reference to the knuckle knock of Barack and Michelle Obama, E.D. asked if it were a “terrorist fist jab.” Today the beautiful blonde Texan ate crow and apologized on America’s Pulse. According to TVNewser, her show has been canned to extend Martha MacCallum’s show The Live Desk for another hour.

Was E.D.’s Barack knock answered? She appears to be out of a show and with FNC in an unspecified capacity. Look for her in the shadows with Page Hopkins.






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10 Responses to “E.D.’s Barack Knock”

  1. Kep Says:

    When it comes to treating the Obama’s like they are saints, Fox is no different than any other network. You say something that isn’t 100% loving and positive about these people and you get canned, or if not that, called a racist or a hatemonger. This man will be a very dangerous President, because no one will dare to question anything that he does for fear of being called a member of the KKK. Too bad for E.D.. She should have said it about a Republican instead.

  2. Chris G Says:

    I’m disappointed in E.D. I think she is great, and sorely, sorely missed on F & F. This is why I get irritated with people like Courtney and Ainsley, who are no where near E.D.’s caliber.

    I don’t get this whole knuckle-tap thing, and believe it is a slow news day when they talk about it- who cares? Yes, please, do not report on what Obama says he’s going to do about terrorism- tell me about him greeting his wife with his hands. That’s what’s important!

  3. joshng01 Says:

    Well, let’s just hope that E.D. has gone on vacation. If her show is ending, she’d probably want some time off before tackling a new project.
    E.D. is tough and smart, and I doubt she’d let Fox, kick her to the back ranks for something she said, that was so insignificant.
    Kep is correct! The Obamas are being treated like royalty, but didn’t they do that with the Clinton’s also? They whined about everything and did everything they could to get conservative talk show people.
    Let’s just wait and see what’s up for E.D. and if she goes somewhere else, if she’s that important to everyone, let’s go with her.

  4. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Edith told a long time viewer to NOT worry … They’re working on a new show for Edith …

    McCallum … UGH!! I cannot stand that woman …

  5. Gayle Says:

    I am an old lady of 65 and I thought this knuckle bumping thing was a gang thing…does anyone know where it started and what it means? Old folks like me has to have stuff like this explained to them. I can also tell you that a lot of people my age that watch Fox doesn’t know what it means either. I do hope that they don’t do E.D. like they did Page…it seems if you pass forty, you better watch out because they are looking for younger women. Guys have no worries it seems in the age department. Isn’t this discrimination?

  6. thebronze Says:

    Bring back PAIGE!

  7. joshng01 Says:

    While I don’t understand the fist bump, I just thought it was a black thing that whites just couldn’t wait to adopt. I had a friend (black) tell me that there was an “older” man that lived next door to their apt. and he would always come out and put out his fist and say, “What’s up Bro?”. Now that guy reallly thought he was really “in” while doing that.
    There’s too much attention paid to silly things. I don’t care what kind of a greeting they give another person. Just greeting someone is a sign of respect.
    I still don’t think E.D. meant anything by that, in fact, probably someone else wrote it for her. Oops, I’m not saying she doesn’t write her on stuff, but I suspect others have a hand in the material.

  8. Susan Says:

    I’m hoping that this will be an opportunity for Fox to finally get things right in the morning…Have E.D. back to Monday-Friday, and move Gretchen to weekends…and then out.
    As a former Associate Producer, I have to believe that someone else wrote the script on this one, unfortunately, it made E.D. look bad in some circles.
    PLEASE don’t banish one of the BEST anchors Fox has to the same treatment Page Hopkins and Greg Kelly seem to have endured…But then again…maybe there’s a new news team in the three of them together???

  9. bill ingraham Says:

    I watch FN 24/7 (except weekends then go to CNN. I’m a male 82 yrs, WW2 VET wheelchair bound.

    Seems just when I become comfortable with an anchors like E.D., Page or Ali, they fade into obsecurity. Wish MK would share some of her domination with others.

  10. jakeho Says:

    Thank you for your service, Mr. Ingraham. As to Aly, she will begin co-hosting Fox & Friends Weekend tomorrow.

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