Hula Hoop Honey

American Morning’s Sunny Hostin had her “sexy groove on” (as Kyra Phillips observed) when promoting a Dr. Sanjay Gupta segment entitled “WII-Habilitation: Gaming for Your Health.” AM’s legal eagle shook “it like a Polaroid picture” as she performed in form-fitting black pants a hula hoop exercise geared toward couch potatoes young and old. (H-POD Ali Velshi bravely tried to compete with the hula hoop honey but to no avail. ) Welcome to CNN’s hottie realm, Sunny!

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2 Responses to “Hula Hoop Honey”

  1. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    Apparently, no one really gives a hoot about what happens at CNN. There are always so few comments when CNN is the subject.

  2. Kep Says:

    American Morning is trying to adopt a looser format in hopes of bringing the ratings up. The numbers have been better during the past few weeks, although still way behind Fox and Friends, which has figures topping 1 million viewers nearly every day now.

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