Kyra’s “Magic Brownies”

In a segment on CNN’s American Morning about the Woodstock Museum, co-host Kyra Phillips asked correspondent Richard Roth about his Groovy Candies, a prop purchased from the gift shop. She queried him as to whether he had “experimented with that yet.” She joked, “Might be those special little brownies we used to get also in junior high and high school.” Roth rejoined, “I don’t think that we want to know too much about your tastes outside of work, Kyra.” She responded, “I’m not talking about me.”

At the end of the story, co-host John Roberts ribbed, “Magic brownies in junior high? What school did you go to?” Kyra replied, “I just heard about, you know, I heard about special brownies, that’s all: it’s a rumor.”

A magical wonderland of news from CNN’s bohemian beauty Kyra. Brought to you by Volkswagen: a van you never outgrow.


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