Megyn Kelly’s Catfight

On America’s Newsroom, Megyn Kelly titillated Bill Hemmer and her audience with a tale of her high school locker room catfight. After a segment about a student and teacher tussle, Megyn told Bill, “I had a girl fight once.” She saucily embellished, “I was in my cheerleading uniform.” Addled by testosterone, Bill could merely listen, sputter, and eagerly await more details: Megyn was happy to oblige.

Megyn recounted how, as a sophomore in high school, she was confronted by a senior girl who called her “the ‘b’ word.” She added, “I said, ‘If you call me that one more time, you’re gonna regret it.'” When the girl did, Megyn “let her have it,” and the girl responded in kind. Megyn fueled Bill’s imagination further: she purred, “Before you knew it, we were down on the ground rolling around.”

When Bill asked how the girl fight ended, Megan informed that her gym teacher broke it up. Then she fed Bill’s heightened interest by informing him that the catfight occurred “in the girl’s locker room.” However, to bring the story to a proper end, Megyn boasted, “She never bothered me again–not that I’m advocating violence.”

Megyn had daytime Bill all in a dither. I wonder what she will do to night-time Bill. Will she wrestle Liz Wiehl to the mat in a legal discussion on the O’Reilly Factor? Tune in and watch, especially if it’s sweeps.

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9 Responses to “Megyn Kelly’s Catfight”

  1. Chris G Says:

    See, this is what disgusts me about “news” now. I did not see the segment, but c’mon. I thought Megyn was a pro. And Bill, do your sex a favor, and stop reducing yourself to a stereotypical drooling male. What, will he join RC next? There are places on cable for such immaturity (such as FNC’s weekend morning show) and I’m tired of this “hee hee, sixth grade locker room” attitude regarding women. Yes, I know what men can be like (and women, too). But do we need to have this college frat mentality shoved in our faces 24/7? Are there ANY adults out there? UGH. Glad my tv watching has dwindled to nothing. I am apparently missing nothing I cannot see on a hs campus.

    Megyn, Bill, FNC, grow up.

  2. M. Davey Says:

    I watched the segment and it wasn’t a giggly, silly piece. It was a response to the teacher and student fighting. Megyn was simply making a point as to why sometimes, people have had enough and have to just settle it right there.
    She said there was a lot of hand-slaps and girlie fighting, but it worked. If everyone was taught that they don”t have to like everyone, I think it would be fine in schools. Now they have to apologize if they get irritated by anyone in the class, and suck it up and “like” the person. Well, sometimes, you just gotta’ let go, and that’s what Megyn was saying. Bill Hemmer was not a drooling fool, but rather taken aback that Megyn was an “in your face girl” sometimes.
    Please do not compare her to the silly, silly, weekenders.

  3. Chris G Says:

    Sorry- I was commenting on what was written on THIS blog. Thought that was what it was for. My mistake.

    When I read words such as titillated, saucily, embellished, testosterone, sputter, eagerly await, all in a dither, girl catfight- I recall all the things I hate about tv “news” now. Please, show me Courtney Friel in her swimsuit- it’ll make the story.

    Next time I have a thought, I shall run it by YOU first, to see if it passes muster.

  4. jakeho Says:

    Please continue to express your opinion, Chris, here. I believe M. Davey’s comments were directed in my direction. M., on this topic, I believe that you may have watched the bowdlerized version of Megyn’s comments.

  5. joshng01 Says:

    I’m just so sorry that I offended Chris! I also thought it was about opinion.
    I don’t care what opinion anyone holds, but I can disagree.

    I just think that Megyn is a far cry from Courtney and Ainsley. Even her giggles are not as silly as the two of the Saturday girls. And, you know what? I almost missed Courtney on Saturday. The news reading didn’t fit in with the
    show, and I imagine many people were glad. I only watched the first little segment, so I can’t comment on anything else.

    I think I WAS responding to Chris, because I do think Megyn is a pro. The others are pro’s also, which to me means being paid, but that doesn’t make them “good pros”.

  6. Chris G Says:

    I was replying to what was written on this blog. There were no other comments on it when I posted. I’m kinda confused, joshng01.

    I did not watch the segment. From what I have seen of Megyn Kelly, she does a fine job. The two (three) on the weekend are nowhere near her caliber, but they do different things on Fox. Megyn reports and comments on news; the others are there for the viewing pleasure of men, who watch them with the tv muted. You are most welcome to disagree- no problem with that.

    After reading what was originally posted, I just sighed about having the news once again reduced to “gosh we hope them womens take off their clothes and …..” again. And again. That’s all.

  7. joshng01 Says:

    Oops, Sorry! Maybe I should just stick to commenting on the program. I’m confused, too, I was taking my cue from JakeHo, who was sort of defending us all. I really am red-faced.
    Just keep commenting, all opinions are o.k. with me. I won’t learn anything otherwise.
    Opinions on here are right on target always, whether they agree with everyone else or not. No one is overly mean to anyone, while being quite truthful about all the news.

  8. Jim Says:

    Thats too funny, I wish I cought that.

  9. Megyn: I Was the Victim of Bullying « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] ambagious aside on AL today about her being picked on as a young girl, the author recollected Megyn saucily telling Bill Hemmer (her then America’s Newsroom co-host) about such a high school tormentor. In her account […]

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