FBN: Foxy Biz News

Hottie FBN Nicole Petallides made Fox and Friends First’s bad housing price news (largest decline year to year in twenty years) sound good–or, at least, look good. As she opined about the implications thereof, the camera man had a difficult time keeping the camera steady. Understandably, he kept trying to keep the blonde Greek goddess’ gams well within the frame as Steve Doocy interviewed her. Although he was successful, he did so in a rather jerky fashion throughout the segment. However, I can’t blame the poor chap: I was distracted, too.

For the reader who does not know who this sexy siren and morning FBN anchor is, the following links have been provided.


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2 Responses to “FBN: Foxy Biz News”

  1. Nicole’ Legs 2 Hot 4 F&FW? « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] Once again, Nicole, you got the F&F lads all addled. […]

  2. Lynn Krill Says:

    I’ve operated studio cameras and I can imagine how hard it would be for me to keep from automatically zooming in on those long gorgeous legs and thighs of Nicoles. What would help is that she is beautiful from the top of her head to her feet. Long flowing hair, a very pretty face and eyes, nice cleavage topped off by those long gorgeous legs. Nicole is a goddess.

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