Why Gretch?

Why Gretch? That is the question. Not that FNC would ever reveal the actual answer. As I watch Alisyn Camerota on Fox & Friends First, I find myself informed and entertained effortlessly by this delightful Italian dish. She follows the footsteps of the gorgeous Kiran Chetry, who formerly did so splendidly on F&FF and F&FW and now does likewise on CNN’s American Morning. On the other hand, Gretchen Carlson seems to struggle, too oft futilely, to be relevant to the issue at hand and to establish a rapport with her co-hosts, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, and the audience. Again, why did FNC choose Gretchen over their rapidly rising star Kiran and, subsequently, over their now premier morning femme talent Aly? Does Gretch have a special “in” with FNC higher-ups?

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23 Responses to “Why Gretch?”

  1. Gayle Says:

    There seems to be more camaraderie between Steve, Brian and Gretchen than with Alisyn. I think Ali is more aggressive than either of the guys. I totally agree on Kiran…when she was on F&F they were the best. By the way I like Gretchen also. I think three dogs that couldn’t do tricks would be better than the weekend crew. They totally suck!!!

  2. Kep Says:

    Gretchen is a former Miss America and has a husband who is a big sports agent, so that probably had a lot to do with why she got the position. I don’t, however, think that was the whole reason. Kiran was too liberal and didn’t really represent that middle/right viewpoint that the faithful viewer of F&F would want in their female co-host. Every once in a while Kiran would tip her hand as to her politics/views on issues, and much of the time she went against the grain of what the average viewer of that show would want to listen to. Very socially liberal woman.

  3. boogiewoogee Says:

    Kiran didn’t get along very well with the guys, esp. Brian.

  4. Joe Conway Says:

    Camerota used to show up, before this full time gig, unprepared after she had been off for a few days. When Kiran had a day off Camerota filled in. She sounded as if she read 3×5 cards, in the make up chair, prepared by some intern when discussing the nights events. Brian was usually on his “A” game and had to fill her in. The intern must have been far more liberal than the previous comment about Kiran. She has said she would like to go back to Boston. I won’t cry if she does. As for Gretchen, following E D Hill is a tough act.

  5. CathyG Says:

    Right from Gretchen’s arrival I always got the impression that she was “Steve Doocy’s friend” as in the two respective families seem to socialise outside work.

  6. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Gretchen is a liberal … She’s shown her hand many times, including this morning …

    She’s also out of touch with reality in a lot of ways … especially when it comes to pop culture … or things that a woman who’ll be turning 42 next month really should know …

    Between her stint as Miss America (which that year seemed to be pretty weak overall with the state reps) and time at Stanford / Oxford / Harvard, she should be more worldly … But, she’s constantly coming off as the 21st century version of country bumpkin …

    The show is constantly better when it is Alisyn, Brian & Doocy … especially when the Pope was in the US as you had 3 hosts that are all Catholic & could express how big of an event it was to have the Pope in the US & NYC … Gretchen as a Lutheran didn’t have that same “awe” factor …

    Right now on today’s show (middle of the 2nd hour), they had on pundits from the left & the right talking about Scott McClellan’s book … Once again, Gretch could NOT control either guest … That is one of her main weak points – being unable to control the guests, esp when they start yapping over each other like a couple of pomeranians …

    In the case of Gretch … Social / Worldly naivete is NOT a good thing … IF you’re gonna be on a show that’s on a major news outlet that’s show all over the world, you really need to know about a lot of different subjects even if it’s stuff that you don’t participate in …

    All too often, there will be a subject matter that Doocy & Brian are discussing … Gretch will try to interject something and she just kills the conversation & you can see the looks on Brian & Doocy’s faces as to “What did she just say??” …

    If Alisyn didn’t like Brian, would she have let fly that slap on the hiney a few yrs ago and not turn it into a sexual harassment case?? Alisyn has a lot of fun with Doocy & Brian …

  7. Kep Says:

    Steve Doocy is the churchgoing family man, and Gretchen Carlson and her husband teach Sunday school at the church they attend in Connecticut. Brian Kilmeade’s specialty is sports, and Gretchen’s husband is a big agent for some of baseball’s biggest players, as well as for some Hollywood stars. So, you can see that this current team would have tons more in common than Kiran ever did with any of them. Kiran socializing with Sunday School teachers? Now, that’s something I would love to see! Alisyn is very good at what she does, but in the past few months, she gets these looks on her face like she can’t wait to get away from that job. I always got the impression that Alisyn was quite liberal as well, and I know that she and Kiran used to be friends. Will CNN take Alisyn once her contract is up with Fox? It will be interesting to see what Camerota does when her deal is up.

  8. boogiewoogee Says:

    I never thought of Gretchen as a liberal. More like moderate/conservative.

  9. lurkerlou Says:

    Hahaha, There is no way Gretchen is a liberal. Do you hear her almost always agree with Doocy and Kilmeade on topics that no liberal would agree on?

    Maybe that’s the reason Gretchen got the FNF gig. Cause she’s a conservative. Anyways, I don’t really care for Gretchen on FNF but she has really improved, love her laugh, also Doocy and Kilmeade can really make anyone hosting with them look real good.

  10. lurkerlou Says:

    I still don’t get how tiamatsrevenge concluded Gretchen is a liberal lol. Just this morning Ron Silver was on talking about him being on sets and if people were reading Ann Coulter etc… that other liberals would lash out and if you were smart and conservative you would keep quiet. Gretchen said she knows the feeling and she’s been in those kind of situations before, probably when she was at CBS I’m thinking.

  11. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    You just can’t latch onto one incident with Gretch to figure out which way she swings on the political pendulum …

    Remember that E.D. would play the devil’s advocate at times when she used to be on the show …

    But, there have been many times where Gretch has promoted liberal ideas & thought processes … And these are not in the same vein that E.D. ever did …

    IF Gretch said she had been in a situation like Ron Silver talked about with the books … What’s to say that she wasn’t reading books by liberals whilst she was in the company of Conservatives ?? Like on the set of F&F …

    Kep – You must be seeing a different face on Alisyn than I have seen … She really enjoys working with Doocy & Kilmeade & The Judge … Maybe what you’re seeing is her not liking Gretch …

  12. Kep Says:

    Alisyn has always seemed liberal to me, and like Kiran, she appears to have the attitude that this whole notion of the mainstream media being liberal is just plain silly. I can remember Kiran and Steve interviewing Hugh Hewitt on the show many years ago, and Kiran came across as very dismissive of his beliefs about liberals and the concentration of them in our nation’s newsrooms. There have been other instances of this as well as far as Kiran goes. Alisyn gets these looks on her face when Brian and Steve get rolling on their pro war, low taxes and America is #1 bandwagon. Gretchen is not liberal at all, and I have many times heard her express opinions about how liberal most of the media is. She seems very family values oriented and has a maturity about herself that makes her just right for a morning show. Alisyn will never get the top hosting spot on F&F, just like Kiran was never going to. Culturally, the both of them sound much further to the left than the majority of the faithful Fox viewers who watch that program.

  13. Susan Says:

    Gretch as VERY big shoes to fill…ED Hill established a great relationship with both Steve & Brian, is very well read, funny, and manages to keep up with world events…all of this from a mom of 8!
    I’m not fond of Gretchen…she seems to try too hard, and doesn’t have the respect of either Steve or Brian.
    I’d love to see ED Hill back at F&F…but while I”m waiting, I’ll take Alisyn. She’s bright, funny, and seems to have established a good working relationship with Steve & Brian.
    As for the weekend F&F…I’m not wasting my time on watching them anymore, and they won’t get me back until they have some one who actually has a brain to be the hosts!

  14. boogiewoogee Says:

    E.D. didn’t get along personally with Brian and Steve.

  15. Kep Says:

    boogiewoogee, Did you work for Fox News? You seem to know a lot about the personal relationships between the co-hosts. If you did work there, was it during Kiran Chetry’s contract negotiations? Was she the big headed diva that I’ve always heard about, and was she really escorted from the building by Fox security? Did she really demand that Gretchen be fired? I’m thinking that Kiran may not have had many friends at Fox, and some of the people there were probably glad to see her go.

  16. jakeho Says:

    Kep, where did you hear that Kiran was escorted from the building by Fox security? FNC may not have liked Kiran’s independent spirit but now it suffers the consequences of her loss.

  17. boogiewoogee Says:

    Kep, I have a friend who knows E.D. and her husband, as well as a few others there.

  18. Kep Says:

    jakeho, Here’s a link to the piece about Kiran being escorted out by Fox security.


  19. Kep Says:

    boogiewoogee, You must know a lot of inside information about these anchor people. So, how obnoxious was E.D. Hill? And how about Kiran? Is she as much of a feminist NARAL type gal as she appeared to be when she was at Fox? And you say that Kiran didn’t get along with either of the guys, especially Brian. I could see the tension between them, but to me, she had more of a problem with Steve than with Brian. You had Brian, who isn’t that conservative unless the issue is war and terrorism, and then Doocy, who is conservative on everything, including the social stuff. Kiran’s liberal views of the world clashed frequently with Steve’s old fashioned outlook. Don’t you remember the segment where Steve cautioned Kiran not to slip arsenic into his coffee? They were discussing some Russian election where one of the candidates was poisoned with arsenic. Steve just came out of the blue and blurted this out, and Kiran was very taken aback by the comment. How about Juliet Huddy? It seems like she got along pretty well with people. I don’t think she got that “starlet” attitude like Kiran and some of the others did.

  20. jakeho Says:

    Thanks, Kep, for the link. Btw, why do you say that Kiran appeared to be a “NARAL type gal”? I’ve never heard her share her view on abortion.

  21. boogiewoogee Says:

    Kep, you are making some serious misstatements. I’ve never said that E.D. is obnoxious (my friend knows and likes her), I never said that Brian isn’t conservative on issues other than the war nor that Steve is conservative on everything.

  22. Kep Says:

    Jakeho, If you listen to any of these ladies in news for long enough, you will detect a pro-choice view. Back when Kiran was at Fox, she seemed to be making fun of Judge Sam Alito’s mom for telling reporters that her son was pro-life. Also, while interviewing John McCain during the primaries a few months ago, she asked him why Rudy Giuiliani was the only Republican candidate who was “willing” to accept Roe V. Wade and a woman’s right to choose. Now, had that interview been with Barack Obama, do you think that she would have asked him why all of the Democrats are pro-choice, or if any of them would be “willing” to accept a reversal of Roe V. Wade? If you ever saw Kiran on Fox, she would become noticeably upset when talking about animals in distress, including lobsters, dogs and birds. It’s the typical liberal view. You’ll find that a lot of PETA folks are pro-choice when it comes to babies. If you can find me a pro-life woman working in any capacity in the news business, let me know. There are certain issues where one will have to agree with the execs up top, or they won’t get the job. Abortion is one of those, and support for the gay lifestyle is another. I kid you not.

  23. Kep Says:

    Okay, boogiewoogee. Many of the things I stated were rooted in my own opinions and not just as a result of your thoughts. But I think you had said that E.D. didn’t get along well with Steve and Brian, so I guess I mistakenly translated that to mean that she was the obnoxious one, not the guys. So, maybe it’s Steve and Brian that have problems getting along with the ladies, and not the other way around. When I stated that Steve was conservative all around, that was my interpretation from all of the years I have watched him, and my comments about Brian were meant in the same way. Same goes for Kiran, Alisyn and Gretchen. You can tell a lot about people’s views by listening to their discussion of these topics on the show, and you can also come to see a particular anchor’s political bent by listening to how they ask questions and how they choose to frame those questions. I think the current cast of F&F Weekday, meaning Gretch, Brian and Steve, all have some conservative leanings, with Steve being the most conservative. Kiran Chetry-liberal. Why do you think CNN was attracted to her in the first place? I can see Alisyn going to another network as well. E.D. Hill? She’s a moderate Democrat, more conservative than the majority of the Democrat Party today on issues like War on Terror, Immigration, etc. I don’t think CNN would touch her, because she’s too vocal in a way that wouldn’t fit their overall network agenda over there.

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