XF&F Weekend Co-hosts

On this Memorial Day weekend, as the Fox & Friends Weekend viewer honors this country’s fallen heroes, in an infinitesimally lesser manner, he/she remembers past F&F Weekend co-hosts. Where are they now? TV couple Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick co-anchor broadcast FOX’s morning news show; Kiran Chetry animates CNN’s American Morning as co-host; Alisyn Camerota heats up F&F First as co-anchor and F&F as news reader; Julian Phillips acts as a motivational speaker; Page Hopkins makes sparing appearances as the Fox News’ Breaking News desk and, reportedly, has been heard on Fox radio; Greg Kelly serves sometimes an FNC America’s Election Headquarters co-host and a news reader on FNC; and Kelly Wright returns as a Fox News Washington D.C. correspondent. Thanks, gals and guys, for the memories.

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9 Responses to “XF&F Weekend Co-hosts”

  1. Kep Says:

    I was wondering if Julian Phillips was still with Fox in another capacity instead of in front of the camera, but the info. above answers that question. So, he’s a motivational speaker. Does anyone know what his motivational speeches are about?

  2. Frank Says:

    I actually quit watching F&F weekend for a two weeks in favor of CNN. Tuned it back in this morning for the eight o’clock hour and was fed up by 0815. Ainsley is button cute, but needs some seasoning. Dave….well we know Dave didn’t like summer jobs or manual labor….it kind of shows.

  3. Chris G Says:

    The entire show leaves me fed up (except Rick’s weather segments, when they don’t mess them up).

    Clayton is a juvenile, Dave seems nice but dull-witted (and lazy; yes, we get that you were a slacker kid), Ainsley – , but, I’m not a male who needs naked pics of her to get me through the day, and Courtney- she’s not even competent when she’s on mute. I can still see her.

    I tune in for the weather, and hope that I do not have to view much of the other people on my tv.

  4. Jeff Knepper Says:

    Stopped watching in disgust of all the changes with no regard for the feelings of fans. Couple these no notice changes with a commercial load that is incredible and the latest technique of starting an interview and then almost immediately delaying the rest of the material to the next statement and it is just irritating to watch. The good talent discarded should find other places that will appreciate their talent to work.

  5. Paige Says:

    I say bring back Page, Kelly and Greg for Fox and Friends Weekend. Get rid of Clayton, Dave, Ainsley and that airhead Courtney

  6. Brad Says:

    In the end, it’s all moot. This is not news, whether it’s Fox, CNN, CNN Headline News, or the Jurassic Big Three. They’re all dopey morning shows, giving us superficial news bites.

    It’s been noted elsewhere that “60 Minutes” marks the tipping point, when network news went from delivering news (of course, with a bias, but no one pointed it out at the time) to delivering entertainment.

    As a people, we’re starting to look more and more like the studio audience in “The Running Man”. Thank you, “progressives”, for the effect you’ve had on education since 1948. Fewer and fewer people learn to think critically, or deeply, about any subject, and here’s where we are.

    Hillary delenda est.

  7. texasnice Says:

    I am disgusted that Fox and Friends weekday is now having Clayton and Dave on its show. Do they not realize how irritating, juvenile and unprofessional they are.

  8. Lorraine Says:

    I have watched fox news since the beginning and now it is changing. The women often look like sluts, the stories are merely headlines and poor Grettas show is now seemingly only about parents killing their children or husbands killing their wives.

    Why don’t they spend some time INVESTIGATING such things as the possibility of Obama being financially supported by laundered money from IRAN or Saudia Arabia! Would even they dare?

    I am tired of seeing boobs and legs without stockings=where did class go?
    Where did the hard questions go

  9. jstricek Says:

    I think that Fox needs to bring back the old crew Gre Kelly, Kelly Wright and Paige Hopkins. O’Reilly, Shepherd and Britt are great,but I do not like Dave, Clayton or Ainsley. Where is John, ?

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