Comedy of Errors

Fox & Friends Memorial Saturday had a comedy of errors. The FNC technical crew seemed intent on sabotaging Rick Reithmuth’s weathercasts by not airing him for a TV eternity in his first segment after a toss (from co-hosts Ainsley Earhardt & Clayton Morris) and giving him the “blue-lens” look in his second shot. It also gave the viewer a color-bar screen and a blank one during the course of the program. As to the F&F team, Dave Briggs mispronounced “chic”; an “off-air” Ainsley spooned breakfast from a cup; and Courtney Friel spontaneously serenaded the audience with her rendition of the ad jingo. It could have been worse.


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10 Responses to “Comedy of Errors”

  1. dawndawn Says:

    A big fan of Fox News, I will not watch F&F weekends with those bozos! — Bring back Greg, Page and Kelly!

  2. DOC2 Says:

    could not agree more with you!! i won’t wacth it anymore reruns of green acres and the addams family are much better,i wish they would bring back page and the kelly boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    I slept late, then woke up and turned on CMT to watch videos. I will not–repeat–will not subject myself to the horror of F&FW with this crew on. I’ve even convinced my husband not to turn on to Fox until later in the day on the weekends. Rick’s the only one there worth watching, and it sounds like they’re trying to tic him off to the point that he leaves. I have lamented loud and long regarding the other inept members of that crew. Unfortunately, no one with any authority seems to care. I’ve not seen Page since early February, and only occasionally have I seen Kelly. Greg was on there for awhile on one or the other of the weekend shows; but now I haven’t seen him for awhile. Hope they’re not losing him; but, given the way things are going on Fox, I wouldn’t doubt it.

  4. Joe Conway Says:

    Greg Kelly was on the NYC Fox 5 for a time or two. Maybe a try out?

  5. Kep Says:

    It’s clear that Fox is trying to attract the MTV crowd with their weekend show. They’ve ruined the program and I only wish I could see the ratings now that this inept crew has taken over. It’s almost as if someone is intentionally putting on this hideous charade so that it will fail, because if anyone on this show really cared about quality, the viewer wouldn’t end up with this sorry excuse for morning television every weekend.

    I know Megyn Kelly is already a ratings success with her other programs, but I think she may be one of the only women who could bring this show back to life. Team her with Bill Hemmer and Trace Gallagher for the men, and the show would be ten times better than it is now. I never realized how good Mike, Juliet and Julian were until they started bringing in these cheap imitations.

  6. Al Davis Says:

    They aren’t going to bring the MTV crowd to F&FW with these idgets. They may be a younger audience but they aren’t stupid.

    Didn’t even turn on the telly this morning. Went for a 5K run with one of my MTV-aged daughters.

    Kelly Wright was teamed-up with Jamie Colby earlier and Greg Kelly is on with Julie Banderas. Both seem to be keeping active. Maybe Page will get her own show later in the year…. CBS Evening News with Page Hopkins. Hehe

    Thanks to jakeho for confirming that I didn’t miss anything worth watching.

  7. CathyG Says:

    You’ve got to feel sorry for Rick Reithmuth – an intelligent professional – he can’t possibly want to be associated with this train wreck of a program.

  8. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    I unfortunately caught the moronic boobs at the top of the 2nd hour as I was waiting for the sister network to get their F1 coverage going …

    Courtney was attempting to read the headlines and got to the one about Paul Newman dropping out of a directing gig … Then she ended it with a “get well or something” as she tried a feeble attempt to throw to the couch twits … Sports boy tried to make a comment about Paul Newman, but Slick & the Blinder had to throw in some stupid comment about salad dressing … Sports boy MAY have been trying to tell the idiots that Paul Newman is battling cancer …

    But, then I switched it to Weekend Today to see my ol’ pal Peter Alexander with his much darker hair … Yikes!! Dark hair does not look good on Peter …

    Though, it was quite funny that the signal dropped out when the bloviating bovines were yapping their nonsense … Even the technical equipment doesn’t like them …

    It’s utterately pathetic & disappointing that Roger Ailes / Bill Shine / John Moody seemingly do NOT care about their morning viewers anymore …

    More & more often when I hear something dumb on the network, I switch channels … and do NOT come back til the next day … Sometimes, this is a daily thing … Not something someone who cared about their network would want their Day One viewers to be doing …

  9. M. Davey Says:

    Well, well, well…more people have jumped on the Fox News dismay bandwagon.
    I had somewhere to go Sat & Sun and forgot to set the DVR. OH MY!!
    I did see enough to tell that I still cannot tell what they’re saying. They continually talk over each other. And now, it seems that since people have spoken highlyl of Rick, someone has told them to bring him aboard the Goofy Train, and make him do tricks.
    It’s just awful.
    There is somewhere on this internet that you can find ratings…Is it through Johnny Dollar’s place? I’m sure it’s not a big success. I am just sick of it. Won’t be watching anytime soon.
    I am sorry, though, that Clayton has a cold and glad he lost 2 pounds. I really don’t care, and don’t think that putting Clayton on the Wii weight loss program is going to impress me and probably won’t even bother with the Wii. This could be a problem for the Nintendo group.
    I think I heard that Fox has a gym, so what is the problem that he can’t get his plump behind down to the gym and work out. The stress of the workout on Wii has given him a cold, so maybe he could sweat it out at the gym.

  10. Chris G Says:

    Again, I wonder how long Rick will stay on that show. Clayton, Ainsley, Courtney and Dave (and the producers who allowed this) have CLEARLY decided to dumb down this program. Sure, it wasn’t splitting atoms before, but I never felt the host were incompetent. They could be silly and serious, take on all sorts of stories. Not now. Their collective lack of knowledge on basic topics is unfathomable- and they just sit there and blankly GRIN about it.

    Rick is a sharp guy and can be snarky at times, too. But, he always comes across as a professional. This “let’s be really, really stupid” has never been his style, and, IMO, is not needed. No Goofy Train for Rick- he does not need it. The other four do, as they do not have the chops for much of anything else. This new lineup is massively insulting to people who want to be informed, yet entertained (to a point). Yet, I’m not sure what can be done about it. I surely hope Rick stays on FNC, but it is painfully obvious that he is on his own there.

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