Gretch Soldiers On

Gretchen Carlson did double duty honorably this morning as she co-hosted not only Fox & Friends but also filled in for Alisyn Camerota on F&F First while bravely battling her hoarseness. Initially, this author thought that the real struggle would be for the viewer to endure her croaky voice and desulatory diction: however, Gretch’s voice got stronger and stronger throughout the morning. Nevertheless, it is odd that management decided not to get Fox & Friends Weekend co-host and today’s F&F First and F&F newsreader Ainsley Earhardt to step in for Gretch as guest anchor.

As an aside, Ainsley would do well to get more air time with Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade to tutor her as she grows into her F&F Weekend gig with Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs.

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5 Responses to “Gretch Soldiers On”

  1. Chris G Says:

    Oh, please!!!! No MORE Ainsley than we are already subjected to.

    Watching her is like listening to fingernails down a chalkboard- but far less interesting.

  2. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Gretch was losing her voice during Thursday’s show … Hearing her & seeing Ainsley there at the start of Friday’s show was just way too much to handle …

    I turned the tv to a different channel … Nothing like old reruns of Roseanne to cure whatever ailes FNC …

  3. Chris G Says:

    Ainsley is truly, truly awful this morning, too. I simply do NOT understand her appeal. But, I’m not a socially stunted homebound male, so, maybe someone else can enlighten me……..oy…..

  4. boogiewoogee Says:

    Chris G., I like you and agree with just about everything you post here (in fact, I sometimes read your posts and doublecheck whether you or I posted them), but why do you keep torturing yourself by watching this slop?

    I’ve been watching the weekend editions of the Today show on NBC. It’s kind of drab, but they’re not insulting my intelligence and I don’t feel as if I’m watching extended group foreplay. Of course this also means that I’m watching NBC’s commercials, not FNC’s.

    Unfortunately, I left the TV on FNC last night, so first thing this morning, we were treated to Courtney’s generally poor delivery and her wish that the producers send “Rick Reichmuth and I” to Belmont. If not for her looks, she’d have a hard time holding down a counter job at Burger King.

  5. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Weekend Today had Peter Alexander on this morning (Saturday) … He’s a good guy … Very smart & friendly (esp to the viewers) … He’s also really funny … I could do without the bad dye job on the hair (It used to be a medium brown) …

    I am surprised that Rick Reichmuth hasn’t gone postal on the bobsy quadruplets … They suck worse that my Hoover …

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