Kelly Wright Back on F&F Weekend

Kelly Wright returned to Fox & Friends Saturday, not as co-host but as Washington correspondent. (He reported on the Bush/Obama “appeasement” controversy.) For fans of Wright and his foremer co-anchors, Page Hopkins and Greg Kelly, it brought back memories of the earlier team and their special rapport. For followers of the new team of Ainsley Earhardt, Clayton Morris, and Dave Briggs, it reminds them that this new crew may, too, change with the possible addition of Megan Henderson.

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4 Responses to “Kelly Wright Back on F&F Weekend”

  1. Kep Says:

    I saw Kelly this morning. I wish he was back as a co-host. Does anyone here think he looks different than he used to? Is it the hair? His skin appears to have a darker tone to it than before? Maybe it’s just my tv!

  2. Brendon Says:

    He shaved his mustache or maybe it’s the way they applied his make-up.

  3. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    The lighting in DC is not quite the same as the lighting in the F&F studio in NYC … Plus, different makeup artists …

    It still saddens me that Kelly’s doing a story from DC and the dimwits are sitting in his seat in Manhattan …

    Why don’t they let Geraldo host the show ?? Then no one will watch …

  4. Danny Says:

    It seems to me he has more hair and a face lift.

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