Did Ainsley Say “G** D***”?

For faithful watchers of Fox & Friends Weekend, co-host Ainsley Earhardt has a stellar reputation as a Southern church-going Christian. Imagine my surprise when listening to Dave Briggs read “News by the Numbers” story of the $196,000,000 Mega Millions Ohio jackpot winner, I thought that I heard Ainsley gasp and say, “G** d***. I could scarcely believe my ears: Ergo, I’ve rerun it repeatedly. It still sounds to me as if she says it clearly. No one’s perfect: But, crazy!

For those interested and have today’s Fox & Friends Saturday on a DVR, check 7:23 a.m. ET. If you don’t, check JDP or ICN and you may find an audio or vid.

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13 Responses to “Did Ainsley Say “G** D***”?”

  1. boogiewoogee Says:

    Yes, such a perfect little religious girl – who keeps wearing too-tight shirts over her gargantuan implants and often “accidentally” gives upskirt flashes on a regular basis.

    She’s as genuinely religious as Madalyn Murray O’Hair was.

  2. jakeho Says:

    Boogiewoogee, a little harsh, eh?

  3. boogiewoogee Says:

    Depends on how harshly one views hypocrisy. Actual good “Southern church-going” women don’t dress and act like she does.

  4. jakeho Says:

    I may be naive but I think that she’s sincere. I don’t know about implants nor do I know of any intentional flashes. However, she does make a few off-color remarks on occasion. (I think she’s trying to fit in with what she perceives FNC to want.)

  5. Al Davis Says:

    I wasn’t watching but maybe she said, “hot damn” as that can sound similar.

    I haven’t seen any reason to think she isn’t sincere nor have I seen her wear anything that would make me think she had implants. And if she did? Pffft… that has nothing to do with her abilities or inabilities hosting a show. She dresses normal, too, so I don’t see what boogiewoogie seems to.

  6. M. Davey Says:

    Well, I must admit I rushed through my recording of F&F. I barely saw the segment on the lottery because they just get so wound up when something like that is on. And, I know “Sex and the City” is a Fox production, but they are going to silly it to death. That tour seems like a rip off for something you can do any day of the week. I suspect if you have a Cosmo somewhere else it will not be as expensive. Have I just forgotten how to enjoy life. Well, anyway, the girls are not nearly as silly, Dave is so afraid that someone is gong to pervceive him as old that he’s constantly reminding us that things are “before his time” and the thing about not working was just stupid. He’d better apply himself or he might be looking for a job again. He’s not that pretty. The girls have settled down a lot, but you just can’t hold Courtney back when she talks about sports or movie stars. She really likes reporting on that. Anyway, the show is somewhat better, but it’s much better viewed when taped and you can fast forward. However, I won’t do that much because I don’t want them to know I’m watching at all. Let’s hope it gets better. They keep referring it to be Fox and Friends something about election special or something. I keep forgetting. Can it be that they’ll just be around until the election is over?

  7. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    The tagline that the weekday show has been using is …

    “Official morning show of the 2008 Elections”

    or something lame like that …

    Though, one has to question – WHO/WHAT gave F&F the authority to proclaim themselves the “official” morning show of the 2008 elections??

    Either way … I don’t watch F&FW … And I find that I’m not even watching the weekday version as often as I used to …

    My overall FNC viewing hours have cut back dramatically … I’m to the point where I’ll switch channels if someone mispronounces a location that I’m familiar with or if they just keep repeating wrong information (i.e., Hemmer trying to talk about stuff happening in SoCal – That Buckeye boy needs some serious help) …

  8. M. Davey Says:

    Re: Sunday show. Not too bad! A few horrible moments. I can tell you one thing. Courtney is o.k. until they let her off the leash. She then gets all bubbly and airheaded and I really don’t think she’s an airhead…or do I?
    Clayton did a good job today. I thought the Wii thing was going to be a silly piece from hell, but it actually turned out o.k. Clayton was very brave to strip down to his pants only and admit he is a little overweight.
    I’m sure Mark wouldn’t do that. He was pretty serious while he was playing that thing. The hamburger segment was inane. I can’t get worked up over different kinds of hamburgers, and probably no one else could either, but good try. I will continue to tape it and fast forward and stop at something I might be interested in. I just hate to do that, but that’s the way it is.

  9. DoneWithFox Says:

    Still not watching Fox, but thanks for the update.

    Until the morons are gone…..

  10. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    Didn’t hear anything said on F&FW this weekend because I didn’t even turn the television on until I knew that it was over. I have no intention of watching it until better talent returns. This comes from someone who watched faithfully for quite some time and has DVR’ed the show for almost a year. I have complained to Fox through several different outlets and have made my choice to turn off the TV rather than accept the new “Romper Room” set up.

    P.S.: I wouldn’t be surprised if Ainsley said “hot damn” rather than the other myself since they both sound kind of alike. If she said “GD”, she should be reprimanded severely–hey, maybe even lose her job.

  11. Kep Says:

    If Ainsley did say the gd word, I wouldn’t really be that surprised. I really think it’s hard for anyone in the world of high profile careers to keep the values they were raised with. If you want to make it today, especially in the glamour and sex driven media culture that we are now faced with, you’ve got to make yourself believe that certain things that you once thought taboo are suddenly acceptable. The quest for a big career and money will brainwash and numb you in ways you never thought possible. There are no big media corporations out there today that are going to hire anyone that doesn’t fit their social ideals.

  12. boogiewoogee Says:

    Why do so many people assume that Ainsley is so “sweet” or is such a “good Southern Christian girl?” Because that’s the act she puts on for TV? I don’t know what kind of church she attends, but the outfit she was wearing on Easter when she said that she and the other airhead were going to church right after work looked more suitable for turning tricks than going to a religious service in the Lord’s house.

  13. Chris G Says:

    Ahhhh, M. Davey, spit out the Kool Aid.

    Saying ” not too bad” is like someone rationalizing that slowly dying of poison is not as bad as having some other horrible disease, b/c “at least I have my hair.”

    I cannot take Clayton. This is with whom they replaced Kelly Wright???? He is the picture of immaturity. At least the other guy (who comes across as a dim bulb) is a bit more tolerable. Maybe b/c he’s got kids, and the whole world does not revolve around him and his childish wants. Clayton, on the other hand…… C’mon, do you really need to get up and walk over to the monitors and stand there? You’re THAT insecure? “Look at me, look at meeeee!!!!” He’s like your stupid, drunk single uncle at the reunion that everyone cringes at. Ugh.

    Ainsley- do not know what she brings to the table. She seems so uninterested in what she is “reporting”, and has nothing interesting to add. Not a thing. She just sits there, with this idiotic, simple smile on her face, Bless Her Li’l ‘Ol Heart. Send her back to the plantation, please.

    What I enjoyed about the old crew of Greg, Page, Kelly and Rick was that they all brought a unique view to the show. Greg- as cranky and quirky as he was- was former military, and even though he thought he was trapped in the 1970’s, LOL- he still had much to offer. Page was older and a Mom- something that is SORELY lacking in the females on the show now. I’m sorry- most people who are parents have a great deal to offer others- an insight that nonparents simply do not have. To be of an age where you have seen things and lived life and can share that with an audience- THAT is special and worth watching. Kelly was a religious man, a Dad and husband, former military- he had a lot to offer, too, a different perspective. And I liked that they treated Rick with respect. They teased him, and he gave as good as he got, but those folks treated him as a peer- not “the weather guy”- let’s quick do this segment, as Rick is taking up too much of MY camera time.

    Courtney- I simply have no words. Enough said. = (

    I know, I know- the show has completely jumped the shark, and is NEVER to return. I am just completely baffled as to how they can keep those four on- when I recall what a treat the old crew was.

    Did not hear what Ainsley said or did not say. She is too uninteresting to listen to, anyways.

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