Brigg’s “Newest Career”

As Ainsley Earhardt discussed summer jobs with Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs on FNC’s Fox & Friends Saturday, Ainsley said, “Dave would quit every job after a day, he’s telling us.” Dave replied, “I had a brief stint at the Gap.” Ainsley asked, “So this is your longest career?” Dave responded, “A couple of weeks now, yeah.” After Shepherd’s welcoming Clayton Morris to the team in an earlier F&F Weekend program, it appears that both Dave and Clayton are secure in their positions. Ainsley’s position as co-host appears more in doubt with reports that Megan Henderson may come aboard in the summer. Of course, she could replace Courtney Friel as news reader: she appears in that capacity often on other Fox News’ shows. The saga continues.

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7 Responses to “Brigg’s “Newest Career””

  1. boogiewoogee Says:

    I still think you’re reading WAY too much into an off the cuff comment that Shepard Smith made.

    As for Courtney or Ainsley being bumped if Megan takes the center seat, I think Courtney might keep it – mostly because she’s so limited in what else she can do, while Ainsley is a bit more versatile. (Talk about damning with faint praise!)

    I made the mistake of clicking past the show a little ago and watching that “Sex and the City” spectacle in abject horror. Figures that Courtney and Ainsley want to go on that insipid tour.

    Actually, I’ve decided that I want them to keep the show as is. Sort of quarantine the twin bimbos with the fake chests and the two goofballs wannabee fratboys, because if they’re cut from the show, they might be dispersed to shows that I actually still enjoy.

  2. M. Davey Says:

    boogiewoogie, you have a definite point! I never thought of it in the terms that they might disrupt something else. I actually have more of a problem with the men than I do the women. I just can’t abide teenagers anymore. They act just like teens act when they see a cute girl watching them. They just do all sorts of antics. Egos abound on that show! I’ve actually caught Ainsley and Dave arguing aside after one or the other of them has commented on something. Watch for it, you’ll see it. I taped it again today just to speed through and see if they have the Wii segment. Do you think I might secretly enjoying the show and don’t know it? I know it is helpful to tape and fast forward.

  3. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    boogiewoogee – I don’t think Courtney’s are fake … They’re NOT big enough to be fake … Go find her bikini pix as well as her pulling the padding out of her top that one night she was on “Red Eye” …

    boogiewoogee / M. Davey – You’re both braver than me … I can’t even stomach the thought of those 4 moronic boobs killing the show we all used to love …

    I’d rather watch infomercials for the music cd collections than those 4 … Hell, I like the infomercials for the 50s to 80s music (esp the one with Rick Springfield) …

  4. boogiewoogee Says:

    M. Davey: I’ve barely ever seen Dave, but from the little I did see, he seemed kind of drab and dull, while Clayton has annoyed the shiznit out of me since he first showed up there. Ainsley seems OK with headlines and that bit on Hannity’s show, but she is just not good at co-hosting where she has to ad-lib and try to appeal to people who aren’t mesmerized by her boobies. Yeah, I think you’re enjoying the show, or are a masochist.

    tiamatsrevenge: By fake, I mean not natural – whether by silicone surgically implanted or foam padding stuffed into the bra. I remember about a year ago when Courtney was “reporting” on location from poolside at some hotel and was wearing a bikini top – without the stuffing, and she was totally flat. I’ve also noticed that her boobs have gotten bigger since last year, so she must be using bigger foam domes. I still get a kick out of the RC losers drooling over her stuffed bra!

  5. M. Davey Says:

    I’m just a moron. The more I think of it, the more I think “maybe I didn’t like it”. This is the first show that I wait eagerly for a commercial. I guess I just don’t think that 4 people could be that darned awful for so many weeks. Yes, I think Dave was a little dull, and all of them were a little dull. So I do think that Fox is working on their presentations. They’ve changed too much. But, they’re not good and probably need to be out in the field just pumping out stories like Amy Kellog and the other girl that is in Israel and Saudi Arabia all the time. Those girls have some real reporting under their belt. But….The only thing is, they’re not blonde and ditzy and beautiful and I don’t know if anyone would like them on the weekend either. Maybe they could….oh, heck, I’m tired of trying to fix their programming. I guess I will stop watching it. Thanks, everyone, for kicking me in the you-know-what!

  6. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    boogiewoogee – Yeah, silicone & foam … And WOW, look at the saddlebags under Courtney’s eyes (that also have bad / dark makeup on) in her AI report in today’s F&FF … The RC losers are truly sad … We should feel pity for those involved … Nah, I’m NOT that generous … LOL

    Briggs reminds me way too much of a Kennedy … Looks, facial expressions, voice, etc … Creepy as all get out …

  7. boogiewoogee Says:

    M.Davey: You’re not a moron, just desperate to have a decent morning show on weekends. I have given up on Fox for that, and am now watching the weekend “Today” show and whatever slop the local NBC puts on.

    Fox is a major news network and is NOT the place for dimbulbs to learn and practice – that’s why local affiliates exist. That’s why I have zero patience, respect or use for Courtney and Ainsley.

    Tiamatsrevenge: I could almost feel sorry for Courtney because in a few years, her looks will be shot and she’ll be out of work and with no marketable skills. The other day (last week maybe?) I caught a glimpse of her ruining some show during the week and noticed that even with the foam domes, her chest was sagging. There’s only so long that the Spanx can fake a waist and that the bleached hair and teeth with tanned face will go until she starts looking old and tired.

    But yes, it simultaneously amuses and creeps me out that that RC boys graphically lust after her. The other day, they were actually posting about “using video of her” a few times, and printing out pics to take to the bathroom. If I were taking pics of her to the bathroom, it would be because we’re out of toilet paper, but I suspect that the RC dorks have something else in mind.

    I didn’t watch enough of Briggs to form an opinion.

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