Kiran Coming Back?

In answer to the comment (3.) of a blog reader to “CNN Weaning Kiran’s Fans?,” this author thought that an additional post might be helpful. He basically indicated that the “off the cuff” remarks of Kiran Chetry, John Roberts, and Kyra Phillips as to the length of Kiran’s maternity leave were in jest; that Kiran was in hog heaven with greater news resources at CNN vis-a-vis FNC; and that Kiran would rather be at work with “adults” than stay at home with her children.

Generally, “off the cuff” remarks tend to reveal the truth. Kiran told John Roberts that she would be back before he had a chance to miss her (maybe, a few days) after Roberts told the viewer that it would be about two weeks. Later, Kyra Phillips, Kiran’s sub, mentioned that she would be there for about two months. Now that a month has elapsed and no mention of Kyra filling in for Kiran Chetry has been made in the last three days (as Kyra or John did usually), it is no stretch to wonder if Kiran has reconsidered and decided to stay at home with her beautiful children for the near future. As to news resources, FNC can compete ably with CNN with its network of partners, such as SKY and WSJ. In re rather being at work, Kiran is a genuine family person and the allure of her two children must be strong. (For some conspiracy theorists, Kiran’s Sparty hosted by CNN/US prez Jonathan Klein’s wife and her high profile features in InStyle and OK! Magazine could be seen as a secret sendoff.)


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7 Responses to “Kiran Coming Back?”

  1. Kep Says:

    Kiran Chetry is not going anywhere! When she went on her maternity leave, she said she would be taking six weeks off this time. So, she’s got a couple of weeks to go and then she will be back. I assume that the OK! Magazine feature will be published in concert with her return for maximum publicity. I’ve watched Chetry on American Morning, and she always seems very happy and enthused about her work there. She doesn’t look all sulky and pouty like she did many times during her last few months at Fox. CNN is more liberal and culturally diverse. It’s a really good fit for Kiran, but the American Morning format could use some tweaking. She is not able to shine in that current setting. That’s why I think the big 3 are keeping their eyes open for Ms. Chetry. The sky is the limit for her. I’m sure Kiran is a family person, but a career in the big leagues of broadcast journalism does require one to sacrifice a certain amount of that family life. I don’t think she’s ready to set aside her high profile career for diaper changing and bedtime stories just yet.

  2. Kep Says:

    One additional comment to add to my other remarks. Kiran said in one recent interview that she had moved to the suburbs, and Chris Knowles bio on the WPIX website says that they reside in Westchester. I don’t think you move to an expensive and exclusive county like Westchester if your six figure income is on shakey ground. I think Bill and Hillary Clinton live in Westchester County as well.

    If CNN learns to use Kiran’s talents properly, watch the ratings skyrocket, especially during this election season. Give her the Obama interview, maybe traveling on his election tour bus. She needs a breakout story, and so far, CNN hasn’t given her one.

  3. jakeho Says:

    Kep, you are right as to Kiran’s star power: she’s got brains, beauty, and moxie. Hopefully, she’ll stay on American Morning: however, she may not. If she doesn’t, her purported residence in Westchester County is not dispositive of her decision: The median income of a four-member household is $96,500 which should be well within Chris Knowles’ earning power.

    Btw, where did you get the “six weeks” off assertion? You didn’t mention it in your earlier posts and I haven’t heard it on AM or elsewhere. She said a “few days” when John Roberts said a few weeks.

    As to Kiran looking “all sulky and pouty…during her last few months at Fox,” actually, Kiran looked great on her final Fox & Friends shows and her appearance during that time on “The O’Reilly Factor.” As to AM, it would indeed behoove it to loosen up and take full advantage of Kiran’s spontaneity, wit, and charm. With regard to the three news dinosaurs, why bother? She’s doesn’t need them.

  4. Kep Says:

    I believe she said she was going to be off for six weeks just before she went on her maternity leave. I could be wrong about that, but I don’t think so. If Kiran did say she was only going to be gone for a few days, then I don’t see how she could have meant that in any other way than it just being a joke on her part. We all know that maternity leave for any woman lasts longer than a couple of days. She took 8 weeks with her first child, so six with the second seems about right. This is election season at CNN. Kiran has waited a long time to be able to shine during a historic event like this year’s election. I would think that Klein would want her front and center, just to remind Roger Ailes that Kiran loves her job there, you know, that “gold standard of journalism” as Kiran called it. The big 3 may be considered news dinosaurs, but look at the viewership that their morning shows get. Each one of them is easily over the one million mark daily, with shows like Today and Good Morning America scoring in the 4-5 million viewer range. Kiran would be seen by millions every day instead of 300,000-400,00 like she’s pulling in at CNN. I predict that American Morning will not loosen up, and that’s because their viewers don’t want a more casual format. I believe the average American Morning viewer turns on the tv, checks out the headlines, clicks the tube off and heads out the door. They don’t sit and watch all three hours like the Fox viewer does. American Morning repeats many of the same stories each hour. Kiran does not get the major political interviews, at least not too many of them. Those are reserved for John Roberts. While I believe Kiran wanted to work in a more hard news type environment, I don’t think the viewer really buys into it. She’s always going to be known for the short skirts and flirty personality, and that would play much better on the broadcast networks. Most all of this is my speculation, but it will be interesting to see how things shake out for her in the years to come.

  5. Kep Says:

    At the beginning of Friday’s AM, John Roberts introduced himself, and also mentioned that Kyra Phillips is “filling in for Kiran Chetry”. They probably just don’t bother to mention it every day, but that doesn’t mean that Kiran has decided to become a homemaker rather than cable news tv star. Look for a media blitz by CNN when Kiran returns. They heavily promote Robin Meade on Headline News, but don’t seem to put the same effort into Kiran and John and their show. I think that may change when Kiran gets back.

  6. jakeho Says:

    Kep, I’m glad that John addressed this question at the very first of AM Friday. Thursday I sent an e-mail as to Kyra’s not mentioning “filling in for Kiran Chetry” and whether Kiran was still with the show. (I sent in a follow-up one with a link to this post.) I’m very happy that she is. Hopefully, you will be right that CNN will more heavily promote her: She deserves it.

  7. ljf Says:

    The second I inadvertanlty gazed at Kiran Chetry on the Fox network way back in 99′ give or take, I was a changed man. Previously I couldn’t even define what a current news event was let alone site one.
    All that has changed! Ask me anything; provided it came from the luscious lips of the awesomely beautiful Kiran. She lights up the TV screen (and I took that quote from her new boss at CNN).
    If she so chooses, she can be destined for greatness at a major network as some have previously mentioned.
    She outgrew Fox quickly. How would you like to be surrounded by Steve Dusey and Brian Kilmeade (better candidates for personality transplants I have never known). They are disgustingly and nauseatingly self promoting for themselves and their morning show. I can’t even endure 15 seconds of them. They should have been fired along with gretchen and the show given to Kiran. (Think I feel a bit strong about this issue? ; )

    I will support the fact that the loose, casual format of the Fox morning show was ideal for Kiran. CNN is too rigid and stoic. Where’s the: “Good morning! Are we ready for the first day of the rest of our lives?” (OK; I know… a little much…sorry).
    And “Oh my God!!…the skirts and associated camera angles on the Fox Morning Show. Pardon my perversion but I used to live for the skirts and camera shots of Kiran Chetry. Ask my wife…our sex life has suffered since she left… :(

    I actually e-mailed Kiran at CNN to voice my disapproval at her skirt length, camera angles and lack of any close up shots. No reply yet; never know though…

    Promise-last issue…When kiran and John Roberts initially were interviewed by Larry King before the first show, Roberts stated that Kiran made him laugh comparing her to Meredith Vieira who apparently cracked him up. Well haven’t seen much of that. Roberts is perfect for CNN-stoic and rigid. My precious Kiran makes occassional attempts to loosen things up at appropriate moments because God knows we do not want it to become a habit on CNN! Nothing, notta! John Roberts not only looks like he does not get it, he contorts his face to indicate-well, honestly, I am not quite sure?
    Get rid of him. He’s a big boy. He will most definitely land on his feet. Send him back to Atlanta. That is where he is from anyway.

    Please return to work Kiran!!!!

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