A Megan Morning?

Yesterday’s TVNewser reported that FNC is “Hot for Henderson.” One of its sources said that the Fox Dallas/Fort Worth affiliate allure, Megan Henderson, has impressed Roger Ailes with her skills as a morning co-host. An apparent insider added that her work would not be limited to the weekend.

If Megan returns to Fox and Friends Weekend, will she replace the lone lovely, Ainsley Earhardt, or will she supplant one of the boys, i.e., Dave Briggs or Clayton Morris? Even though some of this blog’s readers don’t particularly cotton to the South Carolina belle, she and Megan might make for some interesting chemistry. Megan seems to be a bit of a diva and Ainsley appears to be the sweet Southern girl that Momma would love. F&F Weekends might serve up a Dixie distaff duel.

Link: http://www.mediabistro.com/tvnewser/fnc/fox_news_hot_for_henderson_84628.asp

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17 Responses to “A Megan Morning?”

  1. John Says:

    As someone who has met Megan and watches her every morning here in Texas, I can tell you she is FAR from a diva. If she leaves us for NYC, it is our loss.

  2. boogiewoogee Says:

    I only saw Megan for part of the weekend that she was on F&FWe, but I didn’t think she came off as a diva. If anything, I thought she was very professional and personable. John, I’m glad to hear that about her.

    I also disagree about Ainsley – I think her sweetness is as authentic as her implants.

  3. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    I caught a snippet of Megan when she was on F&FW … I did NOT like her … Too much makeup and the hurricane hair is just tacky …

    Sorry, but adding her to the show will NOT make me come back …

    I’m NOT going to watch the show until Roger Ailes wisens up and brings back Page / Kelly / Greg …

  4. Chris G Says:

    Anything that will bump one of the current hosts would be a refreshing change. Ainsley should be sent back to reading the headlines overnight, where most of us cannot watch her. Then her rabid fan club of socially challenged male shut ins can ogle her all night long, and the rest of us can watch someone who has actual reporting talent and a brain.

    I say, bring on Megan! It can’t be any worse than the Ainsley/Clayton/Dave/Courtney fiasco they have on now.

  5. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    I personally wasn’t at all impressed by Megan Henderson’s performance a couple of weeks back. She wore a horrible PINK coat dress thing that was absolutely awful, and she used the word “basically” about 1 million times (I’m not exaggerating). Another thing, if she sucked in her cheeks any more, her head would explode. I’m with Tiamat, the addition of Megan to the lineup (even if they bump Ainsley or Courtney) is not going to bring me back to the show. Give me Greg/Page/Kelly and I’ll be a happy camper.

  6. M. Davey Says:

    O.K. Here’s the thing! I think I am going to have to defend Courtney and Ainsley. There cannot be anyone more annoying, “basically”, than Megan.
    She just made my head spin around. She waved her hands so much I was dizzy and just tried to take over everyone’s job. And the “hurricane hair” is a truth. Please, Fox, don’t do anything worse than you have already done. Just put Megan wherever you want to put her in a spot that no one has already. Make something up. There must be a silly spot for her. Oh, I know, let her co-host Red Eye. They love that funny stuff! Our Megyn Kelly is all the Megyn we need. She’s easy on the eyes, funny and yes, intelligent, and has an opinion of her own, not someone else’s that’s been run over and over. Please, folks in Tx. Keep your Megan!

  7. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Hey, I don’t want Megan Henderson on “Red Eye” either … I like the show (except when certain people are on there) … It’s one of the few shows that I watch on the network anymore …

    I’ve watched FNC since literally Day One … The past couple of years have been on a downhill slide … The last 3 months have been garbage …

    Keep Mrs Henderson in Texas … Unless it’s Florence Henderson from “The Brady Bunch” and they could make her the weekend hostess …

  8. Kep Says:

    Maybe they’re looking for a brunette instead of a blonde. You’ve got to admit, most of the time it appears that Roger Ailes has a thing for blondes, especially those from Texas or somewhere in the South. Well, I guess Gretchen Carlson is from Minnesota, but if you look at many of their other prominent blondes, they do tend to hail from the southern part of the US. So now, maybe they’re deciding to mix it up a little and put a brunette on the set. Kiran was a pretty popular brunette, at least until she turned into an inflated ego diva. So let’s give Megan a chance. All of the ladies probably were a little awkward when they first started out in the center chair, but they all seem to adjust quite well.

  9. Brendon Says:

    I was never a big fan of Kiran, that said, I thought she did a great job on F&FW, she was cute, spunky and knowledgeable. Many of us here remember the dizzying game of musical chairs Fox played trying to fill that center seat. The show didn’t find it’s footing until Page Hopkins filled the void left by Kiran, why mess with success? I haven’t watched the show in a long time, so I missed Megan Henderson’s debut, however, from what I’ve heard, I highly doubt she is the missing link in this long chain of disastrous co-hosts. I would really love to know what the ratings are for this show since the absence of Greg, Page & Kelly, anyone know?

  10. Kep Says:

    I have never been able to find the ratings for the weekend morning shows. For some reason, there is no one on the internet that posts those figures.

  11. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    I also have tried to locate ratings for the weekend show. Guess I’m just not media savvy enough to find them. If anyone does find them, I’d love to know what they show.

    Kep, you’re right about the “blonde” thing that Fox (or Roger Ailes) has. That’s been noted many times in our home, guess that’s maybe because we are all brunette (me, husband and children). As far as being Southern, Ainsley being from SC and E.D. from TX, are the only ones that come to mind. Most of the others that come to mind are not from the South.

    Megan H. isn’t going to bring me back to F&FW. The show probably won’t be any worse with her there, but I don’t see that it will be an improvement either.

  12. M. Davey Says:

    Actually, I’m not interested in giving Megan a chance. They’ve spent quite enough money on women for Fox News Weekend. One more won’t make it good. Good looking maybe, but just not good to watch. If they could just all sit there and look good and not speak, maybe that would help!
    Let’s just quit hyping Megan and let Tx. have her. Local seems to suit her with all the windblown hair and hand waving and basically saying.

  13. boogiewoogee Says:

    Wow, this is a tough room!

    I’m not a Megan Henderson fan (don’t know much about her to care enough either way), but I thought that what I did see of her that weekend was a woman with some intelligence and professionalism – 2 things sorely lacking for the last 3 months.

  14. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    boogiewoogee – Did you miss the memo that this is now the hot spot for “Open Mic” night?? ;-) LOL

    Intelligence and professionalism have been missing for the last 3 months … But, unfortunately, I didn’t see it in Megan Henderson …

    Now, Megyn Kelly is an entirely different story …

    I wish Roger Ailes had NEVER gotten rid of Donna Fiducia …

    If Roger was smart, he’d hire Lynne Roberts … The sheriff’s deputy that used to host “Headline News” … I don’t know who the evening guy is, but I wanted to beotch smack him the other night …

  15. M. Davey Says:

    Well, everyone, this weekend is just going to be a regular hoot! I saw Clayton and Dave on F & F this a.m. and they have a Wii! They will be demonstrating it. Now tell me. Is there anyone who doesn’t know what a Wii is and does and needs the silly boys to deomonstrate it. I guess we’re wrong and it’s not a news show at all it’s a show where everyone gets to showcase how silly they can act. I’m going to tune in just to see if they can prove me wrong. I bet you they’ll be all over that stage overacting a tennis game or bowling or some other sport. Oh, no, let’s hope they don’t have Twister on there!
    And as to the Megan comment about how intelligent and professional she was…..I, too, think they tuned in the weekend that Megyn Kelly was on. Now there’s a professional!

  16. Al Davis Says:

    I heard Clayton Morris on one of the afternoon being introduced as “host of Fox & Friends Weekend”… so I guess it’s official even though he isn’t listed in the FNC bios.

  17. boogiewoogee Says:

    Wow. What do you people want? It’s obvious that Page, Greg and Kelly aren’t coming back, nor is Megyn Kelly going to join the show. F&FWe isn’t exactly the landing spot for quality, seasoned journalists.

    From what I did see of Megan Henderson that weekend, I saw someone who didn’t giggle inappropriately, didn’t mispronounce common words and didn’t dress like she’s trying to give money shots to the housebound virginal losers on RC. She also had an understanding of the world around her and didn’t ask stupid questions like if the Pope was going to make an endorsement in the US presidential race during his visit here, because we all know who he’s pulling for anyway. (No, that was Ainsley, not Courtney.)

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