“Don’t Pull The Plug”

Today Dave Briggs seemed to indicate, albeit faintly, that he may have moved from Fox & Friends Weekend guest host to permanent one. While discussing an American Idol contestant, he said, “I hope they don’t pull the plug and ban me from the studio for saying this: I’ve never seen American Idol.” Has the final make-up of the co-hosts finally been decided? Like American Idol, the outcome is always in doubt: unlike American Idol, the viewer doesn’t have a vote.

As an aside, have you noticed that today Courtney Friel has been shot from the waist up when she has read the news. In the aforementioned segment, the viewer could see why. When Courtney seemingly spontaneously joined the cast, she was shown wearing white flip flops in the lingering cut-away shot. In her Kentucky Derby stint, she also mentioned that she was wearing flip flops. Is the usual sexy-stiletto-wearing siren having foot problems?

Another F&F factoid: As of this writing, Ainsley Earhardt, Clayton Morris, and Dave Briggs have not introduced themselves during the show. Yesterday they waited until the third hour to do so. One wonders whether this omission is an oversight, an example of hubris, or the “widgetification” of the show.

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20 Responses to ““Don’t Pull The Plug””

  1. Chris G Says:

    Jakeho, you are brave to notice these things about Courtney. Other than her utter lack of skills as a “tv news reader” and her grating, monotone voice and unprofessional mannerisms on a tv news channel- I try very hard to ignore the wonder that is Courntey Friel.

    I’d still like ten minutes in a locked room with the person who has inflicted her upon us ~ to give them a piece of my mind, that is…….

  2. Al Davis Says:

    I turned the telly onto FOX long enough to see the two boys playing with a Wii steering wheel and not really paying attention to their job at hand. Some people have a natural knack for making such playfulness amusing… these two don’t have that knack so I changed the channel.

  3. Ricardo Says:

    The dorky guy is cool. But, I can’t stand the other one. I tried watching but, switched after a minute.

    Ainsley could be hotter but, apparently she does not even try when she dresses or talks. I haven’t read the other posts but, I am sure I am probably not the first to say that.

  4. Freddie FooFoo Says:

    Jake, I respect and admire your bravery in continuing to watch the unwatchable, but I think you may be reading too much into that remark by Dull Dave.

    Personally, I hope Dave gets the spot permanently. And then Rick gets replaced with Domenica. That way, the show will be a total, unwatchable, unredeemable loss and only improved by blowing it up and rebuilding from scratch.

  5. Chris G Says:

    None of them are cool. Rick is the pro, however, among the childish trio.

    And some of us are not at all interested in Ainsley being “hotter”. We are more interested in her being BETTER. I do not see that happening, though. She’ll coast along, until she gets too old, and is replaced.

    Ricardo, you should head on over to the Reporter Caps site. The have constructed a SHRINE to Ainsley. All the upskirt shots you could ever want are there. And they also have no interest in her (or Courtney’s) ability to “deliver the news”- just to look “hawt” in tight, short clothing.

  6. CathyG Says:

    Like many I have become extremely disappointed with the new hosts on Fox & Friends weekend.

    Whilst a morning news show is generally more light hearted than those shown later in the day and the anchors have to have charisma and personality, it still is a NEWS show not a magazine show. The current hosts give the impression that they just presenters who do not have background in news reporting that would give them the experience to conduct current event interviews – let alone deal with serious breaking news stories.

    Ainsley comes across as overly cute and naïve – this might have been sweet when she was a teenager but is ridiculous in a mature news anchor. Courtney’s over-confidence grates. Clayton just ambles through …..

    The former team of Page, Greg and Kelly worked well together. They are all anchors who are comfortable in their own skin, intelligent, well read and quick witted individuals who are all more than capable. Even Gregg Jarrett in a news reader role fitted in well with the team. Occasionally Page could be a bit over the top and Greg looked a bit uncomfortable during some of the fluff pieces but it all added to the interest and fun. I especially liked Greg – he seemed to be the only morning news anchor who is not married with 2.4 children and was able to offer a slightly different perspective on life!


    It would be extremely interesting to see the effect on the show if Alisyn Camerota was given the third chair for a month or two.

    Try out some more Fox employees Lina Lazarus, Mike Emmanuel

  7. DoneWithFox Says:

    I tuned in to see who was hosting, gave it two minutes and turned on the radio instead. I hope their ratings tank. Pretty soon, I won’t even be checking out who is on the show. These people are just morons.

  8. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    It’s easier to just go to the website and check out the schedule … than to actually be up at 4am to see which set of moronic boobs they have attempting to host the show …

    Infomercials are soooo much better than a rank amateur show with Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest …

    Roger Ailes – WAKE UP, ya old goat!!!

  9. boogiewoogee Says:

    Maybe a shred of hope – http://www.mediabistro.com/tvnewser/fnc/fox_news_hot_for_henderson_84628.asp

  10. Al Davis Says:

    I see there’s a report that Megan Henderson may get the F&FW nod. That’d take care of our Ainsley Earhardt issue so if they get rid of Clayton What’s-his-name maybe I’ll watch again.

  11. jakeho Says:

    Thanks, Boogiewoogee, for the “heads up.”

  12. boogiewoogee Says:

    More: http://www.mediabistro.com/tvnewser/fnc/mr_ailes_will_see_you_now_84701.asp

    I can’t wait to see the full reaction on RC. Ha!

  13. Brendon Says:

    They’ve already started whining…..LOL!

  14. boogiewoogee Says:

    Not enough, Brendon. Not even close.

  15. Kep Says:

    I can warm up to Dave Briggs much more than I can Clayton Morris. Morris comes across as a little more high brow and intellectual, and I’m not sure he really fits well with the other hosts. Dave seems a little more down to earth to me.

  16. boogiewoogee Says:

    Clayton high brow and intellectual? Compared to who? Or what? Courtney and Ainsley? A potted plant? Any inanimate object?

  17. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    “Animal House” is high brow and intellectual compared to Clayton …

  18. Susan Says:

    I loved the segment on Sex in the City- made me want to take a road trip. Looks like a blast. Not all morning shows have to be all serious news- I enjoy the fill- in fun stuff. The WII was another fun one- I have not seen the WII fit in action – so might make me look into it further!! The burger book was another fun one!! Nuts on a burger? I know all you super high brow guys want only hard news- I get enough of that during the week.

  19. boogiewoogee Says:

    Oh good grief! Susan – you, Courtney & Ainsley sound like every naive girl who moved to NYC in the late 90s and early 00s, assuming that they too could get a job writing a bi-weekly column about dating and sex, and also not only manage to live in a nice apartment but also buy $600 shoes and party at the best restaurants and clubs every night.

    That show (SATC, but could also apply to F&FWe) is the bane of every native New Yorker.

  20. whataloada.. Says:

    Not the best team are they!! I watch sometimes in UK and compared to our news teams, they seem very immature. However, having said that, OMG I think that Dave Briggs is great eye candy, don’t actually notice the other presenters and being a woman, the whole skirt thing, although really sexist, doesn’t bother me, hell, put Dave in a Kilt and I’ll be there watching avidly for a Sharon Stone moment!! Put me in a room with Dave!!

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