White Bread Morning

Fox & Friends Saturday was a white-bread morning today. Edible but with little to no taste nor nutritional value. Ugh! If Dave Briggs, Ainsley Earhardt, Clayton Morris, Courtney Friel, and Rick Reithmuth are the new F&F team, I may have to throw in the towel.

Fox News, are you people crazy? Make one of your meteorologists a co-host on the weekend edition! You have a wealth of talent in the weather department. Since Steve Doocy already co-hosts the weekday version, let Rick Reithmuth, Janice Dean, or Domenica Davis co-host F&F Weekend. Any of these guys would make a marked improvement to the cast of co-hosts.

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22 Responses to “White Bread Morning”

  1. Joe Conway Says:

    I’ve already thrown in the towel. I just check here to see if there would be a reason to tune in to F&F weekend.

  2. Gayle Says:

    Thanks so much for keeping us informed…I am not even wasting my time by turning to F&F on weekends anymore. Hopefully Fox will get the message when the ratings fall to zilch which seems to be happening fast.

  3. Bill Says:

    You make a great point. This new team is too vanilla. They could use one of the weather folks to improve the weekend show. One of the two guys
    has to go. I think Ainsley is o.k. but Courtney Friel should go back to hollywood. She’s too phoney.

  4. Kara Says:

    I just watched fox and friends today/Saturday. Ainsley looked was dressed like a stiff and the other to are boring tools with no personalities. I tried to watch but, after a minute I had to switch channels. This was the first time I have not watched Fox and Friends.

    The just lost another person. Goodbye fox and friends!

  5. M. Davey Says:

    Oops, I forgot and tuned it in! Didn’t take long to turn it off. I must say, Ainsley was less hyper, but it didn’t take much to set her off. The guy from Boston likes to argue with her, Clayton will take any opportunity to go off into something silly. There was something this morning that I can’t remember that he wanted viewers to comment on that didn’t even warrant a comment. Courtney was really trying to be staid or less bubbly, but the only serious news she commented on, she sounded perky.
    For gosh sakes, can’t they just put them in a room and make them watch themselves! Why punish us. I didn’t watch the whole thing, so maybe I’m not being fair, but I think I have given it too much of a chance. Do they not have anyone else at Fox that they can pull in? Good Lord! Help us!

  6. boogiewoogee Says:

    I accidentally left the TV on FNC last night and turned it on this morning in time to hear Courtney mispronounce the word “crematorium.” Within seconds, we were watching the tedious Today show.

    I’d like to know what FNC honcho is saying “That Courtney Friel is doing a fantastic job!” Whoever it is, he should be starring in a revival production of “Tommy.”

  7. G.R.I.T.S Says:

    I turned on the TV, saw who was hosting, and turned it right off! I won’t be wasting my precious time with this group! Even the prospect of the Bass Pro camping setup didn’t peak my interest.

    I disagree with you regarding Kiran, however. She was good–great on-air personality, very intelligent, lovely to look at; but I had all but forgotten about her since she moved to CNN. I was not devastated by her jumping ship, especially when I read about her diva demands. I was still willing to watch as they formed the new group and grew to really look forward to the weekends for the Greg/Page/Kelly/Rick show.

    Currently, Fox is moving some of their people around so that it’s hard to find them. Kelly Wright was on with Jamie Colby today. Never know if it’s going to be Kelly, Eric or Greg. Greg will probably be on later with Julie–not crazy about that pairing yet, but maybe they’ll grow on me. I’ll give them a chance. No more watching the morning people, though. They are so bad!!!

  8. Al Davis Says:

    I think you’re right about the talent of the weather staff in that any of those three would be very good at hosting F&FW. Maybe they could talk Gregg Jarrett into getting up early on weekends if Kelly Wright wants a later shift for some reason and bring back Page Hopkins while they’re at it.

  9. boogiewoogee Says:

    As for the weather staff, I like Rick too much to keep inflicting those morons on him, and when Domenica has been on that show, she seems to assimilate and become another giggling bimbonic idiot (the third one on that show). I used to like her, but not at all since her 2 weekends subbing for Rick.

  10. Don in Richmond Says:

    I no longer watch weekends. Not into immature hosts.

  11. Chris G Says:

    I agree with boogiewoogee. Rick is a pro, and having him on for a couple of segments is great, but what makes him shine would be tossed out the window for ratings. Look what they replaced class acts Kelly Wright, Greg Kelly and Page Hopkins with. The producers have clearly outlined the direction they want the show to go- straight DOWN. Don, you are missing nothing, trust me.

    Domenica fits right in with the two blondies on the show, and her IQ falls accordingly when those three are on. She is better just giving us the forecast.

    If you watched on Mother’s Day, you had the four clowns – and Rick was doing a fantastic job reporting on the weather. Weather is SERIOUS business, not just “Do I need an umbrella today?”, and he does a superb job. I personally would LOVE to see more of Rick, but NOT on that show. He’s a class act, with intelligence, humor and charm. Those qualities are sorely lacking on that show now.

  12. cathy Says:

    Goodness, please give it time to work out the problems. I happened to like the new F&F. I loved page, but I was ok with the rest of the F&F morning people. I love Clayton Morris and I think they have been struggling for a fit since Mike and Julie left. Give them time, quite complaining.

  13. Freddie FooFoo Says:

    “Cathy” (or is it Mrs. Morris?), it’s been nearly THREE MONTHS since TPTB decided to redo the show, and it still stinks.

    And, NO, we will not quit (or “quite”) complaining. How about if you quit (or “quite”) complaining about us complaining?

  14. Chris G Says:

    They have had MONTHS to “work it out”.
    I do not care for it, and I’ll complain/comment all I want.

    Glad you enjoy it, though. One man’s trash is another’s …….

  15. Brendon Says:

    I think Cathy is on the payroll somewhere at Fox! The show is a disaster, I don’t even last 15 seconds. Alas, I am getting much more done around the house.

  16. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Veronica and cathy must be in someone’s bread basket … Too much “oh how great Clayton / the show is” … Feh on that …

    Anybody with a brain or a clue would know the show & its hosts are crap … The producers have gone down that slippery slope and don’t care about righting the ship … They’re going for the low IQ / shut-in / lonely horn dog demographic …

    I caught a snippet of Sunday’s show by pure accident whilst surfing … It was about the movie “Bloodlines” … Clayton started right in on the guest (the filmmaker) with his “Did you have an agenda when you made the movie??” That is the typical commie liberal spew of hatred and thought process that everybody has an agenda with everything … I flipped the tv to something more intelligent after the filmmaker said “No” …. It’s just tooo dayum painful to watch the show …

    My heart goes out to Rick Reichmuth … As great as he is, he can’t save the show when the Moronic cast is shoving it in the toilet …

    The last good F&FW was Feb 10th … That was over three months ago …

  17. Veronica Says:

    So – since someone said Cathy and I must be on the payroll- (I wish) all I can say is I find it amazing that it is Ok for you to trash the whole show (except Rick) week after week- something keeps you coming back – amusing! Since everything else on TV is better than the weekend show in your opinion-why don’t you just hone in on the “other” shows and leave the jibber jabber about this one to those who are appreciating it! I have enjoyed the last 3 months- albeit a bit of a struggle for Fox, but then all of life is a struggle!!

  18. boogiewoogee Says:

    Mrs. Morris, you need to read what we actually post – that we either tune in to see who’s hosting and then turn the channel, or not at all. We do not watch more than a few minutes, if at all.

    The problem is that most weekend morning programming stinks, and we miss what was a fun and informative show, now that it has become silly and trashy.

  19. Chris G Says:

    We may comment if we’d like. That’s why this blog is here. Since everything about the new hosts are great, why don’t YOU just hone in on another “blog” (Reporter Caps), and go appreciate Ainsley’s implants and tight clothes, and Courtney’s…ummm….whatever it is they appreciate about her (can’t figure that one out). Those homebound boys simply LUST after the women on F & F W, and appreciate the guys b/c they worship at the feet of C & A. You’ll find a kinship with them there. We’ll jibber jabber all we’d like here.

    Many of us loved the old show, and feel this group is insulting to our intelligence. Glad YOU like it, but if you cannot tell that the producers have let this show circle the drain, I can’t help you. And yes, Rick IS the best thing about the show now. When he is on- I do not feel my IQ dropping, or that I’m back at the hs lunch table, or trapped in a sorority/fraternity house, waiting for the beer.

    My opinion is that Dave is too bland/boring, Ainsley is too insincere/lacks intelligence, Clayton is WAY too juvenile, and Courtney-well, her employment at FNC defies all logic. I do not see the “chemistry”. The old group had maturity but also had a playful fun that did not insult the viewers’ IQ. They got along well, too. This group- forget it. There is a canyon of difference between this new lineup and the old crew- even with Kiran, whom I did not particularly like, but was light years better than the blonde ones on now. The show has simply gasped its last breath, and we’ll comment on it all we’d like.

  20. Brendon Says:

    Chris G…….VERY WELL SAID! Kudos for setting Veronica & Cathy straight.

  21. M. Davey Says:

    maybe we’re all lonely and that’s why we keep tuning in. Let me tell you how I do it. I use my DVR and then I can scan through it with the sound off, and if I see something that I think might be worthy of looking at or a news update, I stop the fast forward. Needless to say, it takes me less than 5 minutes to do the whole show. I’m not missing any good parts because there are none.

  22. boogiewoogee Says:

    I took the show off my Tivo when Courtney joined the orgy, I mean show.

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