Lily White F&F

Why has FNC made its Fox and Friends line-up exclusively white? With the exception of the delightful Domenica Davis who sometimes subs for meteorologist Rick Reithmuth, F&F now has no non-European Americans as its co-hosts, newsreaders, or weatherpersons. In the not too distant past, Julian Phillips and Kelly Wright were co-hosts on F&F Weekend and the lovely Lauren Green was a newsreader on F&F and an occasional temp co-host. Of course, the simply gorgeous Kiran Chetry, who is of Nepalese and Ukrainian extraction, served as F&F First and F&F Weekend co-host before the FNC suits lost their heads and, consequently, her.

It just seems strange that in the 21st century Fox New’s F&F has no diversity. Have the personnel panjandrums concluded that its viewer base is racist? If so, they have slandered and maligned their viewers and should be canned.

F&F, go to any ice cream parlor: There’s more than plain vanilla for sale.

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11 Responses to “Lily White F&F”

  1. Al Davis Says:

    Nope, I don’t buy your premise. We have lots of reasons to rightly criticise FNC, but they’ve amply demonstrated over the years that they are almost colour-blind in their on-air assignments and move talent around to pair them every-which-way.

    My impression is that, while they try to stay mindful of the need to have a diverse racial representation of talent, they don’t allow that single issue to control their programming decisions.

    Appears to me that it’s you who still harbours a hang-up on race issues.

  2. jakeho Says:

    “Still harbours a hang-up on race issues,” Al? Please elaborate.

  3. Gayle Says:

    I for one could not stand that guy Julian…he was such a fake phony pest to me but, I have been wondering about Kelly Wright. I liked him very much and Page I miss a lot….to me the best weekend host was Mike, Juliet and Kiran. They were a lot of fun to watch. I think the weekday host are great now…it seems Steve has been a little grumpy lately but Brian, Alysin and Gretchen make up for that.

  4. Al Davis Says:

    jakeho: I don’t think my post requires any further elaboration as I was pretty clear in what I’ve already said. But I didn’t intend to insult you… If Fox had a history of only putting on “token” minorities, then your observation would have validity. That hasn’t ever been the case and so I think the disconnect is in your perception.

    Julian Phillips bugged me sometimes too, but I always thought he was the perfect counter to Mike and Juliet. His presence made the show more dynamic and he complimented Kiran, too. For the longest time, F&FW was the only show I watched on the telly.

  5. jakeho Says:

    Al, I appreciate your follow-up post. However, I don’t think that pointing out the lack of diversity on F&F is a hang-up. Maybe, the suits are just not thinking clearly: The mess that they’ve made of the weekend edition seems to suggest that that could be the case.

  6. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Julian bugged people because he was a two-faced liberal … On one hand, he was all country club & golf & his church … Then on the other hand, he wanted the government to give out more money in the so-called “entitlement” programs … Plus, he always eating all of the food when they had food / cooking segments …

    I didn’t like Mike Jerrick as he was always trying to make jokes out of everything … Actually, he is a lot like Courtney … except for the whole swimsuit bit …

    I much preferred the shows when it was Page, Greg & Kelly … as well as when it was Kiran, Alisyn & Kelly … They were all much more level headed and knew WHEN to be serious & when to be silly & have fun …

    The show is no longer “Fox & Friends Weekend” … It’s Fox & Enemies” or “Fox & Look what the cat barfed up” …

  7. Peggy Says:

    Many of us have noticed the non diversity on Fox.
    it`s hitting home for many co-workers and friends we have that follow Fox.
    Also there are many other things that have been changing on Fox as well many of us are very much in tune of the new Fox is not the same station that used to be.
    Out local radio hosts most of them conservatives are saing the same.

  8. Chris G Says:

    I could care LESS if the people doing the news are of different racial/ethnic backgrounds. I’m concerned with their compentency, not the color of their skin. The utter trainwreck that is F & F W has nothing to do with not having minorities on the show. It has to do with TPTB canning the hosts for the younger, dumber, less worthy, bleach-blonder versions. The crew now is simply AWFUL ( Rick R being the exception)- no matter their skin color. Kelly Wright, Kiran, Lauren Green, and others are missed because they excelled at what they did. NOT because they are people of color.

  9. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    Chris G., I agree with you. It doesn’t matter to me the color the anchor is if he/she is good. I personally loved Kelly Wright; I really liked Lauren Green and hate that she’s been relegated to Easter Weekends and Pope Visits.

    My husband and I both liked the previous set of anchors: Greg-a military guy-very smart, but a little goofy also; Page-no longer an ingenue anchor with actual smarts, a mom, someone who knew her way around the block; Kelly-also a military guy, a minister, a loving husband and father, a patriotic American who just happened to be black. They were quite good together.

    I liked Kiran, but she bailed when Fox wouldn’t meet her rather ridiculous demands. Mike and Juliet were alright–not my favorites, but watchable. I could even handle Julian, but he was very dry–not alot of personality. But watching the new crowd is like fingernails on a blackboard–I just can’t listen to it. Alas, it looks like this is the group that’s been chosen. I get to make a choice, too. I choose to watch something (anything) else on my weekend mornings. Complaining to Fox hasn’t done any good!

  10. Bob Harris Says:

    Was a time when I set my clock by F&F.

    I saw this coming over four years ago. I never thought it; (FOX), would get this bad. Life is what it is i only hope that people can live amongst each other without so much anger. I for one have served career in the airborne army and retired then to government / corporate as a consultant.

    I recall when the likes of E.D. Lauren, and Kelly were the centerpieces of that show. Agreed, Juillian to me. was just on set. Having been to London many times I would just say, that SKY is a lot more liberal than FOX. I wonder!!!! Yes, I am Black.

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