Briggs Back

Dave Briggs, Beantown sports “Pretty Face,” was back today on Fox & Friends Saturday. It was good to see him relieving Eric Shawn: he certainly fits in better with the B-Team. However, that’s not the ultimate compliment.

Generally, the crew of Clayton Morris, Ainsley Earhardt, Courtney Friel, and Rick Reithmuth was somewhat more palatable today. Happily, Clayton seemed more mature but his lady’s-Kentucky-Derby-hat wearing was just juvenile. Happily, Rick called him on it when he refused to wear a similar hat at the show’s end: Rick said, “Not only no but hell no!” In an earlier Churchill Downs interview with the owner of one of the Kentucky Derby favorites, Visionaire, Courtney lost her train of thought mid-question but recovered nicely. Ainsley seemed a bit saucier today with her wish to have Jennifer Lopez’ “rump” in a “Hot Latin Diet” tease and her query whether Clayton wanted a “hot Latin body” in his bed or on him in the segment.

The current F&F Weekend line-up is like a store-brand item: Tolerable but not tasty.

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21 Responses to “Briggs Back”

  1. Al Davis Says:

    Didn’t even bother to check F&F this morning. Sounds like I didn’t miss anything.

  2. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    I didn’t even know anyone still watched the show … Must be a glutton for punishment …

    Apparently, Roger Ailes is going for the lowest common denominator … Sadly, it’s making an even bigger mockery of his network than he already had made it …

    If he’s gonna go into the basement … Why not just put Painsley & Tartney in G-string bikinis and Clayton in a Speedo and let them get drunk before the start of the show ??

  3. M. Davey Says:

    I went out early so taped F & F. This will be my last time. Maybe I’ll try in in about a month or so. Ainsley is just so bad! She tries to do every segment and when she does, she fouls it up. Courtney loses her train of thought many times and babbles. They talk all over each other and it’s just hard to understand. I turned on my closed captioning, but you should see the gobbledegook that comes out of that trying to keep up with everyone talking at once. Clayton with the bourbon and the hat and Ainsley telling that she could have done the sports better and then the new guy arguing why he didn’t do it good. Ainsley trying to tell a story when there was someone else there to tell the story. I just cannot watch this thing and have nothing but criticism. It’s unbearable. Maybe I’ll try again next week to see if anything has improved, but will certainly switch the thing to off! There’s no right in just watching it and complaining about it when I can just watch tapes from the programs the night before. It doesn’t look like Fox is listening, so I won’t talk to them anymore.

  4. boogiewoogee Says:

    If Roger Ailes really does want to take things further in this direction, he should just put Ron Jeremy in the seat that Eric/Dave/Greg/whoever occupies.

    Like most other sane people, I no longer watch the weekend show and am relying on reports from brave souls like our host to let us know if anything changes. (Not likely, btw.) From the synopsis above, it sounds like Ainsley Airhead can’t decide if she wants to be a prissy Southron belle or a hottie with short skirts and tight shirts who keeps “accidentally” flashing her panties on the tv every weekend.

    As for Britney, I mean Courtney, what’s the point? She never adds anything to any show, other than eye candy for the shut-ins who can’t get live, actual women.

  5. boogiewoogee Says:

    M. Davey, maybe make a list of some of the bigger sponsors of the show and let them know that you’re no longer watching and why – and that you’ll see other companies’ ads from now on.

    The new guy Dave really said that he didn’t do a good job with the sports? The dullard is a sports reporter or anchor, for cripe’s sake!

    I’ve discovered that some of the local network channels here have halfway decent weekend morning shows. Nothing great and nothing as fun as F&FW used to be, but at least I don’t feel like my intelligence is being insulted and that I’m watching some group foreplay with all the leering and innuendoes flying around.

  6. Al Davis Says:

    I don’t even mind the innuendos. It’s just that good hosts know how to do it with the just right amount of subtlety to keep the programme reasonably dignified and fun.

    This crowd of clowns contributes little more than noise between commercials. Maybe the suits are focusing too much on getting FBN moving and are allowing FNC to drift.

  7. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    boogiewoogee – I suggested (in another post) that Fox should make Ron Jeremy a host … as well as Adam Carolla and someone else … if they wanted to take the show down into the sewer …

    You are lucky if your local stations have weekend morning shows …

    Sadly, the Seattle market does not have anything on from 4-7am … Therefore one has to either be sleeping or watch things like Disney channel or infomercials for music collections or Extenze / GirlsGoneWild (but I’m not a lame shut-in) …

    As much as I hate the show “The Proud Family” … I would rather watch 3 straight hours of it than the latest cast of LOSERS on F&FW …

  8. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    M. Davey –

    In defense of the Closed Captioning … The CC companies hire court reporters to sit & watch/listen to the shows live … whilst transcribing the show using the court reporting machines … Those machines don’t always know what words to use based on what the operator typed into it … As in they have shortcuts & the words might not actually be right …

    For instance, on a recent episode of Anthony Bourdain’s show “No Reservations” … Bourdain was talking about a certain piece of seafood … The word he said sounds like “Gooey Duck” and that’s how it appeared on-screen … But, the word is actually spelled “Geoduck” and it’s a member of the clam food … A very naughty looking member ;-) of the family …

    Plus, when you have a live show … and multiple people in the segment … and they start yapping over each other … And there’s only one CC operator, you DO wind up with gobbily gook on the screen …

  9. fred Says:

    i think dave and the other two are fantastic,,,I hope the three of them stay for the weekends,,,its nice to smile

  10. M. Davey Says:

    My point exactly! When operators try to understand them and the valley girl talk they all use, just is not understandable and it just comes out, in some cases, extremely funny, or even risque!

    I would think that the first thing you would be required to learn in broadcasting, would be how to enunciate, and not be cute! It’s just unbearable. I slept in this a.m. and then went to a large breakfast, but did catch a little bit if Eric and Jamie Colby?, I believe, and it was like a REAL newscast. And they didn’t look in the least bit “old fashioned”. Just sort of adult like. At least the guests didn’t think there was some underlying meaning in the questioning as they get with the three weekend people. I wish them all well, but please, let them go back to local. Actually, the one you call pretty face from Boston, is the better of the three.
    And Fred, if you want to smile all the time, tune in a comedy, because I think a news program, be it a variety type of show with guests, should have some news on it and not the silly, giggly, teenager gags that those three pull.

  11. Chris G Says:

    How long do we think Rick R will stay on that show? Really, the $$$ cannot be THAT good. There aren’t enough coins in the bank to keep me on a show with Courtney and Ainsley. He’s very good at what he does, and has effortless charm, wit, and class. Clearly, he’s outnumbered by the fools on F&F W. Too bad, b/c he’s worth watching.

  12. M. Davey Says:

    Chris G., you are so right. Rick is just “over the hill” as the others would call it, or he’s just too mature to banter with him. He largely looks embarrassed when they try to talk to him. Poor guy! Why don’t they try him at something else and let the sillies take a shot at the weather. I betcha none of them can do the weather.

  13. Chris G Says:

    M. Davey, there are many of us who have lobbied for Rick to have a more substantial role on the show. Kiran, the Kelly guys and Rick were a good mix, and he and Page were a delight. There was humor and fun, but, as you said, the banter was more mature, intelligent. With the combination they have now- forget it. Clayton is a complete juvenile, and Ainsley and her BFF Courtney- too – ugh, I do not even have the words for it. PAINFUL, maybe? If you recall last year, they sent Rick out on many locals, and he was always funny and engaging- yet, professional. The group now is too immature and silly. The chemistry is not there, and no matter how many tight shirts and short skirts they out on the air- they still will not have what they did. I enjoy Rick very much, I was just wondering how long he’d want to stay there. The thrill is gone……. : ( Ainsley is no Kiran or Page. She does not have the chops. And Clayton- forget it.

  14. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    boogiewoogee – At least with Ron Jeremy, we would know the guy has a brain & an education … Even though, he’s a skanky slut & porn star … And just plain skeezy …

    For those that don’t know, Ron’s got a Master’s degree in special education … He also used to be a high school special ed teacher in New York … And he’s from Long Island …

  15. magnoliablossom Says:

    Gosh, I really do not get the anti-Ainsley rants. She is really sweet and pretty in a classy, not trashy (i.e. Courtney) way. And I think she is pleasant to watch AND listen to.

    On the other hand, did anyone notice how foolish Courtney looked at the Derby?

  16. M. Davey Says:

    Please! Let us not revert to skanky porn stars and sluts! I think there can been something in between what we have now and that! I think that maybe if I don’t watch it for about 6 months and then tune in, they will have settled down and matured. I said MAYBE. I really don’t think it’s going to happen. Maybe if they sent them to enunciation school, so that they could pronounce their words one at a time, instead of starting off at one pace and then running a whole bunch of words together at a fast pace and then slow again. It makes my eyeballs roll around in my head. It reminds me of hyperactive children. Ritalin, anyone? Let’s let the kids
    be hyper and give it to these adults to see if it helps. By the way, can anyone tell me if Clayton is of Oriental descent?

  17. boogiewoogee Says:

    Magnoliablossom, I have to respectfully disagree with you about Ainsley being classy and not trashy. What do you say about a woman who “accidentally” gives upskirt flashes almost every weekend?

    I also think she’s overly saccharine and not particularly bright. I also don’t appreciate her cutesy remarks about people older than she is. I don’t care that the show “Rhoda” was on the air before she was born, that’s no excuse for repeatedly mangling the name of the co-star who’d just died and giggling each time.

    I no longer watch the show at all (after they dumped Page and the Kelly boys, I used to sort of leave it on in the background, but once Courtney joined the pile, I refuse to watch at all), but I take your word for it that Courtney looked stupid. It’s her default mode.

  18. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    M. Davey – The porn stars was a point to show how bad the show could get … if the network brass really wanted to kill the show … We’re not saying we want those people to host the show … Though, in some ways, they may actually be better than the current line-up …

    They haven’t improved in almost 3 months … I don’t think they’re going to improve in the future …

  19. Veronica Says:

    Sorry- can’t answer that one about Clayton- why are you thinking he is of oriental descent? I enjoy watching the show- and I hope they finally get the “team” settled!! Did anyone ever think that the “antic’s” of the group are part of the “plan” for the show? This may be live TV – but not without some direction. Having been involved myself many years ago with this type of show- they obviously have the “blessings” of the producers and people signing their pay checks- or they wouldn’t be there! We are enjoying the show in our house- weekly!!!

  20. boogiewoogee Says:

    Ugh. I accidentally left the TV on FNC last night and saw that Mr. Devoid Of Personality is back. The Today show isn’t exactly scintillating, but better than the nonsense on FNC.

    It’s hard to believe that there are no qualified men already on staff at FNC who can co-host this???

  21. M. Davey Says:

    Well, you know, he has sort of oriental eyes. I know he’s too young to have had an eye lift, but he just has that look. He’s not bad on the eyes, just bad on the ears and sanity.
    He just cannot be serious for even two hours! I really don’t want them to never laugh, but they’re just absolutely juvenile. Sometimes on the weekdays, Steve gets a little punchy and then Brian starts and the girls look ready to scream, but it’s just not working for Clayton.
    I can tell that he knows his stuff, but his delivery is heartbreaking.
    Someone said something about their references to “old” and they’re so young they don’t remember who people were on certain shows. Well, I don’t remember much about the generation before mine from a “living it” standpoint, but I do read, and do know who “The Shadow” is!
    Saturday a.m. (I know…I said I wasn’t going to watch anymore) there was a girl showing Mothers’ Day gifts and she showed some speakers and said, “These speakers rock!” and they were just too excited about everything. I must be old, because, I couldn’t get enthused about any of it.
    It seems obvious they’re not going to replace the 3 stooges, but I certainly hope they get better.
    I noticed that Courtney was trying, but for her to be serious, it comes over even worse. Just let her do entertainment or sports and get on with it!

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