Gretch Got Game?

Today was not Gretchen Carlson’s day on FNC’s Fox & Friends. She started F&F First by apologizing for making fun of the arm injury to a Dancing with the Stars male dancer yesterday. Later on F&FF, she wrongly corrected Brian Kilmeade about which of Drew Pearson’s wives was found dead in a bathtub: Brian and Steve Doocy gently righted the confused co-host. Finally, while reading the headlines on the regular F&F, Gretch said that Ryan Schallenberger was accused of blowing up his school: Steve reminded her that the teenager “did not actually blow up the school.” Perhaps, today the audience should have mimicked Jackie Mason who on Monday merely ignored Gretch to her great chagrin and extreme exasperation and, perhaps, to the viewer’s perverse pleasure.

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5 Responses to “Gretch Got Game?”

  1. Don in Richmond Says:

    At 6:00 am EST Gretchen mentioned she was up all night. She didn’t get any sleep. I think I’ll give her a pass. I don’t function well with no sleep either.

  2. M. Davey Says:

    Gretchen has been a little off her game lately. She has been giggling more for one thing. I think it might be a bit of something going on with the casting of the females on the F & F shows. Do they want Gretchen and Megan to be silly twits like the two blondes on Saturday and Sunday? What can possibly be gained by that. Gretchen has a good interviewing style. Actually better that Brian and Steve. Brian always double talks and leaves me with crossed eyes. But I still think he’s naturally funny, just as Steve is. Let’s just give Gretchen a pass, until whatever is going on over at Fox is resolved.

  3. boogiewoogee Says:

    Regarding the school that didn’t actually get blown up, it’s probably more the fault of whoever typed the script into the teleprompter.

    A while back on Fox Report, Shep Smith was doing a story about People mag’s Sexiest Man Alive and after announcing who it was (Matt Damon?), said something like “and he stole it right out from under me.” He did it with a totally professional delivery, but then chuckled right afterward and said that he was just reading what someone had put into the teleprompter.

  4. On The Mark Says:

    I don’t understand. The teleprompter inputer stoped a school from getting blown up? Surely, there’s no fault to be found for that.

  5. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    On The Mark – She implied that the school HAD been blown up … Doocy had to step in at the end and say “the school was NOT blown up” …

    Wretchen is acting a lot different lately … Something is definitely up with her …

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