Special Olympians Slighted

On Fox & Friends’ America’s Election Hq segment, Bob Beckel denigrated Special Olympic athletes. As the “debate” with conservative Rich Galen (and moderated by Steve Doocy) over Hillary Clinton’s suggestion to Bush to boycott the Olympics opening ceremony in China ended, Doocy joked that Galen was a bronze medalist in the low hurdles and that Beckel was a former javelin catcher. In return Beckel asked what event Doocy participated in: Doocy replied that it was the biathlon. Beckel jibed, “At the Special Olympics.”*

Beckel, affable liberal commentator for FNC and former national campaign manager for 1988 Democratic nominee Walter Mondale, probably thought that he was making a harmless joke. However, he should apologize to the 2.5 million cognitively challenged people who excel in this extraordinary competition among amazing athletes. Also, Fox & Friends should express its regret for his insensitve utterance and their failure to address it.

Participants in the Special Olympics should be celebrated not slighted.

* 8:19 ET

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One Response to “Special Olympians Slighted”

  1. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    I heard his gaff and thought, “Oh! They’ll be getting emails on that one!” As a person who has a retarded sister (we don’t use the politically correct “mentally challenged”) who participates in Special Olympics, let me be first to say that no offense was taken. I’m sure after Beckel said it, he wished he could take it back. However, it was not said with any great intent of malice. The comment should be overlooked. And that’s my opinion!

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