Gretch Sandbagged

Poor Gretchen Carlson, current co-host of FNC’s Fox & Friends! Yesterday, the former Miss America, who generally does friendlier interviews, got sandbagged by spinmeister Lanny Davis. When she queried the Clinton apologist about Hillary Clinton’s questionable hospital tale (death of poor mother and baby when the hospital allegedly failed to provide health care because of lack of $100 payment) and whether she would drop it from her future speeches, Lanny lit into her and the F&F producer’s tease. He heatedly declared that the story had been “verified” by a deputy sheriff, that the hospital had hedged, and that Hillary would continue to relate the story. As the interview ended, Davis patronizingly added, “And start your teaser differently and be accurate.” Gretchen icily stated, “Thanks for your thoughts, Lanny.”

[Later in the day, Lanny Davis aped his earlier answer to Bill Hemmer on America’s Election Headquarters: Hemmer confronted Lanny with a litany of facts about the story and the campaign’s decision to drop the speech as of last Sunday: Davis backpedalled about the veracity of the story and didn’t reply to Hillary’s dropping the anecdote.]

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One Response to “Gretch Sandbagged”

  1. Tom Says:

    LOL. Gretchen Carlson, sandbagged? The Fox News channel does nothing but sandbag Democrats on a daily basis. Carlson is the tool who called Ted Kennedy an “enemy of the United States”. It’s amazing how you sniveling little Republicans cry and whine hysterically whenever a Democrat points out that, well, you’re just slightly in the tank for the GOP.

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