Graceful Gretch

Fox & Friends is known for its edgy, sexy, and irreverent take on the news. One example is its comely co-hosts with short skirts, lovely legs, and saucy attitudes. Past and present examples are Juliet Huddy, Kiran Chetry, Alisyn Camerota, Page Hopkins, and Ainsley Earhardt.

Since current weekday F&F co-host, Gretchen Carlson, tends to struggle with her weight, by her own admission, she seems to keep the testosterone level on go with her extra short skirts and her decolletage-accenting blouses. As a result this morning, Gretchen gave her viewers an inadvertent eyeful during the penultimate segment.

As faithful fans of F&F know, Brian Kilmeade not only walks out on a regular basis but he has begun lately to embrace the Tom Cruise approach to couches. At the end of the Lenny Dykstra (former MLB star) segment, Brian challenged Lenny to a fight and jumped on the sofa. As a result, Gretchen repositioned herself and briefly flashed her viewers. However, she recovered gracefully with a well-positioned hand. She wasn’t Miss America for nothing!

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5 Responses to “Graceful Gretch”

  1. Becky Says:

    GRETCHEN IS HORRIBLE!!! I watch every morning and hope to one day find her gone! UGH.

  2. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Ya mean you missed her salute to the troops a year or so ago … when she got up & sat down & crossed her legs to give the camera & tv audience a view of her white granny panties … THAT was scary!!

  3. lyons5 Says:

    Gretchen is adorable. The exchanges between Gretchen and Brian are priceless.
    She can hardly contain herself – in fact, she doesn’t- when he goes off the wall.

  4. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    Gretchen as a co-anchor is okay. I did like E.D., but think that Gretch does a fair job in the center chair. However, her “crotch shot” moments are a routine, almost daily affair. Believe me, I really like short skirts. I occasionally wear short skirts. (I am female.) But the combination of the camera angles and Gretchen’s forgetfulness to act ladylike makes for some very interesting (and unpleasant) television moments. If you email the show, they pay you no attention. If you email Alisyn’s blog, she will most likely not post your entry. If she does post the entry, then the horny hounds that blog jump on you for your opinion. I have nothing against sexy clothes. It’s just that a wife and mother of 2 should not be doing a Britney Spears’ wannabe act on television every morning. And, that’s my opinion!

  5. Ret Nelson Says:

    Clayton Morris, the Saturday male anchor is an embarrassment to the Fox network!! Last week he reported that the Clintons had $109 million in their bank account when he should have said their gross income for eight years was $109 million. A major mistake. This week he talked about Susan Power, Obama’s former foreign policy advisor. Her name is Samantha Power. Another major mistake for this anchor.

    Believe Fox should keep people like this off their network!! He is arrogant and ignorant. Fox loses credibility when you put people like this on your programs.

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