“Looser” AM: Kiran Will Rule

According to TVNewser, John Roberts, co-host of American Morning, CNN’s cable news morning show, told TV Guide that AM would be “looser,” i.e., more extemporaneous when it gets a new executive producer. He further indicated that the current AM had been highly scripted. For nearly a year, AM has squandered the sexy, spontaneous side of Kiran Chetry, their Fox & Friends steal. If they allow the leggy lovely and her on-air colleagues to loosen up, they should be able to challenge Fox & Friends’ dominance in the ratings, especially, among the preferred demographic. However, CNN must learn to treat its viewers as participants in the news experience, not as spectators or students.

Link: http://www.mediabistro.com/tvnewser/cnn/john_roberts_american_morning_

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One Response to ““Looser” AM: Kiran Will Rule”

  1. M. Davey Says:

    John Roberts is absolutely right. That Kiran is a find! I miss her so much on Fox. I think her leaving Fox was a big loss for Fox all the way around.
    Someone was determined to have Gretchen as the host of the morning to replace E.D. and I think they made one huge mistake for Fox. Kiran could be funny with the silliness that goes on at Fox on the weekend now and she could be serious with other news. She was very intelligent on a lot of subjects and tolerated Julian very well. I wonder where he is???

    Kiran will be a star.. Move over Katie Couric.

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