Page Appears!

Page Hopkins, a favorite co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend, has been resurrected. According to a reader (thanks, Brendon) and Johnny Dollar’s Place, the flaxen-haired beauty has finally “called in.” At approximately 11:13 a.m. ET, the long-lost lovely appeared on FNC’s What’s Happening Now co-anchored today by Jon Scott and Harris Faulkner. The author is not sure of her status or the circumstances of her appearance.

For approximately a month, Page has been below the radar. FNC has failed to fully answer the many questions about where Page was, whether posed by e-mail, on Alisyn Camerota’s greenroom blog, or by radio callers to Judge Napolitano and Brian Kilmeade’s show. FNC’s cavalier manner of changing co-hosts without apprising the audience has shown little regard for its loyal viewer base.

Maybe, Fox News is changing its stripes. Rick Reichmuth called in yesterday and proved that he was indeed on vacation. Today Page appeared seeming to indicate that she is still with FNC in some capacity. Will Fox & Friends Weekend finally announce whether Ainsley Earhardt and Clayton Morris have replaced Page Hopkins and Kelly Wright permanently and that Greg Kelly has retained his position? Hopefully, Fox News has seen the light.


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7 Responses to “Page Appears!”

  1. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    Well! At last an answer to the question: “Has Page fallen off the face of the earth?” Hopefully, FNC will bring Page back to the middle chair soon. Maybe then Ainsley will go back to just being the newsreader, and Courtney can disappear from the show totally. The past few weeks have been terrible. The Easter Sunday show sucked particularly badly! I can’t stand much more of these middle-school antics.

  2. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Page’s last appearance on Fox & Friends Weekend was Feb 10th …

    It’s been almost 2 months since there was a decent F&FW …

    They should send Courtney over to their sister network (SPEED Channel) for their NOPI Tunervision show … Her World Poker Tour experience would fit in well there … LOL

  3. Veronica Says:

    Hey rumor has it that the “Clayton” type is a much sought after commodity!! Fox is lucky to have him- for however long that is!!!

  4. Sally Rush Says:

    Puuulezze bring back Page, Greg and Kelly Wright. That was adult fare…not this sillyness of the weekend crew now. I have pretty much stopped watching. Courtney’s teeth are “blinding”.
    You DID have a GREAT week-end program.

  5. Dave Says:

    Fox News could not get a weekend morning show more wrong than it now has Fox And Freinds Weekend. Both days are just horriable, and disqusting! I can’t watch it anymore. Between the classless weekend shows and the constant election clamier 24-7, Head Line News doesn’t look so bad these days. It still shows it’s blatant bias but if you can chock that down with a grain of salt at least you can get some real time
    “NEWS” there that’s about more inportant things than Billary and Obama!

  6. P.B. Miano Says:

    Rumor has it that Page messed up when she twice referred to opponents of Senator John McCain as “hard right.” To assuage the anger of the more conservative viewers, she was removed. They may be use her just as a fill-in for the remainder of her contract and then dump her. I hope not. She’s highly competent, intelligent, witty, and still hot for her age (42). Although she was originally a failed actress, she has established her credentials as a newsreader and interviewer.

  7. KEN M Says:

    I sure hope that rumor isn’t true. Page made the weekends worth getting up for. I tolerated Greg’s condesending attitude because Page and Kelly were there. Courtney should go to a single station market and learn the ropes, perhaps mature a bit. Whew. The term “dumb as a brick” comes to mind. Sunday’s will never be the same.

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