Barbie & G.I. Ken

From the time Greg Kelly laid eyes on Courtney Friel when she first guest-hosted FNC’s Fox & Friends for the then recently departed “hard body”* Kiran Chetry, Greg has been like the flustered school boy around the head cheerleader. He’s lavished the former Maxim model with smiles, hyperbolic compliments, and lusty looks.

On Fox & Friends Saturday Greg continued his on-air flirtation with Courtney. In his first toss to her on F&F Weekend, he said, “Well, we should have a drum roll or something because our next newscaster is spectacular.”

On Fox & Friends Sunday Courtney returned his attention with her adoration of his father, NYC’s Police Commissioner. Before her first news reading, Courtney cooed, “Guess who I got to meet last night–Greg Kelly’s dad: I was a little starstruck I must admit.” Later Greg tossed to Courtney blandishingly stating, “By the way, folks, I got a treat for you because Courtney Friel is in her Sunday best, her Easter Sunday best: she looks terrific.” Co-host Ainsley Earhardt interjected, “He loves you, Courtney.” Greg continued, “Well, look at that outfit.” On his second introduction, Greg further flattered, saying, “Courtney Friel is standing by and looking ravishing once again.” After being teased by his co-hosts, Ainsley and Clayton Morris, he added, “I’ve been told to tone it down a notch: you look very nice.” As the show ended with the co-hosts and Courtney dancing as Rebecca St. James, an award-winning Christian singer, sang “Alive,” the married Barbi flirted with her single clearly appreciative G.I. Ken by giving him the booty bump thrice.

*Term used by Greg three times in one F&F show to describe the comely Kiran Chetry.

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