Musical Chairs at FNC

This Saturday morning, FNC’s maddening musical-chairs approach to programming was manifest. Greg Kelly rejoined the still “temporary” F&F Weekend co-hosts, Ainsley Earhardt and Clayton Morris. Further, Courtney Friel, swimwear model and entertainment correspondent, reappeared and read the headlines. (As an aside, Courtney alluded to online gossip about the co-hosts but did not want to discuss it further.*) Two hours after F&F Saturday, Greg Kelly filled in for Kelly Wright as co-host with Bridget Quinn on FNC’s American Election Headquarters (AEHq).

With Greg Kelly’s ubiquitous presence on Fox News, this son of the NYC Police Commish appears to be the newest Shep-in-grooming. He seems to be more at ease on AEHq and other programs where he is paired with one other co-host or where he is the sole anchor. Otherwise, he seems ill at ease when having to ad lib and banter with multiple co-hosts and guests. E.g., in his unguarded moments on F&F, the camera often catches him fidgeting, smirking, or otherwise having a malappropos media moment. Nevertheless, the G.I. Ken has potential.

As to Page Hopkins, one wonders whether FNC is giving her time off with pay. Her page still appears on the Fox News website but any mention of her seems verboten. FNC’s modus operandi tends to keep the viewer in the dark about personnel changes. It’s motto: we decide, you, the bogs, report.

*7:34 ET (03/22/08)

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2 Responses to “Musical Chairs at FNC”

  1. M. Davey Says:

    That Saturday group is just inept. Greg Kelly and Clayton Morris are good. Clayton was silly the first week, but since has settled down. If they don’t take Courtney Friel and Ainsley Earhardt and give them some Hollywood things to do, I shall scream. Today, April 5, there is some girl on there with so much makeup on that she can barely blink. She is a news reader, I guess, but please, is Saturday supposed to be a fun day or just what is it supposed to do for a viewer. Surely they are not trying to appeal to the younger viewers, because if I were a younger viewer, I would not spend my Saturday a.m.’s watching a news show. Please, Fox,
    get this Saturday thing settled!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Foxnews, BIG FAN I watch everything I can on Fox, I love all your news people But I think you have to think twice about Clayton he is not funny and really annoying bring back some of the old gang or find someone better then Clayton. I have given him several weekends and this is it. I wont be watching it until he is gone. He just thinks he is a little better then everybody else. I have heard this from others too. Thanks for listening.

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