FNC Dresses Ainsley Down

According to TVNewser, Ainsley Earhardt, apparent co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend was given a “dressing down” by the suits at FNC for missives to me. Apparently, the Fox News brass think that informing the viewer is a vice, not a virture. In the past, when Fox & Friends replaced the smug, egocentric Julian Phillips and the luscious, leggy Kiran Chetry (Fox & Friends Weekend hosts), FNC did not inform the viewer of the changes. (Not too surprisingly, perhaps, since Kiran moved to CNN and now co-hosts its morning news show, American Morning, in direct competition with the week day Fox & Friends program.) Now that Kelly Wright, Greg Kelly, and Page Hopkins have been absent for over a month without an explanation on F&F, Ainsley’s responsiveness has now been denigrated vis-a-vis praised. Laurels, Ainsley! Brickbats, FNC Brass!

By the way, the Kelly Boys are still on FNC’s air but Page Hopkins is still missing in action. Cf. Carpe Diem articles in re the Kelly Boys At America’s Election Headquarters and Page Hopkins: Still at FNC.

For TVNewser’s complete article, including its admonition to TV news anchors and its quotations of this blog, check the link which is as follows: http://www.mediabistro.com/tvnewser/fnc/when_not_to_meet_the_press_80371.asp

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6 Responses to “FNC Dresses Ainsley Down”

  1. Becky Says:

    Okay, I am very disappointed in Fox. Ainsley is adorable. I am sick of all of the changes….I miss Juliet Huddy and Kiran a lot. It is bad enough that I have to deal with Gretchen during the week, but there is no consistency on the weekends now.

    Ainsley is the classiest anchor they have had on F & F weekend and should be a MUST HAVE for the center spot. What is wrong with them over there?

  2. P.B. Miano Says:

    Page still shows up here and there. They seem to use her as a filler. I was watching one show recently and a woman contributor commented to her that she hadn’t seen Page in a while. “Yes, I know” Page replied, with a tone as frosty as her facial expression.

    I don’t think age is the issue. They still use women as old or older than Page, and Gretchen and Alysin are neither spring chickens nor super-beauties. I’m just afraid she’ll go over to CNN.

  3. jakeho Says:

    P.B., thanks for the Page sighting. Do you recollect which show she appeared in?

  4. Dianne Magnusson Says:

    I thought it was just me. I watch F&F every day and was disappointed e.d.hill was replaced, but now really like Gretchen. I think the chemistry between she and Brian is great. Makes me laugh every day.

    But, the weekend F&F is just nonsense. I watched all the time because of Kelly Wright and Page Hopkins. Greg was just sort of there, but much better than the two they have now. I just think Kelly Wright was a class act. He brought so much to the show. And Page was funny and smart and brought a lot too. I rarely watch these 3 new ones and Courtney K. They just seem goofy. Can’t understand why they changed at all.

  5. Russ Arend Says:

    The current weekend show is hard to take. Perhaps it takes a while to adjust, however management needs to take a look . They will not be pleased.

  6. Ainsley: F&F’s New “It Girl” | Carpe Diem Says:

    […] that she was just filling in and that FNC would announce changes when they were final: Even though the lovely got into hot water initially with FNC brass for being honest and straightforward with this viewer in various missives, […]

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