Ainsley: “Please Be Patient”

One hour ago the lovely and sweet Ainsley Earhardt responded to a missive of mine as to the cast of F&F Weekend. She said, “Please be patient with us, while the bosses decide who will be the best fit for the Fox and Friends weekend show: I’m sure they will make the right decision and you will be happy with the final selection.” She added, “But your guess is as good as mine.” Ergo, those who are yearning for the return of Page Hopkins, Kelly Wright, or Greg Kelly still have a chance. However, as I mentioned earlier, in my opinion, the injection of Domenica Davis or Rick Reichmuth with Ainsley and Clayton Morris would add some delightful fun, flavor, and color to the F&F Weekend team.

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9 Responses to “Ainsley: “Please Be Patient””

  1. Mike Says:

    You got Ainsley in trouble.

  2. jakeho Says:

    Thanks, Mike, for the “heads up.”

  3. judy page Says:

    I like the old ones better. Paige, Greg and Kelly were all good together.

  4. lucy Says:

    I am so happy that Kelly Wright is gone from the show. He is an excellent Washington reporter but was in no way cut out for the Fox and Friends Weekend genre. He is a wonderful person and I just don’t think he seemed comfortable with some of the “ornery” humor on occasion and didn’t flow well with the others. I don’t understand why they pulled Paige out of the middle seat. She was great. Ainsley is doing a good job but I just didn’t think they needed to replace Paige. Clayton Morris is proving to be perfect for the spot. I first spotted him a number of years ago when he was on The Daily Buzz. It was obvious he was going places!

  5. jkb200 Says:

    please tell me that you’re kidding about ainsley’s “doing a good job.” i cannot stomach the show since the recent coup of idiots. give me kelly wright–please! what are these folks thinking???

  6. jim Says:

    i guess im going to have to get my news from another source on the weekends. i quit watching the daily buzz because of clayton and all his liberal remarks and its a matter of time he will be throwing them around on fox. sorry fox you lost a watcher and supporter.

  7. lucy Says:

    If you want uptight, humorless reporters then please, do switch to any one of the other networks and leave the rest of us who enjoy the weekend Fox show alone!

  8. Veronica Says:

    I agree- Fox is on the money with doing some fun/ young interactions on air. I am now watching the show and had not in the past. I think Greg is a bit pompous and full of himself and Ainsley is just too sweet- but fun to watch and listen to. I think they are learning the chemistry between themselves- Clayton, Greg and Ainsley – and when they go switching it up every other week it is hard for them to get back to the task of the show- news/ entertainment!!!

  9. M. Davey Says:

    Well, Veronica, they haven’t switched off and added new people in two weeks and it still stinks! Are you the only person that thinks they act young? Young is one thing, juvenile is something else. Slapstick is for the Three Stooges, not a news show. And whoever said that news has to be funny. It can be pleasant, but funny? To hear these people continue to make everything a comedy routine is disheartening.

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