Obama Smeared by Bush/Clinton Cabal

As Barack Obama rode high in the polls against Hillary and threatened the maverick McCain, one could hear the incestuous dual dynasties of Bushes and Clintons sharpening their swords. The first black presidential candidate with a real chance of success has been soaring with our national bird lately and threatening the two families’ control of the White House. He leads in the popular vote, the pledged delegates, and total delegates and appears poised to take JFK’ and MLK’s mantles. Now Fox News’ unlikely pair, GOP cheerleader Hannity and Clinton shill Geraldo, are slamming Obama and questioning his presidential bid because of the ramblings of Obama’s pastor. Respected NPR and FNC contributor Juan Williams, a seeming supporter of Hill, is piling on albeit in his suave, sophisticated, and mellifluous manner. On this St. Patrick’s day, Obama must beware the snakes that may threaten his bid.

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9 Responses to “Obama Smeared by Bush/Clinton Cabal”

  1. 1dumblonde Says:

    Am I to believe that Hillary Clinton, whose husband was impeached by Republicans, suddenly wants to be friends with them against Obama? Gimme a break.

  2. Tom Says:

    The Bushes and the dirty Clintons are the worse thing that could happen to this great country. Hannity and Russ are the two biggest clowns on the air.

  3. jakeho Says:

    Blonde, check political naivete at the door. Haven’t you heard the saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”?

  4. Julie Says:

    I wonder what the Clintons have to do Obama and his controvertial Pastor? Just saying… I know about “sleigh of hands” but man not everything that happens to Obama can be logically explained or blamed to the Clintons. And heck I am a Republican, a logical one at that.

  5. Joseph Says:

    It doesn’t help that Obama makes it worse by not out and out rejecting the black liberation theology of Wright and his weak answers seem to project that he is dissembling on the matter. In other words, Obama can make it go away quite easily by denouncing Wright, but is banking on the street cred that Wright’s church gives him with the black community.

    I find it disturbing that Obama attended this guy’s church and even moreso that he allowed his children to sit under Wright’s racist vitriole. Wright could be Obama’s undoing.

  6. jakeho Says:

    Joseph, I believe that Obama is going to give a major speech tomorrow in PA on the controversy and on race in general: he should address the main concerns raised. McCain seems to be playing fair and square on the matter and Hillary is holding her tongue for now. For the media and partisan pundits to indict Obama for his pastor’s rantings seems to be a bit of an overreach.

  7. 1dumblonde Says:

    OK, can I just point out one thing? When Hillary has said nothing about Wright, why is she just “holding her tongue,” but McCain, who has also said nothing, is “playing fair and square”? Do you not even see how that use of language is sexist? Both McCain and Clinton have done exactly the same thing with respect to the Wright issue, and I hope they both continue to say nothing. Why aren’t they both playing fair and square? It’s not neutral language at all. I don’t mean that you are a sexist person. I don’t know you. But I see so much of that kind of language, making Hillary into a harpie or a shrew, even when her behavior on a given issue is exactly the same as McCain’s or Obama’s.

  8. jakeho Says:

    Blonde, I appreciate your point: however, McCain has said something. When McCain was egged on by Sean Hannity in an interview on Hannity & Colmes to impugn Obama by association, McCain refused to take the bait. He affirmed Obama’s character and integrity. I have not heard a similar affirmation by New York’s junior Senator.

  9. The Hammer Says:

    Right on! Obama is the man! yeh yeh!!! yo bro.

    The Hammer

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